You Sold Me, Bill

It’s Friday, I’m out of job and I don’t have sh*t to do.* SO and I are going to the movies, which we haven’t done much the last few years since there hasn’t been much to see. But hey, we have a fondness for Bill Murray (have I told you about my Bill Murray love?), and ‘Moonrise Kingdom’ looks good. Plus, I’ll see anything with Frances McDormand. I love her too.

No, I’m not defecting in my Richard Armitage love. No worries. I’m a one man fangirl. Dull I know, but there it is.

Yes, Richard, you have to put up with me some more. I can’t go away yet. I have some special plans for the Hobbit shindig.

Very Truly Yours,
One of your crazy fans who continues to navigate the insane world of fandom

P.S. Man, I’m on the verge of writing you a for real letter where I tell you how much I feel for you about what you must put up with from fans.

Ahhh, my work here is done — Richard Armitage in the same post with Frances McDormand. :D

*A Georgette Heyer audio book to the one who can name the movie that inspired the first sentence of this post. Hint: it has nothing to do with Bill Murray.

edit: I’m providing additional hints on Twitter. Just Tweet me an RA pic for more.

second edit: AustenSpaceCast won the audio book, and what fun it was to receive photos of RA. Thank you all who sent them to me. And I see I have some work to do to get you tweeting since most of the pics were emailed. :D

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  1. Is there anybody here who don’t love Bill Murray?!;)
    Awsome stuff! I would very much want to see this movie,Frenz.:)

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