What Would You Do If You Were Checked Out by Richard Armitage?

I think that title just about says it all. Of course most of us can only dream about that, but maybe someone has had the experience.

Check it out on Tumblr (January 14th entry)

It would be a total hoot if she could share some details with us, or maybe she’s just daydreaming. Umm, that’s my kind of daydream although I must admit I’ve never had a daydream nor a dream about RA. But I do love hearing about others’. :D


Jaded self rearing its ugly head: What a great way to get a blog piece kicked up. Wonder how many hits his name has generated. I know I’ve probably clicked on it at least 6 or 7 times. LOL! Oh hell, I don’t care if it’s real or not. I’m enjoying the thought.

edit: bummer. Beth no longer has her site, and it was good too.


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  2. It is definitely a way for her to get noticed in cyberspace! Full marks for cleverness, my dear . . .

    I have to say I was glad to see it was a *ahem* classy-looking ensemble—you never know where “black leather skirt” might be leading–possibly to standing on the street corner, and I don’t mean waiting for the bus! I guess what I am saying is, I like to think RA wouldn’t be checking out skanks?! LOL

    Whether it’s true or not, it IS fun and we need such amusements with the RA drought impending.

  3. Heck at least you can blame her for using that line when YOU get more blog hits!! LOL
    I’m wondering if the fact that she’s wearing a leather skirt is incidental.
    In any case it’s a lovely thought because her looks and outfit isn’t even that unattainable! *runs off to retail for black leather skirt and red top*

  4. Okay, the title of this post cracked me up…and of course my answer to the question would be, I’d probably die of joy. LOL

  5. I would have gone back and checked him out! !!!!!!!! If I was sure it was RA of course.

    Apologies with interfering with you all again -sorry- but I do know that Robert Kazinsky, another one of the dwarves, tweeted that he was leaving for NZ on Jan 12. So I assume if it was Richard that checked her out that day, he was on his way to Middle Earth shortly thereafter. I can’t imagine they would start training without him :)

  6. If it was him and he did check her out, at least he has good taste. :)

  7. She looks a bit Maid Marianish.

  8. I think its highly unlikely it was him. Hobbit boot camp has started, as filming starts in less than a month. If he’s not in NZ I’d eat my hat! Still its one of my daydreams too heading to work in London every day!

  9. @iz4blue,

    Let us know if you find the perfect red top and black leather skirt to wear when you set off for NZ *wink*
    As you say, it’s not an unattainable look, and certainly it’s in good taste. And she’s lovely without being drop-dead film star gorgeous, so . . . kudos to Mr. A for appreciating this particular young lady if indeed it happened!

    I would have the same reaction if that happened to me LOL Also sending sincerest thanks to the good Lord for it happening as I collapsed in the street.


    If I was sure it was RA, I would definitely have to check out what he was wearing (oooh, maybe Lucas jeans and that great JP black leather jacker??)–if I could get past the mesmerizing blue eyes, that is. Of course, he could be wearing an old potato sack and I would think him delicious.


    A bit Marianish with a touch of Annabel Capper around the eyes?

  10. What would I do if I was checked out by RA? I would definitely think that there was something wrong with my appearance …lol! It would never happen unless I had a broken leg or interesting type of splint on.

    I like the way this lady is wearing black stockings with the skirt. Over here, there’s a tendency to wear black skirts and dresses without the stockings (I guess because of the heat). A lot of the time it isn’t a good look unless they have lovely dark colouring.

    PS: I’d be surprised if he isn’t in NZ although that post was written on the 14th?

  11. Oh for gawd sake.

  12. Just run with it. LOL!

  13. Why?

    To feed an attention whore? To invade on Armitage’s personal space some more? To forget that he asked people to not pay so much attention to him less than a month ago?

  14. Whether he checked her out or not, it was a personal matter between he and she and if she had a single ounce of class, she would not have published it on the internet. Validating that cry for attention only encourages that kind of bad behavior.

  15. Because it’s funny, and this isn’t real. I don’t think Richard Armitage checked anyone out, or at least not that they blogged about it. So the Richard we’re talking about is a figment of our imaginations. That’s all this is about, and certainly not about the real Richard. At least not to me. Then again, I don’t know the real Richard, so I could be wrong. LOL!

  16. I think she’s much more interested in her outfit and the attention she may have gotten by wearing it, than in Mr. Armitage. Unless I am wrong I believe her’s to be a “fashion blog”. Perhaps this means Mr. Armitage is also currently “in fashion”. :)

  17. Richard Armitage is not a figment of your imagination, he is a real person and serves the same basic human respect we would give any person we actually knew.

    I don’t find this funny at all. I find this another example of the bad attitudes I was talking about on Mulubina’s blog a couple weeks ago.

  18. If you had asked this quesiton out of the blue is one thing, but including this person’s exploitation of him for her own ends is not cool.

  19. Kip, Not everything I do on this blog is going to be received well, and I guess this is one of those times. We’ll have to agree to disagree about this one. I won’t hold it against you that you can’t laugh if you won’t hold it against me that I do.

  20. @Phylly, You might be right, but I tend to think it was said as a lark and not really to be taken seriously.

  21. Yeah, yeah, whatever. So much for “APM” I guess.

  22. That was a joke too. If I really thought I could protect Richard Armitage, then my imagination has really gotten away from me. But I’ve never thought he needed protecting. Respecting his privacy? yes, but again, I don’t think this is real so no privacy breached. Then perhaps it is real and I’m just too jaded to see it.

    If it’s not clear, then maybe I’m not over the top enough. Most of what I say on this blog (not all of it but most) is bullshit. I’ve even started using the tag bullshit. LOL!

  23. I want to reiterate that not everything I say here is bullshit. Some things I say are very sincere. This post is not even close to being sincere.

  24. RAF,

    You clearly have a sense of humor, which everyone will not perhaps appreciate. If they don’t, to the best of my knowledge, no one is holding a gun to their heads forcing them to read this blog or any other RA-related material out there.

