RA’s Diary — Fan Love Revisited Again and Again

RA’s Diary

Entry — December 11, 2011:

Damn! Christmas is two weeks away, and I’ve got to get some shopping done. This adventure in New Zealand is fantastic but leaves so little time for those things I used to do so easily.

And I’m not sure what I think of the fans anymore. Yes, I really appreciate them. I mean I really, really, really appreciate them, and I’ve said so over and over again, but I wonder if I can ever say it enough for them. Can I ever really satisfy some of these people? I can’t, but I want to. I don’t want them to think me a wanker. I am not a wanker! I wish they understood that I just can’t keep up the kind of intimacy we had in the beginning. I hate I can’t do that. I wish we could keep up the fun that happened then, but the newer fans who want that just aren’t going to get it. I’m only one person. And then there are the fans who think they really know me and want me to know them. Scary stuff at times and such a drain.

Note to self: compose another Christmas message and tell Mum to prepare for the deluge.

note from Frenz: Of course it’s another fake diary entry. My control freak has taken over again, so that I not only speak for myself but for everyone else that I can. :D And now for my canned disclaimer.


At no time in the writing of this entry did I imagine I was really speaking for Richard Armitage nor did I deceive myself into thinking I really know his thoughts. Therefore, there is no need to involve his agent or manager or publicist in what is supposed to be humorous. Of course I realize tone on the net is not always properly conveyed, and hey, I’m not a writer (I just have lots of crap I want to say), so I’m not taking the chance of being misconstrued. You do know this is supposed to be humorous? LOL! If not or if you are action fans RA picked up during the Strike Back airing, I put in LOL to make that clear.


  1. Howdy, Frenz.

    You know I am always up for fun. :D

    I feel as if I get validation every time Mr. A takes on a role and gives it his all. He’s the gift that keeps on giving which is why I am giving my oldest sister the final two series of RH for her combined Christmas/birthday gift.

    I love what he does with his characters. I love hearing how he approaches his various roles, tackling specific challenges. I have never felt he owed me or anyone else anything; rather, I owe him for inspiring so much creativity in me and so many others and all the fun and friendship that being his fan has involved.

    I love his little personal messages to the fans but I don’t think we have some sort of special entitlement to them. I am just grateful when they do happen, as he never fails to impress with his humility and humor.

    His fanbase has grown and I believe will undoubtedly grow much, much larger with The Hobbit–and it will likely change its demographics. As you and I have already discussed, more and more male fans are popping up on blogs and as viewers of RA fanvids.

    One thing that is certain (besides death and taxes) in life is change. Some people don’t want to accept that.

  2. Yep, change is difficult; probably even for Richard Armitage himself — although I must stress here that I don’t really know what he thinks or even fancy that I do. Well, only on odd days of the week. :D

    Because I don’t expect personal feedback from him, I”m always pleasantly surprised when he makes a message to the fans. Much more fun this way.

  3. I love your posts. I think you are so much fun to read. I luv, luv, RA and I am so happy that there is a place where we can have some fun around our fan-ing (for a lack of better word!). I am convinced that RA is funny and lighthearted and can enjoy a good fan-ing every now and then. Just my two-cents……

  4. Thank you for the kinds words, and I agree that he seems to have a great sense of humor. Makes me like him even more! : D

  5. I love his humor…..and his eyes….and his long legs….and…..well, you get it!!! I am not so sure how seriously he takes all the attention. Of course he appreciates his fans, his personal messages an example of his care…..BUT….i think it would be time wasted if I as a self confessed fangurl waited for validation from him. Mind you, I am waiting for him to call me and ask me out sometime…(wink, wink). LOL

  6. I think most don’t need the validation. For the few who do, their brittle emotions are a drain on us all. Having said that, I actually do hurt for them and wish there were something I could do to help. But there’s not. Not in cyberworld anyway.

