A Sunday Morning Treat

This is a reblog of sorts with my commentary thrown in for sweetner.

Richard Armitage is a lover of food, and I love that about him. I also love that indulging in him does not come with calories. Thank you, Richard. But if he were food, he might be something like this:

Avocado Chocolate Pudding
March 25, 2010

It’s 8am and I’ve already devoured an entire batch of chocolate pudding. Think I like chocolate? That goes without saying.

I have a few things in the kitchen that I need to get rid of. Oranges, a pineapple, and an avocado. So, to use up my avocado I threw it in my pudding recipe as a thickener. Think I’m crazy? Maybe. But this unusual recipe turned out to be the best chocolate pudding I’ve EVER tasted. Seriously folks, would I lie to you?

The rest is here.

Oh, that I would have thought of this myself, but I have to be fair. It was suggested by KaliAmanda, who has some wonderful recipes as well. Check out her stuff.


  1. I love this recipe idea. I am going to get the avocado and make this today. We love using honey as a sweetner, so I am set. Thank you for sharing a healthy version of something as delicious as chocolate pudding. I’m with you when it comes to being a chocolate lover. I’ll join Chocoholics Anonymous if you will. Nah… not while there are still 3 boxes of Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies in my freezer! Have a relaxing Sunday and a great week!

  2. As I have confessed before online, if chocolate is ever outlawed, I might become a criminal very, very quickly. ;)

    I am not a fan of avocados, but would be willing to give it a shot.Everything’s better with chocolate, right?

  3. Please let us know how it is, Katie!

    Angie, this is the only place we would part company. LOL! I adore avocados. Actually, I’m much more a fan of them than chocolate. Yes, I’m one of those people who is not a chocoholic. But I was raised by one, so I got my fair share of it. Let me put it this way: I don’t turn my nose up at it most of the time. :D

  4. Oh my! Chocolate AND avocados! Ingredients already on the grocery list for the week. And that site. Better get to the gym BEFORE I start those recipes.

  5. This is super cool. What a superb idea. You really impress me! When you have the time, do check out my food blog. I just made some gourmet cupcakes and would love to hear what you think.

  6. […] weren’t grand enough, this morning WordPress has me featured in their food topic which used yesterday’s piece. I sort of reblogged a recipe from Warm Vanilla Sugar, who’s probably getting some odd […]

  7. I made chocolate avocado pudding for an avocado event at a bar once, where everyone else made guacamole. They all thought it was a regular chocolate pudding, refusing to believe it was raw and vegan. No one could figure out why it was at an avocado event. =)

  8. Hmm, I usually claim to dislike avocado, but this might be the one form in which I’ll devour it…


  9. He might well be chocolate pudding (which I love) but I don’t want to associate him with avocado. I would love to be able to eat avocados and like the taste but even the tiniest amount make me ER-ill. I had a nightmare earlier this year where I dreamt about being served a chocolate cake without being told that it contained avocado – raw food can be very scary :-).

  10. Wow. I wonder what’s in it that causes that effect.

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