    To each his or her own. As you say, sometimes we must agree to disagree.

    I appreciate these light-hearted posts myself because RL can be serious and stressful enough for me, frankly, without bringing all sorts of sturm und drang into the RA fandom. I suspect others fill the same.

    I also highly suspect Richard Armitage has a pretty darned good sense of humor, too. :D

  25. Well, the fact that I have no sense of humor is well known.

    Maybe I am overreacting, and if so I apologize. Like I said, if the question (“What if you met Richard Armitage…”) was asked in a vacuum, then it would be fun but this piece of attention whore-ity was attached and that’s not fun or cool.

    Whether it happened or not (and while I am inclined to think it is load of bull-ogna as well, we don’t know that it did or did not), it’s still none of our business and by paying attention to this BS and spreading it further like this, we only add to an environment that makes him feel in the fishbowl/under the microscope already.

    “Christ, I can’t even look at a girl without it being spread all over the internet that I’m a letch…and I wasn’t even in town / I was looking at something behind her / I was just thinking how tacky that outfit was / I was just zoning out!”

    I mean seriously folks, step back for a second and put yourself in his shoes. Where you can not look at someone on the street (for whatever reason), or have a drink with your friends, without the possibility of someone tweeting it or taking cell phone picture of you and posting on the internet for thousands of strangers to speculate about or misrepresent.

    How would that make you feel? To know that every time you stepped out of your home, you were potentially being watched and recorded?

    Yeah, we didn’t start it, but we aren’t exactly part of the solution here are we?

    I lived in the greater Los Angeles area for 20 years, and over the years I cooked for a three/four/five star (depending on which rating guide you ‘re using) restaurant that catered some very expensive parties, I spent time working for a business manager’s office in west L.A., and I worked for a major charity organization. Seeing famous “Industry people” was de riguer for everyone. I mean, living in L.A. for a couple of years, you will end up meeting/knowing someone who works in the Industry in some way. It’s like living in Houston, you will meet someone who works for the Space Program or the oil industry because they are the biggest games in town.

    And Angeleno Etiquette stated (and indeed, I could have lost all of these jobs had I broken this rule in conjunction with my work) that if you stumbled across a famous actor at Gelson’s or dropping off their kids at school, the polite thing to do was to ignore them. They were just trying to have a life beyond their fame and they deserved to have one.

    I see pictures of Armitage dealing with fans on the street, and sometimes his tension is so apparent I feel bad for the guy…

    Though he has said that he has stopped paying attention to the internet and that’s a good thing for him to step back from the fan B.S..(Though I would imagine he has friends that do hear things like this.) I just don’t think that excuses people of doing things like this. Just because he might not know you did it, that does not make it any less wrong.

    And it’s not about protecting him. He’s an adult male who is a professional in an industry he and his agents know far better than any of us do, who has 6 inches and 35 to 45 pounds on me, has been repeatedly combat trained, not to mention having an agent who probably has a bevy of lawyers and security agencies on speed dial. He doesn’t need our protection.

    But we can conduct ourselves in a way the reflects well on the fanbase and on him and help create a more comfortable environment for him to work in by according him something that is within our power to give that probably matters more to him than anti-wedgie knickers or chocolates: Basic human respect.

  26. Also,

    If there actually was someone who at least looked that much like Mr. A roaming around, I’d like to know more. Surely there can’t be two TDHBEW of that calibre in the same city??
    (and yes, this is said tongue definitely in cheek).

  27. Kip,

    Most of us don’t work with those in the entertainment industry, so there is no expectation for us to keep mum about seeing a celebrity. Chances are high the blogger is like most of us.

    That aside, I really don’t want to believe you don’t have a sense of humor. Seriously, I don’t want to think that. I don’t believe it.

    Just suspend your literal filter for a moment and enjoy the joke. Nothing here or even on the other blog is a bad reflection of Richard Armitage or fans. A man checking out a woman in a leather skirt does not equal lechery. Perhaps if he had rubbed up against her and said suggestive things to her, then certainly, he would be lecherous. The comment doesn’t imply any of that. It merely says he checked her out (admired her supposedly; still don’t believe it’s legit LOL! ), and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that nor is it a breach of privacy for her to comment on it.

    I feel a fake fan letter coming on. :D

  28. Yeah, yeah. Rationalizations are pretty de riguer for this crowd. By all means have at it.

    By the way, interview is off. Good bye.

  29. I’m truly sorry about that because I still think you’re a fine writer, and I wanted to showcase it. But this place where snark reigns at times may not be the best fit, and I can respect that.

  30. It has nothing to do with critique of my writing and how dare you imply that. Unlike some people here I have shown I can take and even use constructive criticism.

    This has to do with the fans treating the object of their adoration like an object rather than a human being.

  31. Bring it on, Frenz. :D I love your fake fan letter!!

    This whole discussion got me thinking . . .

    You know, my husband is a splendid fellow, he really is. He’s been described as “adorable” by more than one female of my acquaintance. He is a fifty-one-year-old gentleman–and I don’t use that term lightly. If he didn’t briefly acknowledge attractive females when we are in public–I don’t mean let his tongue hang out and salivate and say lecherous things, but merely take note of the fact they are, indeed, attractive with a brief glance–I would worry somewhat about him.

    It’s a natural human reaction, If I see a man I find really attractive, I would also likely take a second look. Doesn’t mean he loves me or I love him any less, or that either of us are disrespecting the other.

    So while I think this is very likely something that didn’t happen (given RA was probably not even in town when the supposed incident occurred), I just don’t see the big deal about it or why anyone would bet bent out of shape. Surely someone who chooses to go into a high-profile profession has to learn to deal with such things, especially, like it or not, in the age of cameras in cell phones, Twitter, facebook, blogs, et al.

