The Hobbit Trailer Gets Sweded

Someone give these people a job! :D

If being Sweded is somehow offensive, my apologies to any Swedes (thinking especially of Traxy :D ); however, one of my closest friends is of very strong Swedish descent. She grew up in North Dakota near the Minnesota border and is a Richard Armitage fanatic in training. She thought this was hilarious, so I took that as a blessing to run with it. LOL!

On a serious note, I’m thinking you haven’t arrived until you’ve been Sweded. ;-)


  1. Hilarious!!! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  2. OMG!ROFL! This is very very good!

  3. LOL!! I downloaded this little treasure and I plan to show it to Benny later. Loved it when Tho– uhm, Florence Nightingale said, “I’m on a horse.” And the 80s pop culture references. Still laughing.

    I bet the real cast would get a kick out of this. :D

  4. Whenever we get together, we have to do our video!!

  5. LOLs! I’ve never heard the term “sweded” before but I know a good parody when I see one. I really liked their song! :D Great find!

  6. I laughed myself to tears. Groundbreaking fun! What a great find. Thanks Frenz for sharing and getting us Sweded… (??)

  7. I will never be able to hear “The Safety Dance” song or “We Built This City” again without getting the giggles. :D

    I also have this strange image of Richard with his Thorin hair and beard wearing a Crimean War period frock. Really strange image.

    “We built this ci-ty on ro-ck and rollllll . . .” LOL!!

  8. This is absolutely fantastic. I wish I could be this creative and funny! My favorite part: Florence Nightingale “I am on a horse” Had he said pony, I would have died!!!

  9. *wiping tears*….what a riot! These are obviously college kids with nothing else to do??! ROTFLOL!!

  10. OMG This is too much!! I am roflmao here! I’ve downloaded it to share with my boys later…they will get a giggle out of it, I’m sure. Thanks for sharing, Frenz!

  11. Best thing ever!

  12. I had to go back and re-watch it and I chuckled my way through it again. Really cleverly done. Hubby definitely has to watch it.

  13. That’s brilliant! Thanks for sharing Frenzy :-)

  14. “Swede” me anytime! That was reminiscent of SIR Peter’s earlier blog of the actors in pasted beards, on their knees. :) If PJ and the actors saw this parody, they must be killing themselves laughing. Even actors and fans need to laugh at themselves sometimes…

  15. Yep, the Riseup Christchurch vid. I started to put that video in this same post but didn’t want to take the impact. It is exactly like that the one posted. I wonder if that one helped with the sweding. :D

  16. Excellent !!! Thanks for sharing the video. :-)

  17. Hahahaha!!!! That was very well done! I couldn’t stop laughing when Gandlaf laughed in reply to Bilbo’s question at the end :D

  18. Pure genius!!! So. friggin. hilarious! Thanks for posting, Frenz! :)

  19. Very creative! So hilarious! Thnks for posting.

  20. THIS IS AN OUTRAGE! How DARE they mock my heritage?! This video should be banned!!

    Ooooooor … I was just kidding and yah that was a pretty funny video akshully! ;) Love the map with Starbucks and Laundry Mountain.

    Haven’t the foggiest why they’ve included “Swede” in there, though. They appear to be American and make no reference to Sweden? They don’t even talk like Swedish Chef. *scratches head* (Not that Swedish Chef had a Swedish accent.)

    BTW, you seem to have forgotten a “http://” in the link above. :)

  21. I must make amends!! :D

    The term “Being Sweded” is borne out of a perceived colloquial mentality from parts of the mid-west U.S. and in particular places like Minnesota and North Dakota.

  22. Thanks for wonderful housekeeping on the blog! The kids just asked to view this again :)

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