A Little Regression Therapy

[click to enlarge]

I had to post that screencap again. :D

And I can’t tell you who is the winner of the Guy Secrets contest, but it’s someone with big plans for Little Guy:

She will join a host of others who have no shame about their love for Little Guy:

Dhana, who was not content with just a Little Guy. She made a Little Lucas too complete with pea coat. :D

Kiteflier, whose Little Guy escapades were the first I saw in 2008. Don’t be a snob and miss out on that!

Some other exploits of Little Guy are in the Robin Hood folder on C19.

I’m sure there are some I missed. Feel free to show us your Little Guy! :D

For those who did not win, thank you for your entries and don’t despair. There will be another Little Guy contest sometime! In the meantime, some ‘i’ dotting and ‘t’ crossing for those who may wonder.

[click to enlarge]

The above is a screencap of the random selection. Number five in the slideshow was chosen.

Other than all of that, can someone tell me the absolute best way to ship a package to Italy. I’m thinking Fedex but open to better suggestions.

edit: I may have met my quota for at least six months on the use of the words “Little Guy”.

Screencaps courtesy of my stash.


  1. Well done Little Guy winner, whoever you are!!! Keep him safe from the kids…LOL!!

    Re screen cap PHWOARRRRRRRRRR!!!

  2. Congrats!!

    As for the screencap . . . he is oh so BEE-YOO-TI-FUL!!

    (Marian, you stupid cow . . .)

  3. Oh he really is soooooo bee-yooo-ti-ful! LOL.

    And just in case he reads these, I don’t want him thinking I am objectifying him too much so “he is an amazing actor too.”

    Congrats to the winner. I am still working on my little Guy if you can believe that! I will be fierce competition the next time out.

  4. Those were some great entries! Congrats to the winner (not me) so if I can’t be the winner then I will be the whiner. Here I go….”Awwww! But I really wanted a Little Guy!” :(
    Oh well, *shrugs*.
    I just reread your post from August 2010 where you first mention Little Guy and I was your first commenter! LOL

  5. You were the first commenter on my blog! :D


  6. Congratulations! Little Guy winner!
    Surely,you have your ways how to protect the favorite toy:)
    Guy of Gizborne has its Gizborne in my heart!;)
    ……PHWOARRR,,,,!!!. :D

  7. […]  So time to dip into that distracting RA Bag of Goodies (it’s bottomless, you know).  Since Frenzy and BccMee have been spreading the Guy love, how about a little seen pic.  Poor Guy, nothing ever […]

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