Testing, Testing

TheOneRingnet is trying for 60,000 likes on their Facebook page before Comic-Con begins on July 11. I give you that date in case you have been under a rock somewhere in RA universe.

This is my good faith effort to hopefully encourage you to “like” the page and get your friends and family to do the same. As of this post, there are 56,892 “likes.” So 3,108 more. Just making the number clear for the action fans. ;-)

Okay, the good faith effort:

[click to enlarge]

and a commitment to more and better shots if we get that FB page to 60K and soon.

Some of you may think this is cruel, since you’re so starved for new Richard Armitage photos. Trust me; it’s going to be worth it. :D

And this is the least we can do for TORn, who is going to bring us such good coverage of Comic-Con – including RA’s appearance.

Now go forth and conquer the “like” button.


  1. Great post, Frenz. Is that a fluidly moral character that I am spying?
    I hope to get to meet some of the OneRingNet people out at Comic-Con. :D

  2. Thanks, Angie, and yes it’s the erstwhile John Bateman. :D You will have to also keep us all posted!

  3. I hope to make some blogposts from the event. Benny wants lots of pictures. You’ve seen some of the female costumes? LOTS of pictures. LOL

  4. I have seen the pictures. It’s going to be a hoot. I look forward to seeing what you shoot! :D

  5. Above and beyond my desire to do some Richarding at CC, I think the whole thing is going to be quite a hoot. :D

  6. Are you going in costume?

  7. No, I will just be myself. Although I did see a gorgeous 18th century gown on one lady at last year’s event. The photographer wasn’t sure who she was supposed to be, but the costume rocked. However, I don’t think it would be terribly practical for a reporter LOL

  8. Have you changed your mind about FB, Frenz? I thought you didn’t like it (get it?)?” ;) I’m not an FB fan myself but, just for you, I’ll go there and “like it” :)

    I shut down my account and then someone sends me there again and then FB re-opens my account and then I shut it down again and so it goes on!

    Yes, please, Angie….Lots and lots of photos. How’s the walking and vitamin-taking regime going?

    ah, forgot that the smileys aren’t going to show up. So you’ll have to imagine a wink appearing now and again in my comment LOL

  9. I am planning to take five camera batteries and the recharger and a camera card with lots of space, so I imagine I will take plenty of pics. I’ve been taking my vitamins and we’ve been walking. However, I had an attack of IBS late this afternoon after a not-so-good day, so no walking, just hitting the Pepto-Bismol. :( Feeling well enough to actually eat something now. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. :D

  10. Okay! helped with the promo on FB apparently the FanstRA page had not liked :) that’s one and doing ArmitageWatch will be too :)
    Btw tested FB settings & you can limit very strict who you share posts with :)

  11. I will do it. ;-)

  12. Liked TORN!

  13. Thank you all so much for doing that. TORn likes increased by 160 from the time I announced on Twitter until 24 hrs later. Counting my personal FB page and Frenz FB page, there were about 100 friends who liked it. I count that a success. I’m still leveraging my family and friends. LOL!

    Kathryn, No, I haven’t changed my view of FB. Just wanted to help out TORN. So thank you for doing that! I’ll try not to bother you again. :D

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