    It’s not like she posted a Photoshopped photo of RA naked in her bed and claimed they had had a torrid one-night-stand and now she is pregnant with his love child . . . I mean, lighten up!! Let’s keep things in perspective. It is a fashion blog and she did a bit of name dropping . . .

    I like, admire, adore, respect and, yes, sometimes lust after this person known as Richard Armitage. I’m not going to apologize for my feelings or my conduct, as I don’t think I have anything to apologize FOR. I realize by posting this I may rain down recriminations on my head. So be it. I guess I don’t feel like walking on eggshells just now.

  32. She’s cute, sorta looks like AC. If RA ever checks me out, says anything filthy or rubs up against me I will be sure to let you girls know.

  33. Yes, yes. Rationalization and martyrdom. When Servetus comes in, you all can kiss each others butts as well. Same patterns that have been playing out for months now.

    How’s that for snark? Not so much fun when it’s not coming from your side is it?

  34. And yes, if this did occur, it was a breach of privacy for her to announce it on the internet. She has nothing that says that Richard Armitage agreed to have his romantic admiration or intention toward her publicized.

  35. So if she merely said she saw Richard Armitage drinking coffee as he walked down the street, would that be a violation of his privacy? Because he hadn’t given her permission to mention his presence on a particular street in London or the fact he drinks coffee in public?
    This seems like making a mountain out of a molehill to me . . .

    I have noticed certain individuals become unhappy when a site is not under their direct control and they cannot browbeat and bully those who post there into agreeing with all their thoughts and viewpoints on a particular subject.

    No one has died and made any of us King or Queen of the Fandom, at least not as far as I know. Personally, I don’t go looking for trouble. But if it shows up on my doorstep, I’m not inclined to be its doormat, either.

    Y’all have a nice evening, ladies. And remember, as my late father used to say, “A little laughter in life.”

  36. Kip,

    My last comment was in no way snarky. The mention of your writing has nothing to do with this discussion other than I was sad we wouldn’t be able to talk about it and post it here. Plus, I can see you’re a fine writer despite the antagonistic tone of our conversation. That’s all that comment was about.

    Perhaps I’ve been insulted by some real heavy hitters, so pardon me if I’m not insulted today. And no, I’m not being snarky at all. Nothing I’m saying now is the least snarky. I’m serious.

    I’m sorry that you have somehow become offended. I don’t want to ever offend anyone, but I also know that sometimes it’s impossible not to.

    I will say this snarkily (is that a word?), that I wonder if the woman in the picture has ever looked at this blog — if indeed she is real. She might be getting a good laugh out of all of our angst.

  37. Also this:

    “Surely someone who chooses to go into a high-profile profession has to learn to deal with such things, especially, like it or not, in the age of cameras in cell phones, Twitter, facebook, blogs, et al. ”

    Is the stereotypical “They’re famous, they asked for it!” rationalization of the obsessive fan.

    There are no “Fame 101” classes at LAMDA, no seminars on “The Internet: Obsessive Fandom in the Information Age.” He just wants to act and in his latest message less than a month ago, he asked people not to pay as much attention to him. Being famous does not mean he signed his life away.

    When he talked about why he chose acting as a profession, he spoke of watching a play and seeing how much fun the actors were having with the audience. He does not cite wanting to be famous, or admiring a famous person, or even enjoying having people look at him. As a matter of fact, I believe he once said that he had difficulty performing as a musician he was so shy. He repeatedly said he does not enjoy signing autographs and he hates the red carpet and ‘I just try to ignore it and get on the with the work…”

    So why in Gawd name does a group of people who claim to admire him so deeply have such a had time listening to what he says?

  38. Kip,

    We’re going to have to agree to disagree about what is over the line. I can live with you thinking I’m over a line. Can you live with me disagreeing with you?

  39. @Frenz,

    I think the young lady, who indeed may not even be a particular fan of Richard, would be whooping it up over this subject. If she wanted attention, well, she is getting it . . .

    KiplingKat . . .

    I fully understand he is a shy person. Guess what? So am I. I had to learn to break out of my shell because my work demanded it of me.

    I don’t believe in stalking or pestering a person and wouldn’t do that myself. Sure, I do think some fans can and do cross the line. Showing up at the Budapest set of RH with your family and knocking on the door of his trailer unannounced. Definitely too much.

    I have been in the position of being “stalked” due to my job, and yes, it was uncomfortable. But if someone simply comes up to me and says they admire my work or they pay me a compliment, I simply smile and say thanks and go on about my business. I appreciate they take the time to let me know. There is a difference.

    The choices Mr. A is making concerning his career ARE making him famous, even if that isn;’t something he has consciously sought. He’s appearing in a summer blockbuster and he’s about to film the first of two of the most expensive films ever made. I suppose if he were totally allergic to fame, he could have stuck with British telly and stage roles and not tried for anything else.

    But now he’s made these commitments and fame is something he is going to have to learn to deal with, I am afraid. He is a mature, intelligent man and I am confident he can handle the undeniable stresses of fame without help from any of us.

  40. Yeah, I can live with you being a bunch of obsessive fans who care more about someone being a fantasy object rather than a human being that deserves the same respect you do. Sure.

    I’m sorry you could not be bothered for one second to see another point of view on the topic, instead immediately falling back on rationalizations. I get that you want your hahas, and that in the end, this particular tweet does not do Richard Armitage any harm, but you don’t seem to be able to see the environment hat this group has been helping to build over the last year.

  41. “There is a difference.”

    Yes, and this was not someone walking up and giving him a compliment.

  42. Fair enough. So can we call this good, or do you want to continue to instruct us with how wrong we are? That’s a sincere question.

  43. We can call it over.

    It’s not good.

  44. That’s fine.

  45. @Rob,

    :LOL please do let us know if the Luscious One behaves as a naughty bunny at some point in your presence. Be sure and Tweet about it and put it on Facebook while you are at it.

