My Trip to New York

Unlike my fantasy trip to New Zealand, this one I’m taking, and certainly to try to see ‘The Hobbit’ premiere, and perhaps meet some other fans in the tri-state area. I believe the latter would be as much fun as the premiere! And cliche’ as it sounds, I love New York. No clue how many times I’ve been there. SO and I and the kids even lived there part of one summer. That’s when my children fell in love with it too, and now I have two other very compelling reasons to go there and will go whether there is a premiere or not:

One of the darlings is in her first year living there, and the other darling has been there for almost three years. Normally, I would visit them during the summer since the winters can be miserable. But my girls are going out of town for a big chunk of the summer, and besides, they’re also coming home for a visit. So December it will be!

Dear Richard,

Love you, but I’m not sure I would make a trip on your behalf. Something else fairly compelling would have to be thrown in. Somehow I think you would understand this.

One of your fans who likes to act crazy but who’s startlingly sane when it comes to expenditures. :D

My final FanstRAVaganza recap coming later today.


  1. That’s great that you’re visiting New York in December. :) It’s my favorite city in the world.

  2. I look forward to it but hope there’s not a massive blizzard this time. LOL!

  3. Dear Frenzy,

    I saw your post and have been racking my brains wondering what would make it worth your while. Maybe free tickets to The Hobbit? A special section on the red carpet? You know how I feel about these things and it would do a bloke good to see a kind face who knows how to pronounce my name. Maybe you can bring 10 of your nearest and dearest?

    Just heard a rumor that the cast will get tickets according to who has the biggest cheering section. I really would like to get in. Can you bring 50 of your nearest and dearest?


  4. Do I REALLY need to say the above was a fake? ;)

  5. OMG Frenzy, Richard wrote you? lol

  6. New York’s not too bad in mid December weather wise….usually.

    What is nice is the Christmas decorations. That city loves to look festive for the holidays. :-)

  7. Mid-December in NY is a crap shoot. LOL! AT least from my experience. Whatever the case, I’ll be prepared.

    Gracie, Richard has written to me before. :D

    Gone to craft my demands answer.

  8. Dear Richard,

    Don’t believe a word of it. She’s going for the same reason I am and it’s not the Statue of Liberty. Just sayin’

    Another not crazy fan

  9. What a super picture of your lovely daughters! Now, isn’t at least one of your daughters an RA fan? So… what if they both wanted to go to the NZ premiere? Wouldn’t they need a chaperone? ;)

  10. You’re adorable, Frenz!

  11. Your daughters are very lovely. :-)

    New York is a great and beautiful city, I’ve been there a few years ago for a week.

  12. Dear Richard,

    I think there are some who believe you are real or at the least think I believe you’re real. Oh, you’re so real. As real as those 50 premiere tickets you’re going to give me. No, make that 100. 50 is nothing. You think there will be only 50 of your fans at this event?! Oh my you are so far from reality. It will be a deluge, my dear. Why my party alone will make up 100. Yes, you read that right. I need 100 tickets, and several cars to get us there if you don’t mind. Of course we all have to have our picture taken with you, and I think we’ll all prefer sitting on your lap one at a time. I shall go first. And even though there are some great photographers among (have I told you how wonderful some of these photogpahers are? *lowers voice* better than some who have done your photoshoots) They are fantastic, but I don’t want them to be bothered while they’re basking in your nearness.

    And then there’s the after party. Certainly, the event is just one part of it. We have to have invitations to the after party. That’s where the real fun is. Yes, I’ve been to a few after parties. *looks drunkenly dreamy* Where was I? Yes, the after party for your event would be heavenly. And I promise not to accost you — too much. Will have to make sure I have my Xanax on hand. Then you’ll be safe. Wait. I think I took some before I wrote you this letter. Never mind, I’ll bring my prozac instead. So no worries.

    Ta ta for now and see you at the premiere, my lovely.

    Frenz, er, I mean a lovely fan *presses kisses on the paper*

  13. P.S. must switch meds again as I originally posted your letter in the wrong place. I think I have it right now.*falls over in a faint thinking about the premiere*

  14. Packing list:

    1. Clothes
    2. Camera
    3. Tranquilizer darts and gun.

    Oh, wait, it’s NYC the gun might not work. Hypodermic needles and a gallon of tranquilizer?

  15. 4.chloroform
    5.big soft Turkish rug
    6.comfortable car (van)

  16. I think we should book out one hotel just for us!! walking distance to the premiere and preferably with bar – we must have a dark n stormy :)

  17. No no, the tranquilizers are for US not HIM. Celebs have their own hookups for, um, party favors.

  18. Phew! glad you cleared that up; otherwise, we would need:

    7. wigs
    8. fake ids
    9. extra cash for bail.

  19. Gals,
    I’m your designated driver since I don’t drink. Maybe a few of you should consider that option. Ha!
    But seriously, I hope you have bail money lined up because my credit card is maxed out. And I don’t think my bank will loan me money because my gal pals and I are besotted with a certain Brit who is a prince among men–and we don’t mean Wills.
    Cheers! Grati ;->

  20. @RAFrenzy: ROTFLOL! esp. at point 9.

  21. Hello Frenz!

    I loved the photo of your two darling daughters in NYC, but I admit – I’m much relieved you’ve decided to pull their picture!

    I also love NYC, but as it is my company headquarters, I wonder how much of it I really know AT ALL as my every association is related to work. No city should merely be a work hub, but this is what NYC has become to me. London fell into an identical trap my first two years here. Luckily, I forced myself to move more than 1 mile away from the office, and find my outlook vastly improved for it! :)

  22. Thanks, UKE. I wasn’t worried so much about the picture being on the net since it’s already been splashed around the net by my girls and other relatives, but I really don’t want family and local friends to read this blog. I said to you that the world is small, and it is. I found out several months ago that another fan, who is an author of one of the books this community likes to read, has a close friend and a relative literally down the road from me. That’s too close for comfort, and yesterday I remembered that fact.

  23. We will need a few charter transport buses to accomodate the RA ladies to the premiere in NYC. And at least book one or two hotels in the city. All the floors. Or three….

    Actually, a niece is doing post-grad stuff there. She has a cupboard in Brooklyn or somewhere. I could couch-surf? I think she has a couch.

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