Tangent — Does It Matter? Really?

I readily admit I might be a bit jaded. When I see something like this, it’s hard not to think it’s a bunch of people who are in need of meaning in their lives, seek out a “noble” cause toward that end but are drawn mostly in a visceral fashion and often ignorant of how the situation came to be. And in their ignorance, they are vulnerable to being manipulated by forces beyond their kin. Yes, this can describe all of us at one time or another. LOL!

Okay, I’m going on the record that Washington shafted us with the bank bailout and was done by both parties. Those guys aren’t up there for you and me. Maybe half dozen are really up there as advocates for the people. The rest are up there for their own asses, and I doubt these protests are going to do much to change that. The protests will serve little more than to move another group into power.

When I see a real grassroots movement of Americans that is not politically motivated, I might sing another tune. I would so love to sing another tune.

Until then it’s a shame the bad guys on Wall Street usually look like this:

instead of this:

At least with the latter, you would enjoy the view while you were getting screwed.

Brownie points if you can name the top two guys without looking them up. :D

Screencap courtesy of RichardArmitageNet.Com


  1. Nope….I know who number 3 is though!!! And yes I would certainly enjoy the view (omg if only) dreaming away……mmmmmmmmm

  2. I still haven’t figured out what the “Occupy Wall Street” movement hopes to accomplish. I saw a couple of their people interviewed last week and felt no more in the know than I had before. I think they mean well, but— *rolls eyes* As for the vast majority of those in high offices here, regardless of their party affiliation–I am sick and tired of them and the failure to really care about the people they are supposed to represent.

    The second photo hasn’t shown up on my end, but the guy in the first pic sort of looks like Larry David, and he isn’t on Wall St. LOL

    I would be happy to be totally MANipulated by Mr. Gorgeousness himself, however. That view is excellent (what a pretty spyman . . .)

  3. I like the fact that people are “mad as hell, and not going to take it anymore!”. It does my heart good to see a peaceful demonstration. I think it is good for the people in power to see that the people out in the street there aren’t just going to keep rolling over and taking it.
    There is so much greed and corruption being rewarded by those in high places and it has to stop somehow. Even if all one can do is to point a finger and recognize it.
    Good post, and I love your RA tie in! :)

  4. Alright so you have piqued my interest…well of course that goes without saying as you included a photo of his goodlookingness (swoon) but being a trivia buff, I hate missing the bonus points. So, I absolutely know that the first pic is Bernie ‘Don’t Mind Me While I Pinch Every Dollar You Have For 30 Years’ Madoff but the second one I am not sure of…at first I thought it was Earl Jones and did breakdown and look him up but I’m pretty sure I’m wrong – so who is it? My own little tangent – as someone who has actually being a victim of a ponzi scheme…all I can say is – never believe anyone who claims to be selling something that sounds to good to be true; out of the trunk of a car, a posh office or a capital building…always stick with your gut and when in doubt…don’t believe it!

  5. Excellent advice, Cindy, I am sorry to hear you had such an experience. Opportunities and people who just seem too good to be true (of course, Mr. A is the exception LOL) should always sound alarm bells for us.

    My sister was briefly married to a smooth-talking guy who could sell bikinis to Eskimos, who said all the right things–and then alienated her from friends and family and left her high and dry with numerous debts he had accumulated on her credit cards. But there was something from the start that bothered me about him . . . I am just glad she got out of the relationship alive.

    The guy in the second photo (which I can now see) reminds me a lot of my bloodhound mix, Elvis. Only I think I would trust Elvis the dog a lot more than this guy.

  6. “Too” good to be true. Could ‘t resist puting in the correct spelling! or don’t Americans distinguish between “to” and ‘too”? If not, then I apologize now. Australians and English people say “it’s too good to be true” but may be others don’t.

  7. I will download the videos and watch later. I’m very “vague” at the moment and would probably miss the point of the demonstration if I watch now!

  8. Oh dear. “Too/to good to be true”. Actually, I expect even Australians and the English commit the grievous error of TYPOS! (I know this Canadian does! :) )

    The Wall Street movement appears to be very unfocused, lacking leadership at present. (something similar is also occuring in Canada). It is perhaps a sign that there is growing unrest, inevitable in bad econonic times.

  9. Ah…but I made that comment because it seems to be a very common mistake/typo! And, why does “to” instead of “too” appear so often in blogs and on YouTube?? Is it just because people are in too much of a hurry to make their comments/thoughts public that they don’t proof-read the comments before hitting “send”? Maybe we should all slow down a little. You know the old saying “stop and smell the roses”

  10. Hey, there is a Cindy and a cindy on here! Let the confusion begin. Hello, other Cindy, how will we differentiate ourselves?

    Ok, the first guy is Bernie Madoff, the other fella I have no clue.