  46. Well, this has been an interesting discussion, so I can’t resist!

    Meh, I won’t bother with the link cause I figure it’s someone narcissistic who wants the world to know how special she is. If it were really true and happened to me, I’d be sharing it with close friends in RL, a girl thing, not announcing it to the entire universe. I wouldn’t even share it with my online RA buddies. For one thing, inciting envy/jealousy is nasty.

    I also agree that RA can take care of himself and is probably learning to deal with fame as it comes because as much as he may portray himself as a shrinking violet, I’m guessing his ambition, drive and desire give him the will necessary to overcome. It’s probably another challenge. He also comes across as very intelligent and that is certainly helpful.

    Ye gods, can you imagine the RA frenzy (heh!) that will surround the opening of The Hobbit??? He will grin and bare it at the very least because that is his job. The eyes upon him then are going to blow all his desire for privacy out of the water. And then, I imagine he will disappear after all the shouting is done, if that’s what he wants. Viggo Mortensen has, yet still works as steadily as he wants. The man (RA) has choices.

    And if he hates, absolutely hates the red carpet and all that other stuff ( I had no idea), I must admit he deserves an Academy Award for looking so cool and largely unruffled. But maybe I’m not looking closely enough ;).

  47. Yes, he’s said he doesn’t like the red carpet. I don’t know about autographs. Maybe he’s said that he doesn’t like that either.

    Oh, and I seriously doubt I would share it online if it happened, and I in no way think the blog mention is legit. It’s a lark.

  48. I think this savvy young lady simply came up with a very clever way of drawing attention to her fashion blog. Would I have done something like that? No. I do have lines I do not cross.

    Perhaps she never thought anyone would take it seriously. Who knows?


    That was the point I was trying to make. HIs larger goals as an actor will overcome his personal shyness–they will have to, in the media frenzy that will occur after The Hobbit comes out.

    And he can and will be able to handle it. I’ve got faith.
    If this were all happening to a much younger, less experienced, less mature individual, I would have a lot more concern. He’s a big boy, however. And indeed, he can pull a Viggo and enjoy a fruitful career and remain largely out of the limelight if he chooses.

    He tends to look a little uncomfortable in some of the pap shots at red carpet events, but when he is engaging with fans, it seems to me he is having fun. Those are some very genuine-looking grins I see on his handsome face as he signs autographs, Then again, maybe it is just that Avademy Award level acting of his . . .

  49. He has not expressed the same level of dislike of autographs he has for the red carpet, but he has said he is “not one for signing autographs”, or something similar. Whenever they ask him about fame, the answer is always negative. “It is somehting that exists outside me…I just try to ignore it and get on with the work.” He recently spoke about being freaked out by a mention in an article that one woman had gotten a dog in order to walk in the park he runs in.

    Just because he does not turn into Sean Pen when confronted by fans, that does not mean he’s enjoying it. The thing I noticed is the pics taken when he arrives for the ITV interview, getting out of the car and walking over to sign some autographs, the smile is plastered on but his eyes are wary, and he’s clenching the first knuckle of his right hand as he is walking over the the fans.

    That is not a man at ease.

  50. I mean I am sure he loves the props, but when people start crossing boundaries like that, or it becomes more about him than his work (which is what I think he was driving at with his X-Mas missive “Don’t look at me so much, I’m just a guy…”)…Yeah, he’s a big boy and he’ll handle the fame. The question we have to answer is are we going to add to the weight of that and act like a typical celebrity fanbase, or are we going to do the right thing and give someone we claim to admire a break?

  51. @kip, coming from you, that’s an interesting assessment.


    I think things are way too serious, and if kiplingkat wanted me to feel bad about posting this entry, I do. What a pain in the ass this has become. LOL! I doubt it’s going to stop me from being snarky in the future, but tonight, it’s such tedium, and I hate tedium.

  52. Whew, glad that brouhaha is over with. Just caught up with the posts this evening.

    I respect the positions of those who participate here. However, I have seen nothing on the part of this blogger, (or of servetus) which deserves opprobrium. Of course that post by the person who was “checked out by Richard Armitage” was made up out of whole cloth! :)

    Now can we just get back to having fun?

  53. btw Angie, I have a similar impression of Mr. Armitage vis-a-vis fans and other people – based, admittedly simply on both print and vid interviews, candid shots on the red carpet. It is possible to be rather shy (ambviert?) and to actually like and enjoy people.

  54. Um, guess I should have said that allusion was made up out of whole leather. Or a scrap of leather?

  55. @kip, We cross posted. I was referring to your assessment of Richard Armitage’s body language.

    All this you’re saying would have been great for an interview. You could have explained all of this then, and it wouldn’t have had the tone of scolding anyone here. I don’t need to be scolded and neither does anyone else here, and as I said on another blog, taking people to task like this doesn’t work unless there is a relationship. All it serves to do is just piss people off. Thankfully, I’m not pissed ’cause it takes a helluva lot more than this to piss me off.

    Should have let me interview you.

    Okay, fitz, now we can get back to having fun. :D

  56. I think it’s entirely possible to be shy and feel awkward around a crowd and still enjoy people. I speak from personal experience.

  57. Whoo hoo! It’s Fitzg! (to paraphrase the lovely Lucy Griffiths on the arrival of RA for the RH commentary recording) . . .

    I am ALL for the “having fun” suggestion. Life is too short . . .

    Can’t say I care much for tedium either. It’s so . . . tedious.

    . I wouldn’t be so creatively inspired by anyone who didn’t have a lot more going for them than mere surface good looks. Some handsome gents bore me to tears once they open their mouths.
    But when a man is as beautiful and sexy as Richard Armitage happens to be, it’s kinda, sorta hard to ignore it or pretend it isn’t there, along with the amazing talent, charisma, dedication to his work, and genuine sweetness. What the hell is wrong about appreciating the total package? Or having a bit of fun with it? Again, I say life is too short . . .

