Is There an Elephant in the Room?

Friggatriskaidekaphobia or “Fear of Friday the 13th” is with us again. This year will be especially bad. Occurrences of Friday the 13th from year to year vary from one to three, but in 2012 there will be five at 13 week intervals. Even if nothing happens, the possibilities must be terrific for those who are superstitious. Personally, I’ve only thought about the number 13 with fondness, and more especially when it’s on Friday as my father was born on Friday the 13th. He was a happy man most of his life and encouraged me to laugh at things like superstition, but unfortunately, he also encouraged me to avoid disappointment, which I often manifested as superstition. For too many years of my life I did everything I could to keep from being disappointed to the degree I didn’t talk about anything that really excited me. People had to pay close attention to figure out what I was passionate about. I believed that if I expressed my excitement overtly, it would be a jinx. So I kept my mouth shut about anything I really loved except for my children. They were too overwhelming for me to remain silent and withdrawn. In every other area I was on guard about ever feeling a tinge of let down and yet was continually let down. The thing I was trying to avoid I was wallowing in daily.

So what does all of this have to do with Richard Armitage? Well, he will be one of thirteen “dwarves” and the second Hobbit movie will come out on December 13, 2013 which is a Friday. Horrors! ;=) That aside, this fear of disappointment does factor into the dynamic his current fans are experiencing with his coming performance in ‘The Hobbit’. Some are afraid to let themselves get pumped up. The Frenz of old would have certainly been too cool to ever get caught up in the excitement and would have expressed caution to others. Thank God the old Frenz is on the wane, and the new one is having a blast feeling the thrill. And of course the question is out there, oh yeah, it’s still out there: couldn’t RA disappoint the public and me as well? Yes, he could, but I’m not going to dwell on that especially since it may not even happen. If it does, I’ll deal with it. And superstition can take its fat, capricious self back to the corner and stay there.

Once again I’ve mixed metaphors or bordered on it. I’m glad I haven’t let my fear of doing that, of not getting things perfect or darn near (how arrogant to think I could), stop me from writing this blog.

Housekeeping and Profanity

Those two can certainly go together, and when you blog about a celebrity who is potentially making his way to the ‘A’ list, there’s going to be some profanity. Oh, not from me most of the time, and not about the housekeeping on this blog. I’ve loved that, and long said Richard Armitage should bottle his ability to make housekeeping fun. What I’m talking about are the search terms from people trying to figure out ‘who the hell is Richard Armitage,’ or more so lately ‘who the fuck is Richard Armitage.’ The latter one I hadn’t seen until after ‘The Hobbit’ trailer making me conclude that the incidence of that phrase is directly proportional to his rise in fame. The MTV interview definitely escalated the occurrences.

It had crossed my mind to change the title of my page about him because I do laugh when I read the question, but I can’t do that to him. I’ll leave that to the Tumblrs. :D For those who frequently access the ‘Tumblr’ page, I’ve consolidated it with the ‘Addict List’. ‘Admin Notice’ has also been added to the left sidebar, so if something seems wonked up, check there to see what may have been done. If there’s no notice of a major change, then the site might have a problem, so please send me a note to let me know as I might be the one who’s wonked.

I’m also debating about getting rid of some categories. I’m not sure they’re used much, but tags are limited on the home page. So maybe I’ll start a tags page? It’s amazing how I get on this blog to escape mundane tasks, and I still can’t get away from them.

I was going to embed a picture, but my header is sufficient. It sums up the mood.

What Do You Do When You’re 52?

Bccmee just posted on Twitter that the current ranking of Richard Armitage on IMDb has gone up 882 points. He’s now at 52. Phew! That means lots and lots and lots and lots of people are checking him out. I wonder what he’s thinking. No, I can’t help it. I really do wonder how he must be processing this, or if he’s already processed it to be prepared. I’m betting on “prepared.” Yep, he is so anal that he’s more than likely run it through his head a few times since he got the part in ‘The Hobbit.’ Probably just took the reaction from ‘North and South’ and multiplied it several times, and if he’s really thinking ahead, he will take that number and raise it to a power when the movie hits the theaters. LOL!

Yeah, ride off on that horse! We’ll follow. :D

Screencap is mine

Darn! Twitter was overcapacity when I tried to get a copy of bccmee’s tweet. Until I can get it, here’s a partial cap of RA’s pro page. Check out the statistic next to his head shot on the right.

edit: Ranking capped by bccmee for posterity.