Who Wants to Go to Comic Con 2012?

Are you a Richard Armitage fan who didn’t buy tickets to this year’s event? And you also missed the deadline for the professional passes? Never fear. There might be a way to get in. If you have any reporting background or even a writing background, you might be able to work for these guys.

If I were applying, I would make sure they knew of all the town council meetings where I questioned a panel and then reported on it later. :D I would also make sure they knew I LOVE comic books. *Looks up at heaven to make sure there is no bolt of lightening.* Okay, okay, I’ve bought some comic books — in the last 40 years.

Speaking of which, I’d still like to see RA in a get up like this.


It’s been brought to my attention the positions are now filled at CBR. If you got in, good for you. If you didn’t, there’s always next year.


  1. You inspired me to make my only blog post. You’ll want to take a look, you temptress, you. ;)

  2. Make that “own” blog post. It’s late, I’m tired.

  3. I just read it and commented! If you got that job, would funds be the only hold up?

  4. What a brilliant find. I do hope someone from RA world gets the gig ☺ A chance in a lifetime that’s for sure.

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