    I wonder sometimes if we do project ourselves and our own fears and phobias onto this man we admire. Just a thought.

  58. @fitz, and black leather at that. :D

  59. OH! After your e-mails, you are actually going to take *me* to task for “scolding people with no relationship?”

    Like I said before, that’s comedy!

    I could not invent this shit.

  60. Oh, sure you could. :D

  61. Besides, A. The discussion was not going that way since you did not seem interested in discussing fan behavior, and B. I would not have done it had I not had a point to prove. It makes me unconformable to try to analyze someone I have never even met. I may be reading that gesture completely wrong, maybe he was cracking his knuckle in preparation for a lot of signing, but coupled with his statements I felt it was indicative.

  62. Fair enough.

  63. By the way, I agree with you about analyzing someone you’ve never met, but you said his words could be taken as a means of understanding where he’s coming from, or did I misunderstand that?

  64. @fitzg and @frenz,

    Agreed. You CAN be a shy person who sometimes feels awkward in social situations (an ambivert!) and still enjoy being around people and meeting new ones. It’s not all black or white.

    I am grateful, actually, I have been pushed out there to some degree by work and life’s circumstances, because otherwise, I would have missed out on some great experiences and friendships.

    I suspect for Mr. A, in terms of running into fans on the street, etc., it could vary from encounter to encounter, too–as a media person, I’ve had people suddenly bear down on me in a way I found very disconcerting (obviously bent on getting their name and photo in the paper/online) and it’s off-putting. Other people approach in a much more pleasant fashion and I have a much more pleasant reaction. But I handle it all well. That’s part of my job.

  65. I do not have people approach me because of my job but because of SOs. Mere strangers and others have often approached me on the street to tell me something that was better left for other ears. Thankfully, I learned to forget about myself and concentrate on the people. This works wonders.

  66. “I agree with you about analyzing someone you’ve never met,”

    You know if you keep this up, I’m just going to have an accident from laughing too hard.

    See ya folks.

  67. @Frenz,

    I remember a Sunday School lesson from long ago that emphasized too much self-consciousness could mean you were too self-absorbed. It recommended just what you said: stop concentrating on yourself and put the focus on others.

    That’s the up side of my job, being able to tell the stories of others, especially those who aren’t in the limelight. And I have had to remind myself a lot of that lately, what with our lackluster morale. When the local art teacher feels honored to be interviewed by you, and thinks her story isn’t special–but you know it is and are excited to be able to share it with others. That thought makes me smile.

  68. Yep! Speaking of which, my next post, or maybe the one after it, will be about just such a person. Some may not end up seeing it that way, but I do and hope it comes out in the piece.

  69. @ Angie,

    I, too, have had to overcome crippling shyness because I didn’t want it to stop me from experiencing the big, beautiful, nutty world. My desire was greater than my fear.

    @ all,

    I consider myself a common, garden variety fan. I’m, personally, ecstatically happy wallowing in black leather (Guy variety). ;) The only people I fear are the loons and the wackos. The unseemly I just avoid and keep my own counsel. Now, if I were ruler of my own planet….LOL

  70. There are so many times I’ve wanted to comment in various places, and now is one of them. But I refrain because it’s already in my diary entries, and it would then be redundant to post them. Suffice to say that I think too many people (of which I’ve been one at times) take way too much shit seriously.

  71. @Pi,

    Hooray for those of us who do move out of our comfort zones and move on to a richer, fuller life for it. I love what you said. “My desire was greater than my fear.” I understand completely. And agree with your comments made to all.

    Never knew how great black leather could be until it watched onto my TV screen one day a couple of years or so ago . . . accompanied by a deep rumble and a pair of piercing blue eyes . . . thank you, Mr. Armitage for so many hours of truly pleasurable viewing.

  72. @Angie,

    :) I don’t care for leather at all, normally.

    Second season leather is my fave. Makes the back of my knees sweat. The first time he walked through in full splendour, I lost the power of speech. I thought that was impossible. :)

  73. Now, pi, no need to hold back. You need to tell us how you really felt about that.

    Yeah, I thought he was damn hot too. :D

  74. Ladies,

    The purposeful swagger, the slink, so panther-like . . . I had to write a poem about it. Poetry in motion. No, not a big fan of black leather until HE came into my life . . .

    No hotter baddie than Guy!!

  75. Now I am singing my Ode to the Hot Velveteen Henchman in my head LOL

  76. Happy for first 30 seconds, then, worry for the remaining hour if I had worn the wrong outfit. I am that insecure. I get that this is written as a joke but, I think Kipling made some valid points in that there are many other Richard Armitage’s fans lurking on your blog, not all of them are as rational as you are. It could invoke jealousy and dissatisfaction. I have had quite enough of all the angst that fans put him through. Your witty intentions could easily be perceived differently by more fanatic fans. I dont want him to be backed into a corner by his ‘slightly intimidating’ army, that is all.

  77. LIz,

    I think you’re being honest about wondering if you would look okay. I believe just about every woman reading this and more would have that thought — some of us longer than others.

    And yes, some of KiplingKat’s points are valid. Encouraging people to be respectful is always a valid point, but she and I disagree on what defines it, and there will always be some disagreements among people about it since it can be a gray area.

  78. I am courious as to what consitutes proper fan behavior? To paraphrase Alan a-Dale,”And I am not being funny here.”

  79. I have a post written on what I think and will try to put it up today. Perhaps others will feel free to discuss.

  80. My two cents: Most likely it wasn’t him. According to Rob Kasinzky he left the UK two weeks ago and dwarf training camp probably started a week ago and there is no reason to assume that RA isn’t with his fellow dwarves.

    Second this is completely harmless, not compromising or invading his privacy at all. This woman is just a stranger in the street not a potential short term or long term partner.

