I’m Feeling Alternately Relieved and Apprehensive

Since I posted about a certain celebrity, I’m getting some bizarre search referrals. Some make me snicker, some make me gasp, and some make me scratch my head. But all of it makes me realize I have never been privy to this kind of examination of Richard Armitage. The one who will not be named has some seriously rabid fans. Oh yeah, “peaches” are tame by comparison. So rest easy my fellow fangirls; I don’t think we have anywhere near the craziness going on that the man who likes to wear a kilt has.

I’m starting to feel a little sorry for him, and of course can’t help but wonder when all of this craziness will hit the object of our affection. Will this still be fun when it does? I honestly don’t know. I do know one thing though. You think I’m snarky now? When that fodder comes into my path, I will not be able to resist it. Just giving warning.

Yes, yes, yes, we need a picture!

[click to enlarge]

Of course I know G*rry has some very nice fans, and the ones reading this are probably thinking, “Just wait; you’ll find out what it’s like!” Oh my, I’m not sure I want to. At least we have until the fourth quarter before things get really nuts.

Screencap courtesy of RichardArmitageNet.com


  1. I’m a bit worried as well. I don’t how crazy it’s going to get, it seems preettttyy normal now, but he’s already shy about having an army behind him for all these years… I just hope it doesn’t get twilight/beiber crazy. I mean it’s a good thing people will finally see RA for who he is but that level of fandom – that pattinson/beiber fandom – is just too weird for words.
    I love Richard but I’m not going to make him run (literally) for his life.

  2. I just keep hoping our darling fellow is mature and seasoned and grounded enough to take the madness in stride. *fingers and toes crossed*’

    And who knows? Maybe RA won’t appeal to some of the weirdest and wildest fans out there . . . I don’t see how anyone couldn’t find him appealing, but then I am plainly prejudiced.

    Isn’t Sir Guy the bridegroom ever so broodingly gorgeous??

  3. Love your tag “fruitcakes everywhere and it’s not even Christmas.”

  4. I’ll have to use that one again near the end of the year if not sooner. :D

  5. Oh you can’t tease like that and not deliver the goods – do tell!! If not here then on Twitter or a forum or something…. I’m really curious!! Are they really rude??? Or just funny?

  6. Both! Of course I’ve seen the f word used on a search with RA, but not as a description. :D

  7. And it gets worse from there.

  8. I just hope that, when crazy fandom his our man, he will be himself no matter what, he won’t bother to validate their existence by acknowledging them and he will remember that he has an ‘army’ of loyal fans who love his work and will always treat him like the gentleman he is!!

  9. You know, I think it will help that not only is Richard a mature man and not a teen or early 20-something like the Twilight stars or Justin Beiber, but he also already has a strong, supportive and reasonably sane fan base. No, it’s not as big yet as someone like Gerry, and I think he’ll have to adjust as it gets a lot bigger, but at least Richard knows fans can be and are often considerate and respectful.

    I am looking forward to him gaining a lot more male fans. Allthough I know he has some, from Spooks and Strike Back in particular, TH should bring a lot more.

  10. I had to smile to myself last week when a Gerard Butler fan on twitter commented “ enjoy the quite time RA fans things won’t be the same after TH”

    Then I felt a twinge of sadness, no it won’t be the same will it.
    I quite like this little RA community full of talented and witty women(mostly I’m presuming) Like Angie I’m so glad Richard is a mature aged man and has been in the “biz” for most of his adult life and is well grounded enough to cope with the pressures of being an dubbed an overnight success.
    We know how hard he has worked to get to this point.

    I wonder if PJ had a “fame prep school” before filming begun, makes me think back to the vid when Jonathan Rhys-Davies visited the set.

    It’s not out of the question that TH will be nominated for numerous Oscars in 2013/2014 and Richard with a lead role, well I leave you all pondering that thought!

