The Truth is Out

Dear Richard,

You love food and I love food. Oh, heck, we’re both eaters like Nigella (yeah, I know it was the chunk of chocolate cake that had you salivating), but well, I just need to talk about food because really that’s what I want to talk about! And the truth is every time I talk about it, I get all sorts of attention, and man, I need lots of attention — especially about food. Why didn’t I realize that is what I need to soothe my savage breast? See even my metaphors are about food. I was thinking about egg fried rice with chicken breast when I said that. And I’m so relieved I can talk so freely about this since the web already knows.

It all started with the cookedturkey.jpeg. Google knew I had a thing for it, and was so kind to make that the top image for cooked turkey, and it brought me loads of people to read about you! Karma, baby, karma. How do I know? You let something slip in your last message to the fans. And now I know, and of course Google knows you put those dumbbells down and ate some turkey!

As if that weren’t grand enough, this morning WordPress has me featured in their food topic which used yesterday’s piece. I sort of reblogged a recipe from Warm Vanilla Sugar, who’s probably getting some odd traffic about now. But I’m glad. It’s an excellent site, and I should know since I’ve spent a lot of time there. You need to make a visit.

As long as I’m revealing all my secrets, I might as well confess this is my favorite picture of you:

[click for something extra]

When you bit into that sausage, I became a fan for life! I AM NOT kidding about this. And you made that sausage look so good. Every time I think about it, I have to eat some. The first time I saw ‘Sparkhouse’, I did my usual with your work and watched it several more times. SO finally said after a couple of weeks, “You know I love bratwurst, but could we have a break for a few weeks?” Oh, you don’t know SO? Let’s keep it that way. He’s not as into food as you and I. Although if the subject of barbeque comes up, don’t even bother bringing it up. He is particular about his bbq.

Oh, I’m loving this, and now that my secret is out (that this is really a food blog), I will be writing about food and you much more often.

unnuvvoorcwazyfans (Phew! That Johnsonville was good! )

P.S. I know Peter Jackson is right there with us on this. Good times. Good times.

You can thank WordPress and this snark facilitator and foodie for the post.

Screencap is mine

Note to fellow bloggers: the food tag is powerful.


  1. OMG. Richard Armitage, Food, AND Sausages!! I do not think I can go on with my day without tasting at least one of them. I am starving now. LOL.

    Frenz you are so good that you are bad. I can’t stop laughing.

  2. *rolling on the floor*

    Do 4 out of 5 Magic 8 Ball users love this post? Signs point to yes.

  3. Oh dear. I am so confused…do I try the avocado thing or skip right on to the choc? But then… I have a whole freezer full of homemade smoked sausages…

  4. That is a great picture. I wish I could figure out how to watch Sparkhouse, it’s one of the few Richard things I haven’t been able to track down in US-accessible format.

  5. LOL! RA and food. Yeah! Didn’t he say in a recent interview that he’d like to grow old and fat (although I can scarcely imagine him like a blob, can you?) and be done with lifting weights? And remember the fish & chips he had in his first episode of Spooks and the donuts a single episode later. Yum!

    Oh… and I also remember him saying that he likes a woman who loves her food (can’t for the life of me remember which interview though – mind like a sieve lately) so you’re clearly a match:-)

  6. Allison, Welcome! You can watch on your computer if you download VLC @, and it’s safe.

    Chris, check out

  7. Thanks for the link Frenz. RA kissing Nigella Lawson after she’s had a bit of chocolate cake eh – my husband would so approve of that idea!!! I love your blog!

  8. LOLs! Sausage is such a funny sounding word, not to mention the connotations! @_@ You are going to get even funnier search terms now!

  9. Food and RA: love both!!!!

  10. Talking about the Domestic Goddess Nigella, am I the only one who’s bummed about her weight loss? I mean she looks stunning, as always, but she was the only person who would publicly admit to cooking huge portions…and eating the whole thing as a midnight snack. She brought curves back at a time when a bony frame was en vogue.

  11. @iwannabee…weird. I got this from a TN friend today. Made me laugh especially since Nigella has been a topic lately.

    I really hadn’t noticed her before now…this pic is stunning! Don’t know if it’s before or after th weight loss, but stunning nonetheless!!!

  12. That comparison is harsh! However I have to admit that I do like Gillian McKeith. She has simply the worst press ever here in Europe, but her approach to food has benefited me greatly. No chocolate for Gillian ( even with avocado). Isn’t she called the Food Nazi?

  13. LOL…and here I thought if I brushed out her name, no one would know her. Duh! I didn’t like the original pic because it mentioned her name so I thought I’d be brilliant and try out my PhotoShop thingamajigs! TBH, I’d never heard of the lady much less Food Nazi. Goes to show how updated I am. But I will say, moderation is the key. MODERATION! If I say it lough enough, it might sink in to my skull? Altho we raise beef, do we eat it every single day? Nope. Extreme anticipation takes over my being as we go past Kentucky Fried Chicken…seeeee? I said the “C” word!

  14. :) she is also known as The Poo Lady- no joke. She takes samples from her clients and then comments on its’ smell. It makes me wonder what she expected… Oh, how off topic we have wandered off. But she is so worth checking out.

  15. […] holy grail but still wasn’t sure how. I did wonder if Google thought I was a food site. And I wrote about that as […]

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