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So many things happen that are in my face but thankfully don’t faze me — much. The day they really do faze me is the day I need to get a life. You thought I didn’t have a life because I run a blog about Richard Armitage? ROFLOL!! Yes, I actually am on the floor, and it’s hell typing from that angle, but see, see what I do for the readers! Umph. Aaah! That’s better. Back in an upright position.

A few things that make me glad I’m not a teen or 20 something, and apologies to all of you who are that age and feel the same:

The Biggest Celebrity Breakups of 2011 — not sure which one on the list makes me yawn more. I’m embarrassed to admit I knew most people on that list although some did elicit, “Huh?” Yes, I realize it’s a 2011 list, but it keeps popping up on mainstream news sites I’m reading. Apparently, places like MSNBC think it’s still newsworthy.

The Kardashians — this says it best:

I could go on, but I think you get the point, and some of you may be wondering why I’m even posting this. For fun. Hell, what good are these things if I can’t make fun of them. And yeah, I was dying to use that Kardashian video. :D

You should thank me for not inflicting Justin Bieber on you. Or maybe I’m the only one who feels this way?

A picture to cleanse your palate:

It is a fan blog about Richard Armitage, so I was obligated, but really, isn’t he a breath of fresh air?

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  1. How odd to make a career and a living out of provoking people to scorn oneself and one’s family.

  2. It’s called prostitution.

  3. OMG! I heard that they were going to make a movie version of Absolutely Fabulous. That show really is what its name says! Are they still making episodes or is this from the movie? Thanks for the laugh!

  4. My husband refers to people like the Kardashians as media wh*res. I am so very inclined to agree.

  5. C’mon, Frenz. If you don’t care then who will? Think of the children!

  6. BBCA is airing an anniversary Ab Fab special this weekend. They had a marathon last weekend and I watched pretty much all of it.
    “Sweetie, honey, darling, sweetie . . .” ;) I LOVE Patsy, Edina and Saffy!

    I don’t know anything about an Ab Fab movie, though. This clip is absolutely hilarious. They do seem to multiply exactly as Eddie says. LOL

  7. “isn’t he a breath of fresh air?”

    Inhale deeply.

  8. Just think we all could have our own reality show at time. ArmitageWorld! It might be boring because we would spend most of our time on computers… hmmm.

  9. Scene 1: Servetus sits for hours in a Starbucks below the Mason Dixon line, periodically giggling and chortling at her computer screen.

  10. I don’t know, Judiang–If some of us read aloud some of the steamier fanfic passages, I don’t think viewers would be bored. ;) Of course, they would have to edit certain things out . . . I can also imagine a group of us gathered around a TV watching an RA marathon together and all the visual and auditory responses the cameras might catch.
    NTM the fact we are all now gaga for a 4-foot-tall 200-plus-year-old dwarf. As my daddy used to say, “A little laughter in life.” :D

  11. I have no idea who the Kardashians are or if I’ve spelt their name right. Not that I really care but what are they famous for? Being rich? So there’s like a bunch of Paris Hiltons running around now?

  12. We should totally make a RA fan Reality tape. That would be hilarious. If we ever get to an RA convention, we have to do this!! I am barely able to type this from laughing. Good thing I can touch type.

  13. Scene 27: Servetus has Robin Hood 3.10 playing on her laptop, and alternately flips between that, a screen with a new venison stew recipe, and the kitchen counter, where her nieces are doing her math homework. Meanwhile the stew burns.

  14. But you have a life size photo of Dr. Track to help soothe you. He is good with burns I hear.

  15. Make sure it’s the photo with the bicep showing.

  16. Sheepa,

    The Kardashians are a family who have I don’t how many different reality shows and hawk weight loss products, shoes, perfurme etc. They are an industry in themselves.

    The late father was a lawyer on OJ Simpson’s Dream Team and their stepfather is Olympic medalist Bruce Jenner, who used to be a handsome man until he let the plastic surgeons get a hold of him. The whole family is plastic in more ways than one.

