Tintin Looks Interesting

I’m contemplating seeing this movie. It’s been a while since I’ve been to a movie theater, and it would be nice to get out of the house. SO was talking about taking our eleven year old to see it, and my extreme eagerness was duly noted with a look askance that said, “What is going on?” My look back, “Nothing. I just thought _________ might love this movie, and it is the holiday season. Maybe we can go on opening night?”

I refuse to believe Richard Armitage is corrupting my reputation. What is it to me that I’ve watched the cheesy Robin Hood, then more cheesy Captain America, and now… But I’m doing it so my kid will have some entertainment, and I’m sure she would love the trailers:

Promo courtesy of TheOneRing.Net


  1. *heeheeheeheehee*

    I love your determination to make sure your child is exposed to one of France’s most beloved comic strip characters. A bit of pop culture. So–generous of you, Mum.. ;)

  2. Lets hear what SO says when he figures it out!!
    was planning to see that regardless of anticipated trailer or not! Tintin was Part of my comics youth culture and not even my favorite read. But as my kids recognize it as something that came from my country I’m immensely proud LOL but I will likely skip opening night perhaps even weekend …

  3. I know it’s heresy, but I am not sure I’ll go to see the trailer in the theatres unless I end up taking my nieces to see this. I can’t wait to see Armitage on the big screen but I find that trailers usually spoil the film.

  4. *cough* Tintin is well worth seeing in its own right, I was lucky to attend the Bafta screening of it a few weeks ago – unfortunately there were no trailers at all! But it was very enjoyable and not just for kids.

  5. I also refuse to believe Richard Armitage is corrupting my reputation Frenz. I’m going to see that trailer even if it appears in a movie of Barbies or Little Poneys ;)
    Nevertheless, I think I’m going to be lucky, for it seems that in Portugal it’s going to be seing in front of Sherlock Holmes. :)

  6. Too late!!! Richard Armitage had corrupted my reputation so it of no real surprise to my husband that we are off to see Tintin on Boxing Day opening here in AustRAlia!

    All he said to me was “I don’t remember you telling me RA was in it” when I informed him we are going just to watch the trailers, as The Hobbit trailer will be shown,
    I got the eye roll, head shake and a low grumbling noise!
    He is really looking forward to it!!

  7. wow! The Hobbit trailer is going to play at Tintin? What an added bonus that will be to a movie I’m SURE my grands will want to see. I hope. =0)

  8. I’m becoming very interested in TinTin myself and developing a new interest in animated films :)

  9. So again,I must buy a ticket,and for what?!!:D
    For a few seconds of contentment;)
    I am stupid!! I tell you! For sure!
    I’m f…..g crazy!!:D

  10. Actually, I’m torn whether I even want to see the trailer. I’m worried it may make the wait harder rather than easier!

  11. Obviously, Tintin is important to Jackson and Spielberg. I mean they are really going to extremes to keep this things under wraps. I’m really surprised it hasn’t leaked out yet. Even PB doesn’t have it :D

  12. Delightfully sneaky! :D Saying that, I thought Tintin was ace, even if it did stray quite far away from the books. Then again, since I hadn’t read any of them in at least 10 years, I didn’t even notice. :)

  13. There are so few movies that I feel my 11 year old can really attend without becoming jaded, I think we really will go.

  14. All the buzz has been positive about the film, describing as something kids and adults can both enjoy. If I go, it will likely be after Christmas. Not sure if I can convince spouse, though.

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