    And don’t get me started on our current representation! Frenz, you are exactly right, no one in Congress seems to actually be interested in representing anyone except themselves. The Wall Street movement does increasingly remind me of the protests in Greece, however. Makes me wonder about the future of our country. If conditions deteriorate further, will we be rioting in the streets instead of peacefully demonstrating? Sad commentary on the situation in the US right now, and sadly I can’t see much improvement in the near future.

  11. My daughter works near the financial district , and she called me yesterday to ask what I think of the protests. But I wanted to hear her thoughts since it bugged her enough to call me up about it. “I really am mad about what’s happened, but you know, Mom, the protests seem to be mostly a party, a high. I don’t care how much they try to cloak it in some sort of moral superiority.”

    Of course I’m also mad about what’s happened, but not much is going to happen from these protests. It going to take more than a few people living out the romance of a protest to beat that bunch of reprobates on Wall Street and in Washington — especially when they’re in cahoots. And no, this isn’t a party thing. We’ve got to get off that party crap or we’re going to lose our country. The politicians (I’ll be fair and say most of them but not all) have not represented us but rather taken advantage of us and run their hands really deep in our back pockets. Yes, it should read “deeply”, but adverbs don’t have the same punch. LOL!

  12. On the Cindy thing, the first Cindy is the newer commenter. Welcome, Cindy! Both of you! I don’t think I ever said welcome to Cindy who’s been with us. If I did, then welcome again! :D

    This has happened before with other names. There’s a remedy other than using different names, but I’m going to make a post about it. No, I won’t use your names as an example, but I feel compelled to address it and comments are too confining.

  13. I’ll tell the name of the second picture when a few more have tried to guess. Hint: he ended up looking like a bum before it was all over, and I liked him better with the long beard and rumpled coat.

  14. Bernie Madoff and Ivan Boesky. Do I win something?

  15. I share your pessimistic view of politics and finance, Frenzy. I only once was in a students’ march and only during the march discovered, that is was politically motivated and organized. That was not clear before and if I had known would have never joined. They had watch personnel at the border of the route, preventing people to leave the protesters and sang heated political songs, which had nothing to do with the purpose of the march. So I swore to myself, never again, never ever again, will I let myself being used as “crowd filler” by such fools. As a result of this demo, I fear mass movements, as I really felt oppressed by the presence of the security guards, sending people back into the rows. Police would have been much more neutral for me and I would have felt more secure with all the madmen singing stupid songs around me. –
    For a long time I worked at a place directly overseeing a protesters route. The funniest protest I ever saw was one from a right wing party. Here about 20 protesters with flags and banners marched, observed and cordoned in by hundreds !!! of police and security guards, so that at first I thought, the police held a protest march, except the police is not allowed to do a demo, so I kept watching out for the real reason. After long rows of police, I found the few real protesters ;o) It was so funny, they even spared us the news comments about that total disaster ;o)
    I hope with the last example I was able to lighten up your image of protests again ;o) though the politicians won’t change either way.

  16. jazzbaby,

    Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding!

    You win some virtual cream cheese brownies. :D

    Wish they were real.

  17. Christine, I guess you and I will have to be pessimistic together, and I do appreciate the humor. If I couldn’t laugh about this, I would be in the pits. Good thing I don’t ulimately put my faith in the government or I would never be able to laugh. :D

  18. Dude, so do I. Yum.

  19. Dang…no cream cheese brownies for this Cindy, nice going jazzbaby! Now, on to (notice correct spelling) other business. I see that my name has set spinning in motion the often played ‘Cindy Who’ game but I think it’s easily remedied. Now, get your slide rule out as I explain…I am the newbie Cindy, so I could always use that but I fear I have been to many times round the block to be a newbie so that’s out. My official name is Cynthia but I know that I don’t respond to anyone that calls me that in person so I don’t think I’ll hear it in cyberspace either. Of course, my last name would be great (or is that good) but then I would lose all my cache as a mysterious stranger (sorry read way to much victorian fiction) so that leaves only one solution – ready – as I am the second Cindy and I (a typo riddled Canadian) missed one of the O’s for the word TOO and because TOO is a homonym for TWO and there are two Cindy’s I will be hence forth be – Cindy2 (lets see how long I remember that – I drink a little you know…oops more info than even my last name there… Thanks for playing and glass of red anyone!

  20. CIndy2 – that’s funny! When I was thinking about this situation last night it occurred to me that we could just be called Thing One and Thing Two. Now we’re cindy1 and Cindy2. We obviously think alike as well as having a name in common.

    I also don’t answer to Cynthia, and I read lots of victorian fiction. But I’m from the US and am a teetoler. I do however drink FAR TOO MUCH Diet Coke.

    Looking forward to your name post, Frenz. And thanks for the welcome!

  21. This Wall St. thing is driving me nuts. Do they REALLY think we don’t notice the financing behind THEM?! Good grief. * muttering, “Wasn’t born yesterday.” as she falls off the potato wagon….*

    Couldn’t agree more! And as someone commented about the convenient tie-in w/Mr. Wonderful…right ON, right ON! =o)

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