  11. Oh, yes, we know very well how much effort and dedication and perspiration he has put into his career–he has more than paid his dues and I think he will take it all with a grain of salt and not believe all the hype, a trap less mature celebs fall into.

    Whatever comes, whatever happens, I will still be his supporter and admirer.

    I know he is not someone who focuses on awards, rather on getting the role right, but I would love for him to be nominated for an Oscar for at least one of these films. I want him to get that sort of recognition.

  12. I echo the comments above of angie and mersguy. Ever since the announcement of Richard’s role in TH, my feelings have fluctuated; from happiness and pride that his talent and years of hard work will be rewarded with recognition on a much broader scale, to excitement that the increased exposure will probably mean more opportunities to see him, yet sad that things will never be the same again, that the intimacy of the RA community will disappear.

    The one thing I have no doubt about is his response to it all. I’m sure it will be with good humour, humbleness and common sense. He may be uncomfortable in the spotlight, but he’s not silly, he knows that comes with the territory and will work with it gracefully as the professional he is.

  13. Well, you never know…The Hobbit could be a flop and Richard could give a rubbish performance and never work again……er…..nope, not gonna happen!!!!

    Honestly, I never realised G B was that popular, I’ve seen very little of his work for some reason, I think that what I saw of him in one of the Lara Croft films put me off somehow and I dismissed him as a lightweight…However he was actually pretty good in M*chine G*n Preacher, the movie is a lot worthier than the laughable title suggests, not a great movie overall, but quite interesting. I must finish watching Coriolanus too….

  14. I think Gerry’s choice of roles has been somewhat hit or miss. I really liked him in a little movie called “Dear Frankie.” He’s made some horrible rom-coms along the way. Very uneven track record.

  15. Angie, “Dear Frankie” is a wonderful movie!

    I wonder if there is a correlation between the “colorful” fans and “interesting” searches you find for G*rry and some of the roles that he has played. Not that RA hasn’t played characters that could lead to raunchy searches, but they aren’t as high profile of roles.

  16. Chabesquen,
    I ran across Dear Frankie on one of the premium channels one day and really enjoyed it. I have watched it one or two times since then.As well as liking GB’s performance here, I think Emily Mortimer is very good as the mom and the child who plays Frankie gives a good performance, too. A small film with great heart and gentle humor and tenderness. Sometimes that type of film can be so much more satisfying than the big budget blockbusters in terms of story and character development.

    You might be right about the correlation. The only really “raunchy” role i.e. one that shows a lot of skin and graphic sexy time, is Between the Sheets, and it’s not that well known, plus his was a supporting role. Lee the lifeguard is a naughty boy, but again, that was a smaller supporting role.

  17. As I yet mentioned here recently, I’m pretty much worried about the avalanche that is to be expected with certainty after the “Hobbit” premiere. Being someone who always prefers the smaller and more manageable sized gatherings and events, I definitely can’t handle a million “new friends/fans”. I consider this already a strong in members RA-lovers-community.
    I watched the GN show clips yesterday, and for me it wasn’t very upsetting that is. Quite that blathering what you usually get in that kind of talk shows. People nowadays tend to make fools out of themselves preferably on TV. That’s why I hardly ever follow any of them. It’s anyway different for me, as I’m still not so used to English, and I therefore have a higher limit of tolerance for nearly all sorts of rubbish (it never sounds so awful as in German! At least a can possibly learn a new expression). LOL.
    But what really freaked me out is that amateur video on allthingsarmitage about BAFTA 2010. Those screaming and yelling women made me cringe. I had attacks of sweating……. Nonetheless Richard moved with an unbelievable grace, equanimity and kindliness through this vociferous crowd. OMG….
    Hopefully things are not getting too nuts..and there is loads of fodder to garner for Frenzy. I take you seriously. :D

  18. Man I loooved “Dear Frankie”. It was so nicely done and I was a sobbing mess at the end. I had high hopes for him from that movie, but then the flops kept coming out. If I have any concern, it’s that, the more well known RA becomes, the more roles he will be offered, and the “more” is not necessarily quality, but cringe worthy crap that looks good on paper (from the producers of Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy!) but is just awful Hollywood machinery poop. In spite of the increase in intensity and scope of exposure and scrutiny RA will likely get, I hope he retains (among many things) his sense and good taste in picking roles that allow him to really flex his acting muscles. I wish for him the career of Paul Newman.