    And third we and he have to get used to stuff like this and much worse. It is inevitable with increasing fame. I’m not saying he asked for it at all, he did what he could to avoid being a target of gossip in spite of becoming a successful actor but at one point that may not be possible any more. There will be nonsense in the press and on the internet, some of it may be true, most of it will be made out of thin air. Everyone gets it. As soon as he is in the same room with a person (or not even that) there will be someone who says they have an affair.

  81. Jane, well said. I see no harm in this, either. And goodness knows Mr. A is going to have to get more and more accustomed to, as you say “much worse” with his increasingly high profile.
    There is a lot of total BS out there in the media, more than ever with the internet nowadays. Heck, celebs who have never even met before are trumpeted as some hot new romance on a regular basis!

    It will be an adjustment for him, of course, and I wish him as much privacy as he can maintain. But I also think he is mature enough and insightful enough to weather these storms, too. Another learning experience as his fame increases and (one hopes) more and more of the plum roles he wants and deserves are made available to him.

    Hope Dwarf Academy is going really well for him and his fellow actors.

  82. Wow, I’m almost glad I left to make Havdalah. :)

  83. I;m not even Jewish, and I almost wish I’d left to make Havdalah, prof. ( ;

  84. There are two people involved in a “checking out” scenario (please notice that I am not making a judgment as to whether or not the scenario in this blog occurred or not), the admirer and the admiree. I believe that the admiree has as much “right” to talk about, to not talk about, the “checking out” as the admirer does, maybe even more so since the admiree may not have wanted the “attention”.

    So to read that so and so “had no right” to discuss it on a blog on the internet I would have to disagree. My only caveat is that a “fictitious” encounter should be clearly labeled as such.

  85. I said what I think about this elsewhere in hopes of not drawing additional fire here. It occurs to me upon rereading this, however, that I continue to support very strongly the free speech aspects of all discourses, and this is to a great extent why I blog instead of participating in a fan forum. I want to be free to write what i think without restrictions except those I set upon myself. In my opinion, discourse is benefited by responsible free speech. We may disagree upon the boundaries of responsibility — I personally don’t think any lines were crossed here because I still don’t see how anyone was endangered by this post; there’s no sense in which it encourages stalking, for instance — but it is not the obligation of the blogger to be considerate of and bound by every potential disagreement with what she writes in advance. That’s an unreasonable standard, and it would prevent people from writing. Similarly, participants in the discourse are themselves bound to speak responsibly and not to use their words to silence others. The greatest danger regarding any topic, IMO, is silence enforced upon some by others.

  86. Thankfully, this AIN’T my first time at the rodeo, so I’m not going to stop posting, and I very much appreciate the support. I also appreciate that others can become offended and disagree with my position, which can certainly be discussed in comments. The only time I draw the line is when it descends into name calling. That’s about it on my rules — until there’s a need for another one. I dearly hope not. LOL!

  87. Servetus,

    Thank you, Prof, for putting it so eloquently. No one says we all have to agree; but we can be civil about it and respect the opinion of others as we would have them respect ours.
    Long may the blogging continue!!

  88. Civility in discourse is much appreciated. Discussion and opposing viewpoints are informative. Jane-ite ettiquitte (and irony?) is generally more persuasive than personal attack.

    The areas under discussion here are indeed grey, because we will have individual concepts of personal lines to be crossed in the tone of discussing on blogs our individual reactions to an artist, actor, etc.

    Civility is good.

  89. Haha, I can see my FanstRAvaganza topic is going to go down well in parts of the RA fandom world! ;)

    Anyway, if RA was checking me out, I’d probably wouldn’t believe my eyes (me? Why? Do I have a great big stain on me? Big spot on my forhead?) and second, fire off a HUGE smile at him. And then I’d spend the rest of the day grinning like a fool and have bouts of bursting out in fits of uncontrollable giggles.

  90. Well, I don’t have to worry about being “checked out”; at appproximately 14 inches below Mr. Armitage’s line of sight, he’d have to trip over me first. Which would be so embarrasssing all round, one would have no option but to find the nearest broom closet in which to hide from the world.

    Look forward to your topic,Traxy :)

  91. I’ve always been horribly uncomfortable with that kind of attention. When I was single, it was almost painful physically to receive looks like that. I just wanted to be one of the guys, so I never spent time thinking about it happening, and it’s still hard for me to think about it happening to me. I’ve never seen myself in that kind of light. Since I’m not single anymore, I laugh it off when it’s happened, OR I’m disgusted by it if someone knows I’m not single. But if this happened to me today, I’m not exactly sure what I would do. It would completely depend on my mood. But chances are good I would not be able to wipe the grin off of my face for several days if not weeks. :D

    But I’m like you, Fitz, too short to even get noticed although it’s interesting how tall men seem to like very short women. Nevertheless, this would more likely happen to one of my daughters who are both three inches or more taller than me. One of them is a 5’7″ almost 5’8″, long legged blonde, and she just happens to be a fan of Richard Armitage. She would be completely freaked out if this happened to her and probably laughing herself silly when she wasn’t grinning. The other daughter is a bit of a character. She would probably say something to him and change the subject. No doubt it would be funny as she’s the most like her Dad in her sense of timing — excellent when it comes to humor. She also has no shyness, but she’s also not a clod. Plus, she is a very striking looking person, and gets looks all of the time and knows how to deal with them, which is to ignore them or change the subject. It also helps that she can take or leave Richard Armitage. He is not one of her favorites although she likes him fine.

  92. What would Servetus do?

    Grin, giggle, FLEE!

  93. last andprobably least…I’d grab his hand and drag him to the nearest….hang on…don’t jump the gun…can we all say… OP-TO-ME-TRIST???! Seriously.

  94. ROFLOL! :D

  95. Hello there. Please don’t cut back on the snark; it’s what I come here for. :)

    I agree it’s important to have fun and levity in fandom. It stops the creep of taking things too seriously and keeps some perspective. It’s ironic that the object of our focus would be appalled at the attitude that fandom should be hog-tied to such an extent4.

