Fandwarfing, A Reality

Fandwarfing* hasn’t made sense to me until today. The photos of Richard Armitage as a dwarf, frankly, didn’t look like a dwarf. He has always looked like himself in stature — rather large. But ‘Entertainment Weekly’ has a new raft of photos from ‘The Hobbit,’ and one of RA actually gives the appearance of a dwarf. And I find, I quite like it. I guess “dwarves” really can be sexy:

[click to enlarge]

You can see the rest of the photos including couple of more with RA on the EW site here.

* a term coined by Calexora to express the hysteria which goes on when seeing the little people and more especially one little people. :D

Photoshop excellence by Heather


  1. This dwarf doesn’t look like a Klingon!

  2. I mean compared to the first promo picture we saw of Thorin :)

  3. LOL! Yeah, the Klingon look is gone! :D

  4. He looks like Thorin! Will be so fascinating to see him at Comic Con. Will he be reticent as he seems to have been in NZ/while being Thorin. Or will he start to reassume the more media friendly manner we have seen in the past. Can’t wait….assume footage will be available rather quickly either from Armitage or LOTR sources.

  5. oh my!

  6. …some mighty dwarf….with a long sword:)

  7. […] Richard Armitage as Thorin Oakenshield. Publicity still. Source: RAFrenzy […]

  8. My reaction was the same as NB’s. Oh my! *thud* Now HE is one gorgeous dwarf!
    BTW Just how tall is he supposed to be?

  9. Oh wow. I sense a disturbance in the force. Millions of thorin fans are starting to swoon.

  10. Had to come back one more time before bedtime. Have mercy. Who’s a thunk “fandwarfing” at this stage of life? Really hilarious! But seriously, how did he walk in those shoes…really clunky. And large. But strangely interesting….

  11. I can’t leave this photo ;)

    and I just love the new word “fandwarfing”

  12. Amazing pic, I wonder just how much it has been manipulated/set up to achieve a dwarf look. And yeah, on with the fandwarfing!!!

  13. Thanks for sharing this with us RAFrenzy. :-)

    A friend send me this morning the Thorin pic while I was reading a book in the bus. It makes me smile for all the day… ;-)

  14. Frankly, I don’t really think he looks dwarvish, apart from the oversized boots. He has bend his knees a bit to look shorter but costume doesn’t even hide human body proportions very effectively. The low belt is meant to make him look shorter and stockier but at least in this pic the coat accentuates the natural waist. I think it will mostly be the height difference in comparison to men and elves that shows he is a dwarf, like in the pic with Gandalf and Elrond in the foreground.

  15. OMG, I just love this pic….. THUD. Brilliant work Heather to extract it & take out the words. When Mersguy sent me the link at work this morning I had to really restrain myself from pashing the screen. Not a good look in a modern open plan office with glass everywhere. LOL

  16. CAN’T. WAIT. :D

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