Diary of an RA Fan — Part 27 The Unbroken Line

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Entry — October 28, 2008:

Finally finished the Stanislavski book, and I also watched the first episode of Spooks 7 last night. It was good, but then I’m so in the bag for Richard Armitage. Can he do something mediocre? Probably, but I haven’t seen it yet. And I was so curious about this character after watching one of his promo interviews:

When he talked about being water boarded, I kept thinking of Stanislavski’s point about the unbroken line:

‘The life of a person or of a part’, explained the Director, ‘consists of an unending change of objects, circles of attention, either on the plane of reality or of the imagination, in the realm of memories of the past or dreams about the future. The unbroken quality of this line is of utmost importance to an artist, and you should learn to establish it in yourselves…

‘Tell me: does it seem normal to you that an actor’s mind and feelings should wander away, for long spaces of time, into the audience and beyond the premises of the theatre? When they come back to the stage it is only for a brief moment, then they fade away again.

‘In that sort of acting the actor and his part only occasionally belong to each other. To avoid that use all your inner force to build an unbroken line.’ — From An Actor Prepares

It seems all of my life I’ve been trying to establish this unbroken line, but I’ve been too distracted by what I think is supposed to happen instead of letting things happen and embracing them for what they are. Too impatient, but then I, well, I don’t know what I think anymore.

I talked to Mom today, and she still has yet to get a clean bill of health, but if she gets it, I hope we can make our trip. It would be so much fun to maybe get on the set of Spooks and see how it’s filmed. Still think it would be cool if she met Richard Armitage. I can’t buy her anything she can’t buy herself, so if I could pull that off, it would be wonderful. As for me, certainly, I would love to watch him at work. Probably won’t happen, but it’s fun to ponder.

Diary Part 28 here

Behind the scenes photo courtesy of KuchingGirl, and as usual it can be enlarged by clicking on it, and then clicking again for a larger format.


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  2. His beauty, especially here in profile, words fail me! To paraphrase your comments from a previous post, my imagination has gone nuts :)

  3. So beautiful, so artistic, such an interesting, articulate, down-to-earth fellow. *sigh*

  4. So, did the photographer take this pic to “make RA standout” or does it just happen naturally? I wonder. The first pic is just so…standoutish?! Love these pics!!

  5. I agree NovemberBride, the only think I could think when I saw the top pic was “My God he stands out in a crowd”.
    I’m glad, I always fear I’ll pass him by on the streets and not even know, it’s just my luck :(

  6. NB, what were you saying about standing out in a crowd? :D

    Courtesy of Sheepa:

  7. Haha, I have no doubt that everything would fade into the background and just be black and white if I ever have the chance of meeting him ;)

  8. I’d probably faint, so it wouldn’t matter. Love the color splash!

  9. In that case you should really take someone with you if you ever plan on attending a premiere of The Hobbit. Someone should be there to, somehow insanely NOT faint at his arrival (maybe SO?) so they can capture him on camera, and you fainting, obviously. :)
    Thanks! I had a fun time playing about with it :D

  10. LOL!! That might actually be appealing to SO :D

    You did good!

  11. Angie, I think he pretty much has it all. I say pretty much since he’s not anonymous. That would be the perfect situation.

  12. Oh yes, the complete package. I wonder if he is going to have moments of wishing he could go back to semi-obscurity as the press machine really revs into gear for The Hobbit later this year,.

    As I have said before, I think he is old enough and mature enough to handle it all, and the higher his profile, the more and the better the roles that will be available to him. I am still waiting for that ah-ha moment here in the US when millions of people finally have him on their radar.

  13. I”m going to belly laugh when it happens.

  14. I will likely have a distinctly Guy-like smirk on my face when it does.
    “Nah nah nah nah nah–I knew it way back when!”

  15. It was my first thought also on seeing these pics how much he stands out in a crowd. My eyes are always drawn to him regardless of how many people surround him!

    A higher profile will hopefully be good not just for his career, but it will probably mean more opportunities for us to see him in interviews on tv and in the press, and not just in the UK, appearances/promos etc. Yaay!!

  16. This whole question of how to concentrate is a really interesting one, and I’m glad you raised it, and I apologize for only finally getting to it now. How to create concentration, even in a self that you fully inhabit, like your own? As I try to tell my students when I lecture on the “emergence of the self” in the Renaissance, the self in the West is unavoidably multiply constituted — which makes it a hard task for an author to create another one, when he has such a limited environment for the character he’s creating.

    I also think this is a particular problem for women. People are always making demands on us to be something in particular *for* them. It’s hard to know whether to embrace that — but that’s how it is. And if you insist on the concentration, you’re seen as selfish.

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  19. Servetus, I just realized I never responded to your comment. The end of this story is how I resolved the question for myself, and the answer is still resonating.

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