    That exchanged reminded me of Servetus’ post on the sliding scale of fandom sanity: this gal shouldn’t have mentioned that RA looked at her because she did not have his permission to say so. Okay. If I ever find myself being eyeballed by RA, I will whip out these two waivers for him to sign which I’ll keep my purse just for that purpose. One waiver will be my permission for him to check me out; the other will be his consent for me to blog all about it. Can you IMAGINE what that chat would be like? LOL!

  96. BTW, I knew RA was an Adonis, just didn’t know he was officially a demigod now. Oh, the power! That gal should have brought him offerings.

  97. Hominem te memento! Except it should be said not to Armitage, who seems to have no issue with this question, but to his fans …

  98. @judiang, You are cracking me up! Thank you and welcome. :D

    This started out as a nothing piece that was supposed to get a chuckle, then yesterday I was feeling a little chagrined about all of this and hacked at myself for putting “Richard Armitage” in the title. Today, it’s back to being funny — to me at least. All the furor over something this harmless is absurd, and I probably will write that fake fan letter instead of the dour piece I wrote this weekend. Yep, I named this blog right. People do get in a frenzy over a bunch of bullshit that doesn’t really matter. LOL! Oh, no, no, I don’t mean that Richard Armitage is bullshit. :D Please put away the knives.

    BTW, the blog owner asked me nicely to remove her picture. I was more than happy to do it for her, since I would want someone to do that for me if my picture were used in a place that made me uncomfortable.

    I did think about removing the piece altogether, but it’s better left standing. Perhaps someone, somewhere will learn something from it. I’m not sure who that is, but as a public service, I’m leaving it up. LOL!

  99. Gone to add “public service” tag.

  100. Not to worry, frenz. Girls just like to have fun. Nice of you to remove the photo on request. If it is a photo of the blog owner about whom we have been talking, I thought she was rather lovely, and classily clad. Not far from the dress sense of a future British wife-of-heir.

  101. Thanks, Fitz.

    Yep, she looks classy, and as Servetus said, if it was RA (and I’m choosing to believe it was or his twin), then he’s got good taste. I looked at the whole blog, which started in December, and I love the concept of it. I hope others will check out more than the entry I posted.

    Everytime I go to NY, I’m reminded of how black is the uniform there, and if memory serves, London is similar. So some color and something with an edge (but not trashy which that outfit certainly wasn’t) is always welcome.

  102. Being a mature ( in age) lady who still loves reading about fashion and beauty and girly stuff, I should probably toddle over and take more of a peek at her site. So glad to see things returning to an even keel here, Frenz. Loved several folks’ reactions to what they would do if he checked them out LOL

    At my age, I would be wondering about his vision as well–he is moving toward needing mid-life assistance with those gorgeous eyes with the big 4-0 coming up this year–and wondering if I had a piece of lettuce hanging off my front tooth or a big stain on my blouse, as I am amazingly prone to spilling stuff despite my best efforts. Someone once told me (back when I was young and quite cute) they would be jealous of me if I weren’t such a klutz!

    At any rate, I thought the young lady was attractive and I liked her outfit and thought it in good taste, and yes, something we might see Miss Middleton wearing. I am not an all-black person myself–I do like a punch of color, and red is one of my favorite colors to wear, lots of it in my wardrobe.

  103. I’m back from the store with every single red top in my suitcase! Adios friends I’m looking up my girlfriend who’s brother is a carpenter on the set!

  104. @iz,


    Just be sure to get some pictures.

    @angie, As long as you wear the black hat. :D

  105. @servetus,

    I missed that earlier. Well said.

  106. In case there is any doubt that was a joke but I can guarantee on my NEXT shopping trip (it’s not often they let me out the mad house) I’m buying a RED top!

  107. @Iz,

    Red IS a color that will get you noticed . . . *wink*


    I should say I love the combination of red and black–and frequently pair that wonderful big black hat of mine (come on spring, so I can wear it again!) with red. *grin*

  108. Red is all a girl needs for a glance! Checking out can mean a little or a lot from a glance to an up and down look to a whistle. Could very well have been an RA look-a-like. If I ever had the fortune to be checked out by a noteworthy person I’d be sharing it with the WORLD, even if it’s because I’ve got static in my hair!!

  109. If RA really did check out that girl… it was because of the black leather skirt. We all know black leather is Richard’s trademark. :)

  110. No one’s freedom of speech was threatened, no one mentioned stopping RAFrenzy from blogging. That is what is called a “slippery-slope” argumentative fallacy and actually has nothing to do with the real discusison of whether this woman’s behavior was appropriate or not.

    The only thing I asked was for fans to try to nice people and put themselves in Richard Armitage’s shoes for a minute so as not to add to the problem.

    Something many here refused.

  111. Don’t think either slippery slope argumentative fallacy or the “problem” has been convincingly defined. I just thought the lady’s reference a generic one and amusing. So revile me.

  112. I don’t think the “problem” in this situation has been defined or logically argued. The premise is faulty. Quotes were taken out of context, wrongly attributed and conflated to make him sound frankly, nuts, in that despite the nature of his profession and the attendant increasing fame, he wants fans to basically ignore him in order to ease his burden of success. That is the “slippery-slope” of that argument. To not do so would “cross the line” and thus be inappropriate behavior. That is not only unrealistic and impractical, it’s impossible. The consensus here is that he has never suggested such a thing. IMHO, the xmas message said, ” hey ladies, I want to send you this message but in the effort not to be dull, fear I might again be misinterpreted.” Of course, again he is misinterpreted.

    I can see the concern over the woman who bought the dog. RA was disturbed because that is decidedly stalkerish behavior. If the woman decided to blog her sightings, that would be inappropriate and merit deep concern. In this case, the woman’s comment was generic and harmless. The concern is out of proportion to the OP discussed. Every situation does not carry the same magnitude.