  19. @linda60, thankyou for the reference to that video on allthingsarmitage, I hadn’t seen it before. I agree, the yelling and screaming is dreadful, not just from women either, but Richard is cool and unfazed, all class. It’s lovely to watch him, especially the closeups from about 1:50 onwards. Keeping the sound turned down helps!

  20. Paul Newman! A class act and fine and versatile actor who gave a lot of support to charitable causes and as he grew older, moving from leading man to character actor, he did it with such grace. Richard could do a lot worse than following Newman’s template. (Newman was also a beautiful older man–that bone structure!– and I suspect RA will be the same.)

    What I am hoping is RA will have the opportunity to do one or two decently scripted Hollywood movies that will pay well and allow him to be choosier in other projects, so he can do interesting and challenging work in smaller films like “Dear Frankie.”

  21. Would one of you ladies be so kind as to post the link to the bafta 2010 video. I have been all around the allthingsarmitage site and I cannot seem to find it. I even type in bafta 2010 on the search bar and it gives me all sorts of things but the video. Help? Thanks

  22. Here it is Gracie…


  23. Dear Frankie is one of my all time favorite movies. I just loved it.

    Personally, me thinks that RA will be absolutely fine with the increase in adoration. Yep, he will have some nutty fans but I think he will handle it well. Plus, I think he is preparing himself for it. I think this will be an adventure, and he has mentioned wanting to “make it” in the States. I think he will. Ladies, we will have an interesting ride ahead of us. lol

  24. For the old stuff (2007 and 2009), go here: https://rafrenzy.com/2010/06/05/bafta-shmafta/

    For all the 2010, go here: http://www.richardarmitagenet.com/downloads/195-rabafta2010.html

  25. I have a lot of confidence in Richard. He just isn’t your run-of-the-mill actor, not in terms of talent and versatility nor in terms of ego and maturity. Let’s face it, that’s one of the reasons we love him so. He is a true class act head and shoulders above the rest in more ways than one.

    And yes, I agree. I think he is preparing, psyching himself up in preparation for the onslaught. He’s no dummy–he knows how big this movie is going to be. Who knows, he may be getting advice from other actors like Orlando Bloom (with whom he had lunch) on how to deal with the fan frenzy and media blitz.

    And frankly, I want more people in the US to know who this Richard Armitage guy is and what a great, great performer he is. He deserves the recognition and I think he does have ambitions to “make it” in the US.

  26. Thank you so much for the links. My heart just fluttered.

  27. He is so incredibly handsome isn’t he! Bit a of a heart stopper for me too….thud

  28. May I interrupt this regularly scheduled blog to say:


    Allabama Crimson Tide National Champions for second time in three years . . . a shut-out of LSU
    Boys, you did it for Tuscaloosa–I am so proud of you.

    Now we return to your regularly scheduled blog. :D

  29. LOL!!!

  30. Had a win then! Football?? LOL

  31. WhoooHoooo! I don’t know what or what they do..but National Champions at it, sounds great! :)

  32. Not that I am excited or anything. Seriously, after what happened in Tuscaloosa, all the death and destruction, from the tornadoes, I think the boys really did want to bring that championship home to the town that loves and supports.them. And yeah, I have tears in my eyes right now.

  33. They definitely deserve it in more ways than one!

  34. Yeah, I should explain college football is very big here in the US and we now have a system by which the top teams play to determine who the national champion will be. Alabama played Lousiania State University and lost in overtime during the regular season–their only loss. Tonight, they held them to no score and racked up 21 points.
    Only one penalty the entire game, no turnovers of the ball, just a really well-played game.

