Mining Gold

Last post about my reading of this year’s FanstRAvaganza.

Many times I’m tempted to turn serious on this blog. The few times I have are unsatisfying because I lack skills, but I press on, and one of the things that inspires me to do so is the rich application of Servetus’ skills to her pieces. I’ve often thought how rewarding it would be to be one of her students, and in a way I am already. Certainly when she deigns to share something of how she does what she does (scroll down to ‘Another Kind of Creativity’), I listen.

Once you’ve read that piece, go on and read the rest: the insinuation of North and South into her classroom, illusions of Richard III, the assessment of RichardArmitageOnline as a great site, the discussion of Guy’s durability, and the two interviews with fans.

All serve as a reminder that with a little investment of time, we’re getting what others are paying big bucks to receive.


  1. Wow, thanks for the extremely kind words!

  2. My pleasure. Many times I’ve had these thoughts and just never said them. I know you don’t want to bring work to your blog, but it’s part of who you are, and that’s a good thing.

  3. I’ve had the tremendous privilege (in comparison with the experience of most people throughout history and in the world) to pick a kind of work that bears a strong relationship to some of my gifts, so I shouldn’t complain, as most people haven’t had this opportunity.

  4. Very astute of you, but it doesn’t change a thing in what I said. : D

  5. Go on doing what you do, both! Be yourselves!

  6. […] blogger and one I have read off and on for years. Many of the posts I’ve read are fantastic. This is generally what I’ve thought of […]

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