A Date with John Thornton

If you call yourself a Richard Armitage fan but haven’t seen ‘North and South,’ you don’t really get the euphoria. Do yourself a favor and come on the group date tonight — a ‘North and South’ watch along with a tweetfest. ‘Cause anything this good just has to be talked about. :D

For those who haven’t seen anything with Richard Armitage, this is the show to watch.

You can thank Stacie and Fanny for this effort, and Heidi for her cheerleading. And there will be more “dates” like this with other Armitage characters.

As for the rest of us who have seen ‘North and South,’ maybe you need a new fix like I do! I’m so in need of a fix.

After it’s over, I intend to publish the second half of my piece about the TDHCMO, which will make it obvious why it took me so long.

Until then, see you tonight and don’t forget the cake!

GIF by magwi68


  1. Yay! I’m good at my cheerleading, having done it 2 years for college basketball hahahahahaha.

    But seriously, I hope everyone watches and tweets tonight! North & South is how I discovered this very fun community of intelligent, witty, graceful and charming women. It’ll be fun. I’ll probably watch tonight and then hop on for one of the viewings for the “British evening” timezone.

    And don’t forget to eat Nigella’s chocolate cake during the train scene!

  2. I forgot the cake! I’ve edited to remind others. :D

  3. A date with JT? I’ll have to primp!

  4. Yep, we’re pimping. LOL!

  5. LOL! I thought you said pimp. ROFLOL!! I guess we need to primp too. :D

  6. John Thornton is a pimp?


    What about the guy with the fork in his mouth?

    (juuuuuuuuuust kidding, I know John Thornton’s cravat would self-tighten around his neck if pimping was ever mentioned.)

  7. You know what, Frenz, I thought you had photo-shopped that clip of JT walking in the street past a cart of body parts … and this weekend I was participating in the North & South Tweetfest …. and OH. MY. GOSH.

    What to my wondering eyes did appear but …

    There goes John Thornton walking past that cart …. and you didn’t photo shop it! It’s exactly like that in the movie!

    What in the world? What is supposed to be in that cart????

  8. Pigs. If you click on that picture, you can see the larger format, and it’s pretty plain what they are.

  9. Oh lord.

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