And You’re Wondering How to Think About Twitter

Most people I talk to about Twitter are not sure how to think of it. Eagled-Eyed Editor has made a marvelous post explaining it in terms so apt, I chuckled while I was reading:

"You talking to me? Are you tweeting ME?" Dove image courtesy of dzz, Morguefile.

“You talking to me? Are you tweeting ME?” Dove image courtesy of dzz, Morguefile.

I’ve been on Twitter for a considerable time now and I’m enjoying the fact that more and more people are talking to me. At first, it seemed like Twitter was just a giant firehose, spraying thoughts from people all over the world. One friend of mine has compared it to the world’s biggest tea party, with conversations going on in various spaces.

But in a way, Twitter is also like blogging: you have to give to receive. The more I respond to other people’s tweets or send tweets to them, the more likely they are to say something in return.

I like to imagine that Twitter users fall into different bird categories:

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If you’re not that interested in learning about Twitter, check out her blog anyway. It’s a good one!

And I have not forgotten the Twitter posts I promised. :D

Pressing Matters

This is an acknowledgment of a fellow blogger and future Richard Armitage fan, who woke up on Tuesday and found her blog had been “Freshly Pressed.” When I saw her post today, I was not the least surprised she was selected, and I know if you visit her blog, you will agree. So Congratulations, S.L. Hoffman, aka Eagle Eyed Editor! I look forward to more.

A picture to encourage her to watch ‘North and South’:

Shameless, I know, but she can thank me later.