Housekeeping and Profanity

Those two can certainly go together, and when you blog about a celebrity who is potentially making his way to the ‘A’ list, there’s going to be some profanity. Oh, not from me most of the time, and not about the housekeeping on this blog. I’ve loved that, and long said Richard Armitage should bottle his ability to make housekeeping fun. What I’m talking about are the search terms from people trying to figure out ‘who the hell is Richard Armitage,’ or more so lately ‘who the fuck is Richard Armitage.’ The latter one I hadn’t seen until after ‘The Hobbit’ trailer making me conclude that the incidence of that phrase is directly proportional to his rise in fame. The MTV interview definitely escalated the occurrences.

It had crossed my mind to change the title of my page about him because I do laugh when I read the question, but I can’t do that to him. I’ll leave that to the Tumblrs. :D For those who frequently access the ‘Tumblr’ page, I’ve consolidated it with the ‘Addict List’. ‘Admin Notice’ has also been added to the left sidebar, so if something seems wonked up, check there to see what may have been done. If there’s no notice of a major change, then the site might have a problem, so please send me a note to let me know as I might be the one who’s wonked.

I’m also debating about getting rid of some categories. I’m not sure they’re used much, but tags are limited on the home page. So maybe I’ll start a tags page? It’s amazing how I get on this blog to escape mundane tasks, and I still can’t get away from them.

I was going to embed a picture, but my header is sufficient. It sums up the mood.

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  1. Just have to laugh at people typing “who the fuck” in a search engine. I would expect this would give some extra results quite unrelated to the topic.

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