A Worthy Read

Richard Armitage as John ProctorServetus goes to The Crucible. I am jealous. I’m also not surprised she’s done this. I would do it too if I could!

I wish her every joy of the experience.

Many of you already know about her going, but some of you are new and may not be familiar or very familiar with her. Let me introduce you. She is a fellow RA blogger and one I have read off and on for years. Many of the posts I’ve read are fantastic. This is generally what I’ve thought of them.

And now she is going to let us all in on The Crucible, and I am going to sit back and take it all in, and especially when I consider there may be no Crucible in New York.

This is where I started reading although there may be other posts which should be read before this one. I leave you to ferret that out for yourselves.


  1. I’m torn about reading it. Part of me wants to read and imagine every detail. Another part is just gutted that I will likely never experience this performance, never really know what it might evoke in me. It’s a bit heartbreaking.

  2. You said exactly what I think, but I’m going to give in and read it.

  3. I would love to read it but I am not allowed to visit her blog. Hope you all enjoy the experience. Oh, and Happy Labor Day! :)

  4. I have lurked and followed Servetus’ blog for years now, and I can sincerely recommend to read the blog.
    Servetus has this perspective on Mr Armitage’s work which is very academic, on the one hand, and on the other, very…well, Servetus.
    It goes without saying that one should, of course, have one’s own perspective and opinion about matters, but her viewpoints are always substantiated.to a degree that I personally find fascinating.
    Oh, and Frenz: I have followed your blog too for years and enjoy it very, very much. You offer another perspective that I find appealing and recommend. I’ll stop lurking now :-).

  5. I didn’t know much about Servetus and she seems to be rather controversial in the world of RA fandom. But I’ll say this for her: she can write!!!

  6. “although there may be other posts ” thank you to draw attention to the other posts. There is a place for everybody in this fandom.

  7. Serv is the RA Professor of the bloggers. When I visit her site, I feel as though I’ve attended an Armitage class and been thoroughly educated. :) I’m so glad she was able to attend! I am excited to read about her meeting him.

  8. I never did come back and respond. Sorry about that!

    I concur with all the comments.

    And mujertropical, I’m not allowed on the blog either, but then I never was much of a commenter when I was allowed to comment. So no big loss. I can still read when I’m inclined. But I don’t read as much because in all truth I don’t have time. I really don’t. I’m doing well to blog myself. LOL!

  9. I’m not allowed on her blog either. I read her very selectively- mostly scan, and this does not include her experience dissecting The Crucible and Richard Armitage’s performance, although I did write about the fact that she attended. Anyway, I am not her notional audience.

  10. Maybe the Ken Stott post is bringing out my candid nature even more. There are some treasures among that sea of words Servetus writes. I just sometimes don’t want to swim through it to get to the good stuff. There I said it. But I hope it’s clear that I do think Servetus can write very well. I also appreciate how very hard it can be for bloggers to create content, edit it, put in effective media, ensure there are no technical glitches with anything in a post and all while keeping a finger on the pulse of what’s going on in the fandom. So I commend her for her tenacity in doing this.

    But like you, I’m not part of her notional audience either. Far from it.

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