I Can’t Keep Up!

Ever feel like all these blogs and forums and websites are too much, oh my?! They probably are, so guess what? Don’t even try to keep up. Read, or listen or watch what you can. You are not obligated to read all of this stuff, and the moment you have that thought, step away from your PC, your Mac, your phone, your iPad, your kid’s DSI…. Go outside and inhale some fresh air. Then come back in and eat something really decadent that is not on your diet. After that, you won’t feel like you’re overdoing the web. You can come back to your system and look up great diet sites that have wonderful tips on how to keep from overeating, which you may never use, but it makes you feel good to read them. See how useful the web can be?

By the way, I had a great piece for yesterday to celebrate Martin Luther King’s birthday, but I got caught up in reading and watching so much that I never posted it. And posting at 11:55pm didn’t seem it would have the same effect. Maybe next year for that piece. Oh my God! Did I just commit to another year of this?!! Someone slap me.

Oh yeah, I’m putting the Richard Armitage tag on this ’cause he’s an eater like Nigella Lawson. The dude likes food and hasn’t been able to keep that knowledge to himself. Just one more thing to love about him. :D

John Standring savoring a sausage while contemplating Carol’s words:

[click to enlarge]

Screencap courtesy of Richard Armitage Central

Whence Richard

It’s becoming obvious a chunk of folk are wondering about Richard Armitage’s official website. There isn’t one, and the topic has been debated for years by the fandom. The closest he’s come to having something official is RichardArmitageOnline, which has become by default the bearer of his messages but still technically an unofficial site. A lovely woman by the name of Annette runs the site, and we all appreciate her being there to ensure we are privy to Richard’s remarks to us.

There are three other places I would recommend for getting some good info on Richard:

RichardArmitageNet.Com — run by Ali, who is a love to all of us.

Richard Armitage Central — run by some indefatigable ladies. Seriously, I’m astounded at the work they do.

The Armitage Army — a forum that boasts its existence as the first Army site. You don’t know about the Army? Hang around. :D

For anything else, check out ‘Places to Get a Fix’ or the ‘Addict List’.