Being the Badass

Before I move onto the Okie school teacher, who is about as far from looking like an Okie school teacher as someone can get (no offense to male teachers in Oklahoma), I thought I would bask in the badass from Middle Earth:

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Photo courtesy of via @HeirsofDurin

Fandwarfing, A Reality

Fandwarfing* hasn’t made sense to me until today. The photos of Richard Armitage as a dwarf, frankly, didn’t look like a dwarf. He has always looked like himself in stature — rather large. But ‘Entertainment Weekly’ has a new raft of photos from ‘The Hobbit,’ and one of RA actually gives the appearance of a dwarf. And I find, I quite like it. I guess “dwarves” really can be sexy:

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You can see the rest of the photos including couple of more with RA on the EW site here.

* a term coined by Calexora to express the hysteria which goes on when seeing the little people and more especially one little people. :D

Photoshop excellence by Heather