Pressing Matters

This is an acknowledgment of a fellow blogger and future Richard Armitage fan, who woke up on Tuesday and found her blog had been “Freshly Pressed.” When I saw her post today, I was not the least surprised she was selected, and I know if you visit her blog, you will agree. So Congratulations, S.L. Hoffman, aka Eagle Eyed Editor! I look forward to more.

A picture to encourage her to watch ‘North and South’:

Shameless, I know, but she can thank me later.


  1. OK, Frenz…I’m trusting you on this one! I’ve clicked “follow” so I’ll read her blog once I finish here..

    You are shameless indeed…and even if she doesn’t thank you for the lovely photo, I will. I never get tired of looking at it…. LOL… along with every other photo of His Gorgeousness!

    A blogger I discovered only yesterday by visiting Servetus’ blog:

    but you’ve probably already seen it.

    Bye for now

  2. I have seen it and already made a crack about it somewhere. But don’t ever assume I’ve seen something. No hardship to look at something more than once. :D

  3. Thanks, RAFrenzy! I’m very flattered and I’ve definitely been converted into a Richard Armitage fan. (Richard, are you listening?) I’ve seen the North and South miniseries (I keep replaying the train scene, over and over), and now I’m watching whatever I can catch of MI-5/Spooks.

    And I LOVE the photo you’ve put up here. My all-time favorite moment in N&S, because it so perfectly captures RA’s talent by his ability to convey how John feels about Margaret.

  4. How did I miss that you watched it!! I must be asleep at the wheel. Glad you could join us. But you do know that is not why I read your blog? I’m actually a pitiful RA recruiter.

  5. Yes, I know. :-)

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