    Kim used to be best buddies with Paris Hilton and then become infamous for some nasty little sex tape a few years back, Now she and the family have eclipsed Paris as Flavor of the Month. I refuse to watch one minute of any of their shows.

  17. I missed your post, Sheepa. What Angie said. I have never seen any show with the Kardashians, and I still know who the f* they are.

  18. Frenz and Servetus,

    Dr. Track and his biceps in the little white T shirt have certainly made ME feel better over the last few weeks.


    Love the idea of the reality show spoof. :D Sort of thing I think RA would get a chuckle out of.

  19. Now Angie, that might appear too rabid — to actually make the video where RA might dare see it. :D

    edited for clarity; I was just kidding about being able to type.

  20. Frenz,

    That is what’s so maddening about the Kardashians. You do your best to avoid them–don’t watch the shows, don’t read the articles–and yet, they keep turning up like a bad penny. I keep thinking at some point they will fade away . . . just not soon enough for me.

    I keep thinking of Richard on his knees with that ridiculous felt beard and makeup for the dwarfs in their costumes spoof. :D He’s just so darned cute sometimes.

  21. Thanks for the info. I was only aware of one of them being married for about 20 days. Or was it 4 hours?

  22. 20 days, 4 hours, whatever gets photos on the cover.

  23. I was on my FB page the other day, and my 11 year old had been on my FB acct by mistake, and liked all sorts of people for me. Selena Gomez for instance. I’m ashamed to admit I know who the hell that is.

  24. Trying to avoid Gomez is like trying to avoid Beiber; you can’t. Specially if there are kids in the house.

  25. So true.

  26. Aren’t Gomez and Beiber an item? Seems like I saw a photo of them together. I swear, he is just too pretty. I mean, really–he looks like a girl. A 12-year-old girl at that.

  27. Yes, they’re an item *hangs head in shame*

  28. Hey, Frenz, I know about these teeny boppers and I don’t even have the excuse of a young daughter! *blushes and hangs head in shame*
    But you know, I feel like I’m more aware about pop culture in general these days because of the Internet and satellite TV . . . BTW, I showed Benny the Ab Fab clip and he had a really good laugh. :D

  29. I don’t care how old Beiber and Gomez grow, I will always look at them and think “What are they? 12?”

  30. Sheepa.

    When I heard some woman was claiming Bieber was the father of her baby, I am afraid I collapsed into giggles. I am not even sure if they have taken the training wheels off his bike. ;)

  31. I got a hiccups from laughing,thanks <3
    You can add one more picture. Joanna at the desk that looks like an altar ,sunk in fervent prayer to the image. The photo shows a gloomy gentelmen dressed in black leather wading in the whirling leaves. Aroud the picture-fresh meadow flowes and scented candels.

  32. Joanna: and a choir singing the Misty Mountain song in the background.

  33. Servetus: exactly so!:D

  34. If Ab Fab can make a special after some time has elapsed since the series, why not Vicar of Dibley?!

  35. I totally agree. Of course, I don’t want to have to wait until 2016 to mark an anniversary as Ab Fab is doing for their 10th. Maybe he could shoot it on hiatus from TH this year? I am sure the other half of Saunders and French would be willing if their schedules could mesh.

  36. Ooops, make that 2026, as Ab Fab is celebrating their 20th anniversary. My goodness, I am getting old. Anyway, 14 years is WAAAAAY too long to wait for more Harry Kennedy!!

  37. They don’t need an anniversary as a reason, they just need to do it; a one off show wouldn’t take long to produce, and they still have the set. The potential is there, plenty of material to work with, and if they need any ideas all they have to do is ask us LOL!

  38. No arguments from me, midear. :D

  39. […] Hell no, I’m not putting up a picture of the guy who digs the chick with the big butt. I’m ashamed I even know who they are. Not sure who I’m talking about? Good on you! But a clue is here (watch the video). […]

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