RA’s Christmas Message

For seven years, Richard Armitage has sent messages to his fans, and we love him for it.

message Message from Richard Armitage, 24th December 2011

Dear All,

So my feet are finally on UK soil, back in Blighty, nose to tail traffic and the usual Heathrow drizzle. But it’s good to be home for Christmas. I think the jet lag might give me a sneaky glimpse of Santa this year as I am wide awake at 2am!

It’s been one of the most memorable years I have ever experienced, the big birthday (which I tried to ignore, by sleeping through it!) and the privilege to be in NZ working on The Hobbit has make this year unforgettable. The places we have been to and the things we have seen, have surpassed all my expectations. I was very choked up as the plane left Wellington on Weds, it really has become home and to all my new friends there and my old friends here I would like to raise a glass for the festive season.

Thank you for the continuing support which you all lend as part of our community of ‘friends’, it really has an impact on me personally, I feel very much supported and I hope that waiting for the film isn’t too frustrating. I haven’t quite had the time to attend to all the signed photos that people were requesting as Christmas gifts for family and friends and I apologise for dissappointing them, I will get on the case as soon as I can.

I think next year will be like that last turn of the corner when you think you have reached the summit, only to find you are miles from the top and the climb is even steeper, but we are gearing up for an exciting ride. I even might step off the treadmill and put my dumb bells down briefly to scoff some turkey on 25th!!

Thank you all for the continued generosity on the Just Giving pages which in total comes to more than £14,000.

I would like to say Happy Christmas to everyone who drops in to catch up on the news and further across our online ‘party’ of friends, have a great holiday, and a cracking New Year. Just think this time next year, we’ll all be crossed eyed from all the 3D movies we will have watched, and by 2013, technology will have advanced so much, we won’t even have to go the the cinema, it will be transmitted directly into our imagination by a WIFI/Bluetooth microchip which we will have all had installed into our Hypothalamusesl! (Hypothalami?)

Enjoy the typos!

Peace and goodwill (and I really mean that, be willingly good, extra good, extra peaceful and extra forgiving)


I’m sure we’ll have a field day parsing this! :D

See RichardArmitageOnline.com for the original and thank Annette for always being there to receive theses lovely messages.


  1. I fell asleep watching TV earlier and ended up awake again at 12:15. So I have been piddling around ever since and saw that his latest message was up at RAonine.. :D I confess I laughed and I cried.

    Isn’t he just the most precious, funny, sweet, good-hearted, well-mannered individual and gorgeous and super-talented on top of it all!

    When he said he felt very much supported and how that support impacted him personally–I think of some people who have been critical of him in terms of his relationship to fans and I want to say, “Quit your belly-aching! We are darned lucky to get the acknowledgements we do receive. Count your blessings.”

    :”Enjoy the typos”–cheeky devil! ;) Well, I did notice a few . . . ;)

    Merry Christmas to all! I will be out of town and away from my computer for a few days and I hope everyone’s holiday goes well.
    See you all next week!

  2. Thanks, Frenzy!

  3. Enjoy the typos? Has he been lurking somewhere?? Lol!!! Brilliant!

  4. I woke up not too long ago as I have a sick child. Should I be thankful my child is sick?! No, I’m not, but at least there is some perk to having to stay up all night on and off.

    As to the typo crack, like I said I’m sure there will be a field day parsing that! LOL!

    I hope you both have a wonderful Christmas!

  5. Antonia! you slipped in there so quietly I didn’t see you! Merry Christmas!

  6. Thank you Frenzy for beeing up early!! :-) I’m so excited about receiving a new message. It made me laugh but it also filled my heart with warmness and pride.
    Somebody must have told him about the different discussions of his typos last year……(or was he peeping???) LOL
    I’ve to come back later…
    Merry Christmas to you Frenzy and all the others out there…

  7. Oh joy, oh joy! *big grin* Christmas Eve guests have left, I’ve cleaned up, and there’s a wonderful gift in the form of a heart warming message from Richard. I was hoping for another one this year, but would have understood if he just didn’t have the time; that he has done so makes this message even more special. What an absolute darling, no wonder I’m besotted!!
    That Just Giving total is amazing!!

  8. Re “parsing”, “typos”, etc.:

    remember’ ladies…….

    “let he who is without sin cast the first stone”!!!!!!!

  9. Richard does NOT have a degree in English – just an A level. To the Americans among you – he passed his examinations in English and Music in his last year of secondary school (aged 17). He hasn’t had anywhere near the amount of practice at writing English that most of you people have had, so don’t forget to cut him some slack.

  10. It is hearwarming to know that a “celebrity” takes the time and is so funny and sweet…well, I am a loss for words. I think these gestures are just as precious as his work.

    I wish everyone here a wonderul holiday. For me it is Christmas with the family.

    BTW, this man peeps for sure….I wonder if he posts too.

    Does anyone know if he contacts Annette or if it the messages just show up on her inbox?

  11. What a nice, nice man!!

    Christmas Blessings to y’all!

  12. Dear Friends,

    Merry Christmas to all! And much peace and happiness in 2012!

  13. Isn’t he lovely?

    Merry Christmas!

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  15. Love Richard & loved his Christmas message, he really is a sweetie and perhaps just lurking out there somewhere in cyber world after all, we will never never really know!
    Merry Christmas everyone!

  16. I am so pleasantly surprised and pleased that he wrote a Christmas message to his fans. So cool…

  17. Linda, your enthusiasm is delightful. Keep it up!


    Heartwarming is indeed what this message made me feel when I first saw it, and then the hilarity ensued. I really, really appreciate Richard Armitage giving us all so much to enjoy on so many levels. What an entertainer!!

    Kathryn, I’m the last one to throw a stone. My gammar is well, uh, shall we say rough around the edges? :D

    Gracie and Mersguy, I think some of his people peep and take the pulse of what’s going on in cyber world. I doubt he has time to read all of this stuff. And truthfully, I don’t want to think that he does. It would make me self-conscious about commenting anywhere and ruin my fun. LOL!

    NB, he does appear to be so. Hopefully, we’ll never meet him and run the risk of being disappointed!

    Judi, He’s so lovely that he doesn’t seem real. I pity the men who love women who use him as the standard.

    Joann, Yep, cool. Let’s hope he stays that way!!

    Ana Cris, I hope you’ve had a wonderful Christmas time and wish you all the best in the new year.

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