  113. “Every situation does not carry the same magnitude.”


    Thank you. My sentiments exactly and, I believe, the sentiments of many who posted here. I think in this case, a mountain was truly made out of a molehill.

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  115. As a very late footnote to this discussion, he just said on the Hobbit Videoblog #3, that they had been in NZ since Jan. 13. So unless she was blogging out of sequence it’s really unlikely that he was the one ogling her on the tube.

  116. She said on her blog quite awhile ago that she was mistaken, but really, I never cared if it was bs or she meant it. Whatever, the case, it was fun to talk about it. LOL!

    Good to know the timeline though. Satisfies my anal nature. :D

  117. Oh, I didn’t realize, as I never followed her blog :)

  118. She actually has a great sense of humor, and I love her blog. It’s turning me into an ASOS junkie. LOL!

  119. The level of hostility, the foul language, and the direct attacks on individuals were surprising on a post that was obviously meant as a light-hearted, even silly (in my case especially!) rhetorical question. RAFrenzy, I got the joke, and I admire your ability to let such ridiculous hysteria roll off your back. Really, some of those comments were, as a few older ladies here say, tacky as pig tracks. :)
    Oh, and I would probably turn ten shades of red and need to lie down to recover if I even spotted RA on a street, let alone if he looked at me. Makes my heart flutter to think about it. :)

  120. Thank you, Kate. It’s refreshing when someone gets that I’m teasing most of the time. This blog is my very first attempt to write something humorous (not that every post is humorous, but there is a decided bent toward that I hope), and I’m learning the hard way that some things just don’t translate. By the way, Beth, who runs the “Work That” site is a good egg.

  121. I have decided some people take certain aspects of life much too seriously. I run across some pretty odd ducks in my line of work and a few in the RA community (but thankfully not too many).
    There are too many truly dreadful things–I had to typeset an obit today for a two-month-old–that we really needn’t make mountains out of molehills.

    I think of that line in “Stripes” of the drill sergeant’s: “Lighten up, Francis!”

  122. Too true AK. This week alone (in one day) some friends lost their home to fire (total loss, all are safe, but saved virtually nothing), another friend lost her mother-in-law, and I received the news a former student (17 years old) will soon lose her year long battle with cancer. These things are important, not what someone decides to post on a blog about someone possibly looking at someone else. Are we in 6th grade? I hope not!

  123. Kate,

    So sorry to hear of your friends’ losses and the grave nature of such a young person’s illness. We have a three-year-old boy in our community who is battling a form of leukemia–highly treatable, but cancer is cancer–and right now he is back in Children’s Hospital fighting a bad infection, in spite of his parents’ best efforts to protect his delicate immune system. They’ve been through so much in the year since he was diagnosed.

    Earlier this year, we dealt with fellow Alabamians’ homes in rubble. lives snuffed out in a few terrible seconds, so much human loss and destruction that will take years to recover from after those killer tornadoes. Cried on and off for days. Yes, all my family was safe and sound, but I knew people who had friends and relatives who were not so lucky. And I knew it so easily could have been us.

    These are the kind of harsh realities of life we must deal with; everything else should be like water off a duck’s back. I do find myself wondering if a few people got stranded at middle school and never managed to get out.

  124. AK,
    So sorry to hear about the child in your community; hope all is well there. A young man my daughter’s age had leukemia as a child, and the infection risk was so hard to deal with for them. I clearly remember him playing soccer wearing a face mask, with his parents hovering on the sidelines with an oxygen tank. Thank goodness he is now 25 and perfectly healthy. Miracles still happen. :)

    I’ve kept up with the disaster in AL through the internet, but my sister was there in July on a college visit with their son, and she said there were no words to describe it. Our father lives in Mobile, but he was not affected; glad you all were safe too.

    I’ve been thinking about the assertion we should protect RA’s privacy, and while I’m certainly NOT famous, I believe anyone who works in the public eye must expect a loss of privacy. My mother and I had a few hours of madness this afternoon and ventured out to the 127 yard sale, where I was stopped at each booth by either former students, current students, or their parents. All wanted to know what I had bought, if I was ready for school to start, etc. It didn’t make my afternoon more enjoyable, but I don’t think I’ll suffer any long term trauma from the experience. Admittedly, no one was following me around with a camera (although there is a rather appalling picture of my enormous behind that keeps getting tagged on students’ facebook pages…I’m hoping my determination to ‘detag’ outlasts their determination to tag!), but then, as I said, I’m NOT internationally famous or even very interesting (and certainly not drop dead gorgeous). I feel certain RA, though apparently quite a private person, understands the consequences of choosing a career that puts him in the public eye. Really, the man doesn’t appear to be stupid! And I’m not his mother, so he’ll just have to protect himself. :)
    Sorry this was so long-winded, but that attack on RAFrenzy bothered me quite a bit, especially since it was so mean-spirited and generally ridiculous.
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

  125. […] been a fan of ASOS since Beth of Richard Armitage checked me out fame turned me onto it. Thank you, Beth! ASOS has some great looks and some great prices especially […]

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  127. I think if he spoke to me in any context I would have to use all my powers of concentration not to gibber, say something stupid like I Love You (as the song goes) or knock my drink over.

  128. I have to admit it’s a little overwhelming to come face to face with him.

  129. Having met someone famous-ish that I respected (and thought rather attractive), I can say I’d first turn fifty shades of pink and then I’d babble incessantly about nothing whatsoever for the brief moment I’d have to say anything.

    He’d probably walk away thinking I was a nutter and I’d leave thinking it was the coolest thing to happen to me in eons.

  130. I hope we are all finally satisfied that Richard Armitage would not think we were nutters. He is so gracious and so grateful to his fans, I really don’t think he would think that. Unless, maybe, someone hit him with some pants. :D

  131. oh, to be admired by sir guy of gisbourne! *swoon* :P

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