YouTube Giving Some RA Love

I haven’t been on my YouTube account in a while, but I got a rash of requests which prompted me to go over and find out why. It seems that Richard Armitage now has his own channel compiled courtesy of YouTube. I wonder how many other celebrities have their own. I can’t seem to find out how you find these things. The notice was one of my in-box items.

Here’s that lovely place for Richard.

This is perfect since YouTube is where it all started for me. Thank you, Heather. :D

Off to add to ‘Places to Get a Fix’


  1. and…there’s a whole boatload of take offs on Misty Mountain…guitarist, pianist, vocalists, downloads of the music. As my grandpappy used to say, “I’ll be jiggered!”

  2. And the Armitage Effect continues to take hold . . . One to Watch and interview with MTV and now his own channel on YT. His star continues its ascendance . . .

    Perhaps someone could create and post a video explaining what NOT to ask dear Richard in interviews to assist media people and thus avoid Certain Topics Which Shall Not Be Named. ;)

  3. I wonder how many Misty Mountain videos there will be before it’s over. LOL!

    Yes, someone should do a video. ;-)

  4. I meant, someone should do a video, Angie. :D

  5. That is fabulous! Yes, the back story to the creation of that channel would be very interesting… :)

  6. Wow, it seems like there are 3000+ videos. I guess I will be on youtube a lot this week.

  7. *jumping happily up and down*

  8. I love the idea of having all those RA videos in one place. It will definitely save time now that I’ve subscribed to it.

  9. YES!!!! THIS IS AMAZING!!!! :D

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