Is There an Elephant in the Room?

Friggatriskaidekaphobia or “Fear of Friday the 13th” is with us again. This year will be especially bad. Occurrences of Friday the 13th from year to year vary from one to three, but in 2012 there will be five at 13 week intervals. Even if nothing happens, the possibilities must be terrific for those who are superstitious. Personally, I’ve only thought about the number 13 with fondness, and more especially when it’s on Friday as my father was born on Friday the 13th. He was a happy man most of his life and encouraged me to laugh at things like superstition, but unfortunately, he also encouraged me to avoid disappointment, which I often manifested as superstition. For too many years of my life I did everything I could to keep from being disappointed to the degree I didn’t talk about anything that really excited me. People had to pay close attention to figure out what I was passionate about. I believed that if I expressed my excitement overtly, it would be a jinx. So I kept my mouth shut about anything I really loved except for my children. They were too overwhelming for me to remain silent and withdrawn. In every other area I was on guard about ever feeling a tinge of let down and yet was continually let down. The thing I was trying to avoid I was wallowing in daily.

So what does all of this have to do with Richard Armitage? Well, he will be one of thirteen “dwarves” and the second Hobbit movie will come out on December 13, 2013 which is a Friday. Horrors! ;=) That aside, this fear of disappointment does factor into the dynamic his current fans are experiencing with his coming performance in ‘The Hobbit’. Some are afraid to let themselves get pumped up. The Frenz of old would have certainly been too cool to ever get caught up in the excitement and would have expressed caution to others. Thank God the old Frenz is on the wane, and the new one is having a blast feeling the thrill. And of course the question is out there, oh yeah, it’s still out there: couldn’t RA disappoint the public and me as well? Yes, he could, but I’m not going to dwell on that especially since it may not even happen. If it does, I’ll deal with it. And superstition can take its fat, capricious self back to the corner and stay there.

Once again I’ve mixed metaphors or bordered on it. I’m glad I haven’t let my fear of doing that, of not getting things perfect or darn near (how arrogant to think I could), stop me from writing this blog.


  1. I love 13th. It is my lucky number. No fears, friend. ;-)

  2. I have no fears concerning the 13th. I shoulfd also point out the final numbers in my husband’s Social Security # are “666”

    Pretty sure he is NOT the Antichrist.

    Then again, judging by our past year–maybe we shouldn’t have broken that mirror while falling off a ladder after a black cat startled us? LOL

    And here’s another metaphor for you: “Don’t cross that bridge until you come to it.” ;)

  3. I have no worries about the 13th of any month, I think Wednesdays are weird for me. As a student Wednesdays were dull and boring, and I’m not talking about 1 year but every year from the ages of 11 – 21. School, college, university – Wednesday’s sucked. There was just something odd about it. Doesn’t mean I’m superstitious about every Wednesday that comes to pass (THAT would be tiring) just means that I’m not surprised if it’s a Wednesday that ends up being crazy.
    I hear you call me crazy :D This is the place to be right?

  4. I have never been superstitious in the classic sense, and I believe many in the fandom whom I know are not as well. But the fear of talking about how great we think RA will be is a type of superstition. I hate that some will not let themselves enjoy and exude that for others due to fear of jinxing him. They do not have that kind of power. None of us do. So let’s just take the ride and enjoy it!

  5. Sheepa, yep, you’re crazy, but not because of Wednesday. :D

  6. Angie, I’m so sorry about all the troubles of the last year. Rationally, you’re due for some, uh, good luck. :D

    Antonia, I knew you were cool. LOL!

  7. I am all for being excited and enthused about it, because, frankly, regardless of the outcome of these films, Richard seems to be having a whale of a time and thoroughly enjoying himself.

    I would say the probability of the movies tanking is minimal; likewise, I think the likelihood of Richard disappointing us with his performance is minimal, judging by both his past performances and what we have seen of Thorin in the trailer. All reasonable and logical, I think.

    You are right, we simply do not have the power to jinx this or any other project of Richard’s. We did not make him a great actor nor can we destroy his career by talking about him and being thrilled about the buzz surrounding TH. It is not in our hands.

    And while I am not a superstitious person, I do admit to drinking from my lucky Alabama thermal glass on Monday (as did my husband) . . . LOL No, they won fair and square without any help from us!!

  8. TODAY IS FRIDAY THE 13TH???!!! Way to ruin my day, Frenz. I had NO idea….

  9. Frenz,

    I am going to do something tomorrow I haven’t done since November 2. Get behind the wheel of a car. It’s just a short trip from Honoraville to drive it back home after sitting there for two months at the garage.
    Another small step in the right direction. I will do my best to make 2012 a better year. Hey, The Hobbit comes out, so that alone makes it better, mais oui? ;)

  10. So glad you’re bouncing back, Angie!

    NB, I was going to post something entirely different today. It was sometime close to noon that I realized what day it is.

    My dad always made jokes about being born on Friday the 13th.

  11. Ang, you’re only PRETTY sure Benny is not the antichrist? Sounds like you have doubts. And you’ve always said such nice things about him!