  7. Are you referring to fans who feel pain at the sight of a picture of him and a possible gf? Or worry about what words he used when speaking of fans? I think it is normal to feel some sort of emotion, be it envy or wishfulness because it involves a commitment on our part to this idea of who this celebrity is. It is great form of escape at some level.And we are giving of ourselves, be it time, etc. But for those who are really hurting, we must consider that the transfer of feelings is really due to something that may be happening in their personal lives. I hope I have not stepped out of line here and offended any reader. I wish everyone finds a circle of support, whether it is to drool, or commiserate.

  8. Yes, there is more than likely something happening in their personal lives, and you are right that it is a transfer of feelings. People do not have brittle emotions and look to celebrities for affirmation unless that’s the case. I have compassion, but that does not preclude making a statement and hopefully humorously about what it must be like for Richard Armitage to try to deal with them and with fans in general. As for fangurling which includes drooling and daydreaming and any number of things that are a great form of escape, all women and frankly, all people manifest these kinds of behaviors at sometime or another.

  9. Well your blog today was very very funny. Mission accomplished.

  10. Thank you, but I’m wondering. I should have left off the “serious note.” I really don’t want to rain on anyone’s fun at all, and I really did laugh when I wrote that diary entry — especially the last line.

  11. In my opinion, the “serious note” is fine and it was the undercurrent of your blog, you explain yourself very well and it led to our discussion. And your disclaimer was a hoot…”.no need to get his agent or publicist involved.” I had visions of people flooding the agent’s offices forcing a statement to be issued and a special bulletin on the 6:00 pm news or a big ad in the newspaper….LOL……..what can I say, I have an imagination. …

  12. And isn’t it the imagination, which is so powerful, that sometimes gets some of us into trouble? Thinking of myself here. But please don’t think I’m down on imagination. If anything, the problem is that we don’t have enough healthy places to direct it.

  13. I will be out for awhile, so won’t be able to easily approve comments.

  14. Agreed. But there is trouble and then there is trouble. LOL..A little bit of trouble can be healthy too! LOL. Have a great Sunday and thank you for the blog and the discussion…..

  15. Out for a while? Christmas shopping? LOL
    I loved your diary entry – especially the last note to Mum. “grins”

  16. Oh, I am certain he has a great sense of humor.He didn’t get those crinkles around his eyes from frowning. :D

    And I think he has been far more gracious and understanding about it all than many celebs in the same situation would be.

    You are right, Frenz, It’s a lot for him to take in, too. A relatively unknown British actor who seems to prize his privacy catapulted into the spotlight of a very high-profile movie project . . . a bit mind boggling, I am sure. But again I say, he is gracious, a gentleman–I am sure he will handle it with aplomb—and humor.

    There is one person in particular whom I know really, truly needs help after seeing her destructive, caustic behaves toward others in the fandom and how she seems to believe she knows exactly what RA is thinking and how he would react to certain things–but sadly, I don’t think she would ever admit there is a problem. It is all of us who are wrong. *shrugs shoulders* No one can be helped unless they admit they need it and are willing to accept it.

    Transference? Oh, yes, we do see that in some fans.

    What is wonderful to know is this: the vast majority of RA fans are rational, kind, generous and reasonably well-adjusted souls who want the best for RA and have a heck of a lot of fun being his fan.

  17. If only we could have a sneak peek at his diary, if he has one that it.
    Love this! :D

  18. You’re right about the fans, Angie. If the fans were not as you describe, I know I would not be here.

    Oh, he’s got a diary, Sheepa. LOL!

  19. Oh, me neither. I don’t care to hang out in places that are unfriendly and down right mean-spirited.I much prefer the whole nourishment and nurturing philosophy Richard espouses. And I prefer people with a discernible sense of humor, too. That always helps. :D

  20. I’ve always enjoyed your blog! It was missed for a while, and it’s good to see more posts back. What is tthe point of having a blog, if you can’t express your thoughts, without anyone getting their knickers in a twist?

    Enjoy the Christmas season, and post again when inclined!

  21. Yep, you’re right, Angie. So I took out the “serious note” ’cause I’m not here to be serious. Perhaps only a smattering of it at times. Plus, the humor was not as discernible with my pontificating.

    Thank you, Fitz.

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