And Some Thanks

I should have put this in the last post!

Thank you to all of you who have been reading my blog. In 26 days, I have gotten 26,000 hits or 1,000 hits a day on average. Some of that was due to ‘The Hobbit’ trailer, but candidly, that only lasted a few days. The rest are people coming back to read and subscribe. 60 additional subscriptions in those 26 days. I very much appreciate that! Can’t tell you how much! It will certainly help in propelling me forward in my 365 Project. Otherwise, it would just be me listening to myself talk, and that’s not much fun. More than me being heard, this gives such a great pleasure to meet so many other fans. I can’t say enough good about that. It also gives the ability to introduce some of you to other bloggers who are much more interesting than me. No, I’m not being self-deprecating. I mean that. There are some interesting folk who are Richard Armitage fans. I’m happy to be a conduit for them — except when I want to get on my high horse about such things as SOPA. Then I want you to listen to me. :D

Another picture:

[click to enlarge]

Can you tell I’m trying to get you in a Guy mood? Hope it’s working.

For those contemplating entering the Little Guy contest but not sure, I have a post for you later today or maybe tomorrow morning.

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  1. I just wanted to say that I am absolutely enthralled with the blog world. Of course I had heard of blogging but I never participated or was active in any sense. Now, I am so appreciative of the work that people are doing, especially you Frenz. It brings people together, ideas and feelings are discussed and shared, and different formats such as the precious art of storytelling and writing are used. I can have all that by spending a few minutes…okay…hours… my computer.

    I have had a few people shaking their head at me cause they just do not understand, but I have truly been inspired by this communal/social gathering of like minded individuals who really offer up quite a lot of introspection and fun. So much so that I will be looking for a computer class to help me better understand the mechanics/technology on the web.

    What is my point? I am not sure. Except maybe to say thanks back to you Frenz. BTW, I am always in the mood for Guy. lol.

  2. We like to bask in that GoG mood,that is,Mark and me;)

  3. Ditto gracie’s comments!
    As a public relations consultant specializing in social media my brother despairs of me because I’m technologically ignorant. I’m not on Twitter or Facebook, and I have an eight year old mobile phone (hey, it works! I can make and receive calls and send texts!)
    He nearly fell over when I mentioned reading a blog.

    Taking part in RA blogs has become an important part of my life, and I check in on a daily basis, usually more than once! With my admiRAtion a secret in RL, being able to express how I feel is such a relief. I love the laughs, the drooling, and the education, and feeling part of a community who reflect Richard himself; intelligent, generous, thoughtful and funny.

    So my thanks to you Frenz for what you do.

  4. As I said before, I love your recently erupted furor scribendi. I’m heavily impressed and I’m gung-ho to keep your pace, usually lurking around the corner several times a day (working hard on increasing your hits per day ;-) Fun!), but not being as long-legged as Guy and without a horse (!) it is quite a disadvantage. Ugh, imagine he is looking at you like on the pic above… maybe a tiny bit kindlier??

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