The Hum of Rippling

Did I mix my metaphors? Do you care? If you’re a normal RA fan you’re already looking at the photo below and have such a glazed look that you don’t even realize what I’ve typed above it, but I press on. A few hours ago Jonia made a post about her latest find. I wasn’t going to post but rather just Tweet about it. When I saw so much posting about it, I thought, “What the hey. I’ll ripple too.” :D

This photo is my favorite (see the link to more at Jonia’s blog piece):

Yeah, he’s beautiful.


  1. I was so excited to see the news over on RANet with the links!
    This combined with the pics on your last couple of posts, and the upcoming internet release of the Hobbit trailer is like an early yummy Christmas present!!

  2. The drought is not feeling so bad now.

    I really wasn’t going to post about it; however, there are people who read my blog but don’t get on Twitter nor check RAnet as often as some of us [whistling], so this was a public service to them.:D

  3. What a lovely fellow, indeed . . . I really like seeing him in black & white photos. It really does seem as if Christmas is coming early!

  4. I feel like a complete loser for asking this, but he is the guy in the black top right? To the left?

  5. Thirty lashes with a wet noodle. Left. :D

  6. Wet noodle?? Hahaha, I really do feel bad for not knowing but it was like a flashback to the Cats video you put up! I suddenly find myself really looking and thinking “I have to get this right, I have to know which one is him, oh! It’s that one! I’m sure!” – Only to be wrong :S

  7. Thankfully, no one’s giving you a test. :D As for me, I would know that nose and almost non-existent upper lip anywhere.

  8. There’s already a little something of John Porter here, isn’t it, or am I just totally mad?

  9. Nietzsche, if you’re mad, can I join you? ;D

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