He’s Alive!

Yes, Richard Armitage still exists, or he did as of this video blog:

I think they’re messing with us. Yeah, Peter Jackson and his bunch are definitely onto us. :D But what PJ doesn’t know is that I think I have a crush on Dion. That’s who I would want to hang out with if I got a chance to visit the set. Dion’s job looks really interesting. I might tear myself away to take a gander at RA every now and then too.

In case you missed RA (and as usual click to enlarge):

Once again I’m struck with his ability to command attention simply by his bearing, and no, I don’t think it’s just a case of CWS. At the risk of sounding inane, surely we can’t be the only ones who see this?!!

Screencaps are mine


  1. I was SO happy to watch this late last night – when I should have been in bed! PJ says there’s one more vlog coming soon. Not soon enough for me! More. RA. Pictures. PLEASE!

  2. It bothers me, why would PJ want to keep one of the most important characters away from the vlogs? Maybe it’s because Thorin is a serious character and he doesn’t want to break it by showing the actor joking around? But even Gandalf talked more than him in the vlogs.

    Do you really think RA is that shy? I don’t believe it. Maybe he was at the beginning, but not now. And he did that stint with the horse…

    One thing that I noticed from the map of the studios: all the scale doubles are in one tiny trailer!

  3. Yes, I HAD to interrupt work to watch this thing — I said I’d wait until 5 p.m., but no dice.


    Just, wow.

    I had no idea all of the effort that went into it. What strikes me is how ordinary everything looks. That they create something so magical and marvelous is indeed extraordinarily amazing.

    Can’t wait for December!

    Now what are we going to do about getting RA to READ. THE. BOOK????

  4. I have a plan for that. :D

  5. I also have thoughts on RA “being absent.”

  6. RA may not have said anything but every time we saw a scene actually being filmed, he was in the middle of the action. It may also be that PJ doesn’t want him to talk while in Thorin costume because he is very different from the character and it would destroy the illusion, and they cannot risk that, as his casting already is controversial.

  7. He’s in a lot of footage in this vlog and several others. He also speaks quite a bit in one of them. So the idea that he’s not seen much is hilarious.

  8. You know what, y’all, I really don’t think there was some hidden motive in doing a v-blog and excluding shots of him. It could be any weird reason that he wasn’t prominently featured in it … he could’ve been out of the country, for all anyone knows … or maybe he was sick that day, etc. etc.

    Bottom line is that he’s really going to ROCK at playing Thorin. We who are “in the choir” already know this.

    I may be one of the newest followers here, but I’m still pretty darn excited to see the film, probably more so because of the extremely elusive and mysterious Mr. Armitage.

    Good things come to those who wait, and I think the wait will pay off in big ways for all of us who enjoy his performances.

    It’s going to be a really fun movie.

  9. The idea of RA being missing is too much to pass up the fun of making hay of it. I did have another piece ready to go about how we could flush him out, but I waited too long to post it. Had something to do with chocolate cake. :D

  10. I think I’ll run it anyway.

  11. During the last week we got two hints on how important his character will be, the Total Film article that places him next to MF, not among a bunch of dwarves, and the other the announcement of the action figures that will be available. The only other character that features so prominently is Bilbo himself.


  12. Yep! :D

  13. Ha ha ha ha ha, Frenz! That is SO. RICH. :-D

    So is the cake, by the way.

    I need to revamp my Twitter profile photo to emulate Ms. Lawson’s devilishly decadent-chocolate-cake-eating pose.

  14. Such as in her form fitting sweaters? LOL!

  15. LOL, I may have to think long and hard about that. I’m newly single again, but too much cleavage combined with a forkful of chocolate cake may attract the type of attention! I should ask Nigella how that works for her. ;-D

  16. *omitted the word, ‘wrong.’* WRONG type of attention … okay, back to work!

  17. I have considered the fact you don’t see much of Sir Ian or Martin in this latest vlog–other than Martin being spun around in the barrel.I think this vlog was really meant to spotlight all the many people who contribute so much to the making of these blockbuster films and to do it in a delightfully light-hearted way.

    Seeing little of the leads makes one want to see them all the more. One suspects they are all busy shooting their scenes and don’t have as much time to show off their trailers, engage in badinage, and so forth. ;) I am convinced more than ever Richard has a very prominent role in this film and that he will be absolutely fantastic as Thorin. My gosh, but he thoroughly looks the part, doesn’t he?

  18. The vlog is most definitely to spotlight the crew, and RA is still in it a lot! If anything, the Martin Freeman fans are the ones who have reason for complaint.

  19. And RA is being–ACTION DWARF! ;) Seriously, he looks like he’s been busy. And he’s certinly looking good doing it, too.

  20. Is this the same “fedoralady” who did the “Dreamer” video on Youtube, because that thing is the bomb! I love that song.

    And I agree with you — that it was meant to spotlight everyone who put work into the movie. It is so impressive. I can’t even get my brain around what this will look like in December.

  21. One and the same, lovemythornton. ;) First time I heard that song, I knew I had to make some sort of video with it.
    I was thinking about that quote, “It takes a village to raise a child.”
    Well, I think it’s safe to say it takes a village–well, more like a town–to create a movie on the scale of this one.

  22. LOL, that’s great. That song is so happy, too.

  23. Yes, it is a very joyous upbeat song. I like to think Richard would like it, too. ;)

  24. I was so excited when the vlog appeared last night. It’s a lighhearted, wonderful tribute to all those working behind the scenes, as was the first part (vlog#6) I find it very difficult to get my head around the sheer scale of a production like this, and how it all comes together.
    When I first watched it, I thought there was too little of Richard, but I was being greedy and would have wanted more regardless! As Jane said, he’s in the middle of any action being filmed.
    Frenz, you nailed it when you say he commands attention simply with his bearing…he’s magnificent.

  25. That’s me, Mezz, above! WP wants me to log in even though I’ve done that through my email, and I keep forgetting!

  26. Reblogged this on Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Country Life and commented:
    Another Hobbitt vblog!! Just thought I’d share and also….thank Frenz for all the help she’s given me with my blog. Couldn’t have done it without her sage advice!! Thanks Frenz!

  27. I think Martin F, Ian McK and the lovely RA were too busy being filmed to feature in the video. I notice too, thanks to the screen cap, that the hooked nose for Thorin seems to have disappeared and we have his beautifully formed schnozz back again. Yeah.

  28. I thought for a while that they abandoned the prosthetic nose. But it helped to please those that insisted on prosthetics. On the other hand, he may be rehearsing and not be fully made up in the vlog.

  29. If he has a prosthetic nose, it’s not as heavy as it was when the first promo graphics of the dwarves was published. His nose appears much more aquiline now. Need to do a side by side comparison, but I’m on my way out the door. Maybe someone else can do it? Hope all of you have a great day.

    Anna, Glad to see you here for a magnifying session (that’s how I think of them. :D )

  30. Good call Anna! I thought he looked somewhat “softer” but couldn’t decide what it was.

    Mess & Frenz…”he commands attention simply with his bearing…he’s magnificent.” Perfect description!

  31. I’ll take the few crumbs of RA on offer, thanks PJ. Something is better than nothing! It wont be long now and we will all be satisfied with new pic’s and articles until our hearts content! ♥

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