How Much of a Richard Armitage Fan Are You Really?

I chuckle when I see pictures like this; it’s the sound of the rippling:

[click for source]

And I’m such a fan of Richard Armitage that I knew instantly he’s on the left of the bottom monitor. Either that or it’s someone who has a similar build and posture.

For those who didn’t click on the photo, Todd Garner, who is producing the movie Richard Armitage is filming in Michigan, continually keeps us poised to undulate with his Twitter feed. :D

Yes, I’m sparing you the twister jokes. Although I may not be able to refrain later.

Note: back soon with my Comic-Con write-up so I can breathe a sigh of relief and Heather can as well. ;-)


  1. Finally! An actual PICTURE from the set if we’re not mistaken. I would know that posture anywhere! :D *sigh*

    Looking forward to the SDCC write-up!

  2. That’s where my eye went immediately. It’s like there’s a homing device attached to the man or something. ;)

  3. You and clean shaven RA back in the one posting. Hooray. We can spot him in an obscured picture, thanks to our eagle eyes, but he does stand out in a group of people.

  4. I think our brains are somehow programmed to spot him! I find I can even recognize his grunts and groans. ;)

  5. Teuchter, what are you implying!!!!

  6. Well, whatever it is, a homing device, a programmed brain, or something else, it’s definitely working! I spotted him at once, there’s no mistaking that stance and posture. Looking forward to reading your CC report. :)

  7. LOL NZfanof RA!! I just knew when I hit the “Post Comment” button that I had put the cat among the pigeons as it were!! It’s just that even if I’m not looking – at the screen I mean – I would know from whom those sounds emanated! Oh dear, I don’t know if that sounds better or a whole lot worse! :)

  8. I do admit that my eyes were immediately drawn to that figure. Also the height seems right. Pity there is no more detail. Todd Garner sure knows how to tease but I am glad he is sharing something with us.

  9. Glad to see you back, Frenz. I was so certain it was Richard that I saved the pic from Twitter as soon as it came up!! But the, I’m a real fan of 13 years’ duration! Sorry, couldn’t resist! :)

    PS. hope everyone knows that @livinlovindoll is me on Twitter by now!

  10. And have you noticed that there is a second monitor in the photo? So we get two Richards for the price of one! ;-)

  11. Mezz … Retinal scanners automatically implanted upon first viewing an RA endeavor, maybe? *giggle* That’s where my eyes went, too. I think it’s the stance … very Guy-like to my mind. :)

  12. By golly, I think you’re right!! In fact, I’d put $5 on it. In all of the chaos around here, I hadn’t even considered that the movie was filming already and updates might be available. And this still doesn’t have a name?!!!

  13. Richie!:)….at least his highness the Beard is on vacation. ;)

  14. I really do scare myself with how quickly I can spot Richard Armitage. Homing device is right, Angie!


    We need to compare notes. :D

    Teutcher, I knew what you meant. :)

    Kap, he’s so got us on the hook. I feel like an idiot AGAIN. lol!

    EagleEye, Maybe someone will blow this up and improve the image so we can examine more closely.

    Welcome, Zan. Yeah, it’s definitely a Guy stance, but I’m thinking it also looks like John Standring.

    Oh, yeah, I’d bet on it, Queen.

    Kathryn! I’m so proud of you for getting on Twitter. Some others need to follow you!

  15. :D Love Ya Frenz!:D

  16. True confession time…I tried to blow it up on my screen using the Control – keys…worked but really fuzzy. Really. Any updates on title tho? That has me worried. I need something to worry about and this will work fine. Titles. Sheesh.

  17. LOL, I saw the pic (just the pic on FB) and I knew it was him, probably in his new film.
    It was so natural to me to recognize him that I didn’t stop to realize that maybe a non-fan wouldn’t… Because I’ve been under my rock (=studying) my first thought was, he’s already filming in the US??

    Great to see you back Frenz, hugs to you!

    OML :)

  18. Thanks, Joanna. :)

    Queen, You can’t have that to worry about; I’ve already got it. :D

    OML, I hope your studies are going well! Hugs back. :)

  19. I looked at the picture and thought “That’s RA, but I don’t recognise the production?” and then read the text to say where it was from. *sings* Everyone’s a little bit nerdy, it’s true …

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