The Vagaries of Google or A Sign?

I’m up all night typing and came over to check my blog where I noticed “cooked turkey.jpg” is at the top of “TOP POSTS”. A query of stats shows that “cooked turkey.jpg” skyrocketed as an accessed page. What the hell?!! So I had a few friends query it to see what they got. It seems Google has been so kind as to have my site come up at the top or near it when “cooked turkey” is searched. I might take it as a sign, but I refuse to. This is too much fun. Plus, I’ve lived in cyber world long enough to understand that you never know exactly what you’re gonna get with Google. I would rather think this than assume the feds are hacked about my rant over the TSA searches. LOL!

Now for something better than cooked turkey:

Okay, back to the typing.

Hope you all have a lovely evening. :)

Screencap courtesy of RichardArmitageNet.Com


  1. Are they trying to tell you that your goose is cooked or that you’re a turkey? Definitely strange.

  2. That is a scream! You are a scream!

    So, what I’d really like to know is…what are ya typin’?!! But then, I’m pretty sure it’s top-secret and I’ll just have to wait.

    You’re right tho…Google is weird. No doubt about it.

  3. I know what you mean. My blog’s picture of a Roast turkey is usually a top search hit, and so is my picture of perogies! Also high hits for my blog is the picture of the donkey in Shrek and the picture of Serverus Snape. *Sigh!* Makes me think I need more RA pictures for sure! (He only makes #3 on a good day!)

  4. The highest hits for my blog (by a figure of 100%) is the post about the woman that Armitage was last seen with. Not putting her name here in order not to lead to misdirections. Yes. Twice as many hits for the post about her as for the most visited post about him. What does that tell you about us?

    You might send your cooked turkey link to fitzg :)

  5. Not to mention my “What if Richard Armitage was gay?” post – it keeps being the #1 read item on the blog, week after week … and it outweighs the other “most popular” posts by quite a lot. Heh. Such is the wonderous world of search engines! :)

  6. LOL! I knew that was out of the park when I saw it and probably will remain for years!

  7. […] all started with the cookedturkey.jpeg. Google knew I had a thing for it, and was so kind to make that the top image for cooked turkey, and it brought me loads of people to […]

  8. […] this particular site having a page ranked so high due to ‘cooked turkey,’ and I had to write about the phenomenon. As I wrote, ever in my mind was the knowledge I had lifted the prohibition on the […]

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