Yes, I Am On a Caffeine High

Phew! When the family finally lets me have some coffee, they just leave the house.

Karima just popped up with one of her amazing pics. I’ve already posted this scene today, but you have to see her work. Go ahead and click it to enlarge:

It seems to have a 3-D quality as well as looking like a painting.

Screencaps courtesy of the amazing Karima.



  2. Mmmmm. SQUEE!

  3. That is one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen .. you are right .. it DOES look like a painting :)

  4. Wow.

  5. I’m glad you like my manip/pic/wallpaper. (Sorry, I don’t know what to call it.)

  6. Beautiful work of art featuring–a beautiful work of art, aka Sir Guy, child of Venus, just made for love . . . thank you for this, Karima. It’s exquisite, just like the man himself.

  7. Thank you for your comments, I really appreciate them. What can I say, after such a nice comments, I feel that it was worth to do it. :)

  8. What an excellent manip that is. Thank you Karima, it’s lovely.

  9. Like I said…wwwwowww!

  10. Worth it? Worth it!! Hard to take eyes off this. Just posted it on my LJ journal (because I want it to greet me every day) with links back to here.

  11. Karima I adore your work, this is fave, it’s my screensaver at home. Couldn’t possibly use at work too much of a distRAction

  12. What lovely work Karima! Thanks for showing us this gorgeous manip, Frenz,

  13. As many have already said – A work of art – both the subject and the manip! So beautiful! Wish I could make it life-size!!!! ;)

  14. You know that old saying, “Well, he/she sure ain’t no oil painting” in other words, the person referred to is not very attractive . . .

    In Guy of Gisborne’s case, he is not only an oil painting, he is an Old Master worthy of the Louvre! :D Karima, thank you for being our Michaelangelo of RA Manips.

  15. Oh…My…Guy…! So beautiful-lovely work Karima!
    If I may say,this is so nice of Richard,that he keeps his body in that shape(state).:D

  16. It is nice of Richard, that he keeps his body in good shape. And because of this, I guess, I have a wonderful subject to work with. :)

    Thanks to everyone, and Frenz, thanks for showing my pictures here!

  17. It’s a beauty, Karima, a soothing beauty… Thanks to you – and to Frenzy for posting it! :)

  18. This is gorgeously done!
    I didn’t pause this scene on the TV too much… the pause/go slow button only ended up slightly worn ;D

  19. Espectacular!!! Que hombre tan hermoso!!!! Me deja sin palabras….

    He leaves me speechless, literally……..

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