    And yes, Frenz, they do deserve it in more ways than one, bless their hearts. My sister (who graduated from there) is surely thrilled to bits–I can’t get through to her on the phone right now or I would be screaming Roll Tide into the phone. :D

  35. I’m happy for all of you, but I gotta tell you that Bama is like TAMU, I they put a hex on the students so they are forever rabid supporters. LOL! I have never seen anything like the support for those two schools. Even Notre Dame can’t hold them a candle.

  36. I mean I consistently get Christmas cards from friends who are alumni and have Bama ’82 or TAMU ’85 embossed on the card. LOL!

  37. Oh, I know, I know. My sister has been a Tide fan since long before she attended the university, and for years she had season tickets. In her younger years, she would get so worked up in anticipation of the game, she got physically ill. She is a lot calmer these days–well, she has to be, she has a heart condition. She was in school in the days of the legendary Bear Bryant, too.

    Here in Alabama, football is almost a religion in some ways. And you have mixed marriages. Alabama and Auburn fans uniting in holy matrimony. It can get ugly at times . . . ;)

    Oh, and Benny and I were drinking tea out of our lucky Alabama insulated glasses so I am sure that is what won us the game LOL

  38. My BIL on Benny’s side is a rabid Bama fan (and he graduated from Troy like Benny and I) Every year for Christmas it’s easy shopping for him. I just get him another Alabama item! My nephew recently graduated from Alabama so the tradition continues. :D

  39. I know what it is about those two schools. It’s the colors.

  40. Hubs and I watched the game tonight. All I have to say is, WHAT A DEFENSE!!! Fun to watch them…even IF they aren’t K-State. Congrads!!!!

  41. uhhh, what were we taking about? Oh yeah, the guy w/the killer eyes and the stubble and…

  42. Thanks! I kept thinking LSU was going to wake up or charge their batteries up or something but good grief, they only crossed the 50 yard line ONCE. I was beginning to feel a little sorry for them. Just a little.

    RA . . . I have always had a desire to see Richard in an American football uniform. I think it has something to do with those tight pants. And imagine the eye black smudged beneath the blue peepers, gazing out from the helmet. He’d make a really cute quarterback. ;)

  43. I’m not that familiar with GB fandom but I think much of it originates from Phantom of the Opera and fans saw some qualities they found highly appealing in the Phantom RA fans saw in JT and Guy. The demographic of both fandoms is similar, it contains a lot of middle-aged women, not just young girls. Yes, GB made a few odd choices, but RA may well do the same in the future, if that is the best on offer.

    With regards to award expectations for the Hobbit, I’m sorry to be a spoil sport, but we shouldn’t get expectations up too high. Nominations in the technical categories, make up, costume, music, yes, but maybe not win, because LOTR already got it’s share of awards or they may want to wait for the second part. Actors most likely not, and if RA should get an actor nomination, it would be supporting actor, as there is only one male lead and no female lead. Direction, script or best film is unlikely for the genre. What happened to LOTR was the exception, not the rule. And even with LOTR, they wait for the last instalment with most awards and it only got one actor nomination in total. So part one of the Hobbit may very likely get a few nominations but won’t win anything.

  44. @Jane: I agre with you completly.Addisionaly,this role is the fulfillment of his dreams. Finaly,people will say”what a great ,talented actor” and not only”what a cute pie” or “sex on legs”althought,I agree that all those sentences are true;)

  45. I’m imagining RA on Dec 12 after the movie release, with his eyes closed holding, sat in a chair holding strong to its arms, tense waiting for the overload of adoration that will hit him after that *hehehe*

    *Just some silliness, my way to deal with the trepidation of what is going to happen after Dec 12th*

    OML :)

  46. Thorin might not make RA a household name. But it is a splendid opportunity to be part of such a total film-making experience. And a very big deal to commit two years of your life to such a project. Whatever transpires, there will remain a community of sincere supporters.

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