    (Just want to clarify that this is sarcasm, no intent to offend anyone)

  12. Wow, Frenz, that’s quite a load of anxiety to carry around. Glad you’re over it!

  13. Good for you Frenz! Feel the thrill indeed! I am not worried that RA will ever disappoint me. He hasn’t yet, so why should I worry about it?
    My only superstition is that I feel the need to knock on wood whenever I say something that I think might jinx me! :) It seems to work! ;)…. *knocking on wood!*

  14. Cindy,
    If you could have heard me say that line, it would have been with a very straight and sober face and a little twinkle in my eye that would tell you, “Ah, she’s joshing!” (Joking for anyone not familiar with term) .

    Benny himself gets a good laugh over his SS number. Couldn’t be married to a man without a great sense of humor! *grin*

  15. Phylly,

    He has never disappointed me, either. TPTB have, nore than once–but Richard? Nope.

    If I want to knock on wood, all I have to do is rap on my head–no, I am not a blockhead, honestly, Wood is my middle name. It’s a southern tradition to give children Mama’s maiden name.;)

  16. I’ve also never been disappointed in him, but I know the question is hanging out there for some.

  17. To some degree the actual arrival of the movies will be an anti-climax – I can see that. But I don’t fear disappointment. There’s no point in wasting the energy worrying about that.

  18. So, Friday 13th delivered a major ice storm here. (The city didn’t close down – what else is new?) But I didn’t take the car for a walk…not even with snow tires. :D Too busy clearing ice from the front step and path with steel-bottomed construction boots, well, just Kodiaks ….

  19. I feel for you Fitz! Give me a good snow storm over ice any day! I drove over a couple of mountain passes on Friday. It was pretty tame even though there was some ice on the roads. The week before was the terror with whiteout conditions in several places. I should have just stayed home. LOL!

  20. There are things I don’t miss about living in the Midwest. Ice storms and the occasional blizzard are a couple. The first time I experienced a big snow at our house in Rapid City, SD. Benny was out on alert at one of the missile silos and I thought I would do a good deed and shovel the driveway. My next door neighbor came outside to watch me and started laughing at my technique. He finally ended up coming over and helping me.
    I said, “Listen, Doug, I have lived in south Alabama my entire life and never, ever had to shovel snow!” What did I know about technique??

    But it’s the ice that scared me. I fell down countless times even with snow boots (I think I wacked my tailbone so many times it might have precipitated me busting up in the car accident) . . . a co-worker in Nebraska was killed coming to work one day when an oncoming car hit a patch of black ice and went into her lane to hit her head-on.

    On another occasion after a long stretch where the temps didn’t rise above zero, the weather warmed up just enough to start melting things. Someone was on the freeway and the big chunk of ice that had formed on the roof of their car flew off and hit another car, and the driver of the other car was killed. You can have snow chains, four wheel drive, etc to help in the snow, but the best precaution you can take when it does ice up is stay home if you can.

  21. I should write a piece about my first experience shoveling snow, but I don’t want to make myself look like a complete idiot. I did everything wrong!! I mean everything. LOL!

  22. Angie,

    I remember that accident with the ice flying off the car. Tragic! Midwest weather can be treacherous, but luckily so far we’re having a very mild winter here in Nebraska. *knocking on wood now*

  23. Talk about a truly freak accident–that one certainly fit the bill.
    Before we got married and I moved to SD, Benny was telling me the winters weren’t really that bad . . . and wouldn’t you know, the first winter I was there was the worst winter in years. ;)

    One good thing about Western SD, it was a semi-arid climate, so rarely did we get ice and the snow was almost always of the light, powdery kind rather than the slushy stuff. And we’d have nice sunny days mild enough for the golfers to hit the courses in the middle of January.

  24. I should have acknowledge the accident with the ice. There are so many accidents and death around her due to cold that perhaps I’m inured to it more than I should be, and every year there are almost countless people who freeze to death. Usually, it’s someone who has drunk too much and fallen down in the snow. One was the 19 year old son of a friend of ours. He simply went to sleep on the sidewalk and never woke up. That one still gets me. Senseless.

    One thing we do not have here except on occasion are the terrific winds that occur in the Dakotas. Most of our snow is vertical. Thankfully! But we do have very cold weather typically, and under zero is pretty much the norm during the winter.

    This winter has been all over the place. One day it’s 40 and the next it’s 15 below. My son came home from Kansas and he said it was colder there than here and that’s far from the usual situation. They had more snow too!

  25. Sometimes it would be warmer in SD on winter days than it was in Alabama. And, yes, the wind never seemed to stop blowing. The big blizzard that had us housebound for three days w/o power had 70 mph winds so yeah, white-out conditions and the ulility workers couldn’t see their hands in front of their faces.

    We were both dressed up like Nanook of rhe North. I remember we heated a can of chunky soup on a little hibachi and that was one of the most satisfying meals I ever ate. When things finally began to clear, Doug (the neighbor who helped shovel the show) came over to check on us to make sure we were still alive and kicking. Doug was the public informative office for the local cops so he kind of looked out for things on our cul-de-sac.

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