Change of Plan

Sometimes I am slow. Oh yeah, sometimes I darn near walk on water, but other times I’m just stupid.

The impressive Guy secret cards I’ve received have made me rethink the selection process. It’s not appropriate to garner votes for best secret given the nature of some of the cards. So they will now be numbered, and then the winner chosen by a random number generator. That way no one will feel any rejection. This contest was never designed to make anyone feel awkward but to merely have fun and connect with each other about something we might not be able to say without the cloak of anonymity, and yes, for some of the cards to be just bullshit. Some are. :D

For those who want to participate but feel they don’t have enough skill with graphics, I have some good news. There is no graphic experience required. All you need is either a scanner or a digital camera, some index cards and whatever supplies you might find around the house, e.g., old magazines, ribbon, markers, etc. Yes, you can also make a fancy graphic, but it’s not necessary. Also, there are free editors available such as FotoFlexr to change up a photo you may already have or snag one from the web. Here’s a submission below from someone who wanted to share but does not want to enter the contest since she already has a Little Guy. She took a photo and laid the print part over it, scanned and emailed. That simple. She also could have taken a picture of it with a digital camera if she had not had access to a scanner.

Most important: I can’t even get to the submissions until tomorrow afternoon, so you actually have until 1:00pm (GMT+5) Sunday, January 8th. I’ll post them all sometime tomorrow evening. That’s a little less than 24 hours to enter, so be bold and make a card, and I’ll help you any way that I can. Send me a note if you need some help.

For those who have entered, you should have received an email confirmation from me. If you haven’t, I didn’t receive your entry. If you just sent me your secret but no card, you need to send the secret on a card. I’m pretty sure I’ve responded to everyone who did this and gave you a chance to make a card. If you haven’t heard from me, again, I didn’t get your entry. And for those who sent some cards but don’t want to enter for a Little Guy, I’m posting those too — unless you say no.

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