Advanced Fangirling

I asked the other day if you are really a fan of Richard Armitage? This is a test to see if you are really, really a fan of Richard Armitage.

Yesterday this picture was posted on Twitter:

And immediately a fan spotted him. At first I didn’t believe it, but I had to go into Advanced Fangirling to determine it was really him. Advanced mode is when I break out Photoshop and feel the urge to draw arrows. I didn’t quite get to the arrows, but I couldn’t resist the urge to blow this thing up, and yes, he’s in the middle of the pic.

Now I’m really scaring myself that I know that. It’s the way he’s holding his arms out from his torso, and obviously those are his hands. This is worse than the Cats video. LOL!

And now Todd Garner must think we’re all nuts, and you know what? I don’t blame him. ;D

edit: Okay, you all forced me to resort to arrows. His head, which doesn’t show, would be to the right of the black spot. The upper green arrow points to his hand, and the lower green arrow points to his leg. Hope this helps. LOL!

second edit: this one is for the really, really blind among you. :D

third edit: for comparison purposes (thanks, Kaprekar); assuming you can actually see him in the other pic:

Black Sky pic courtesy of Todd Garner; Spooks screencap courtesy of


  1. I feel inadequate because I still don’t see him. Can you draw a circle around him?

  2. Microscopic!!!

  3. I’m not crazy. I just have an eagle eye. Really.

  4. Y’all all literally scaring the hell out of me.



    I do not see it.

    You are hallucinating. STOP EATING THE MUSHROOMS.


  5. I can also find Waldo…I’m THAT good.

  6. Oh my goodness!


    I CANNOT see him.

    Do you think that the CGI technology actually became so advanced that it shrank RA in real life during the filming of The Hobbit? Maybe he is now dwarf-sized! Is he jumping up and down for the camera under a big pile of wood, trying to be seen?

    Someone please help the woman with terrible eye sight. This is just sad and pathetic.

  7. I’m probably older than all of you put together.

    Step back from computer. Focus on the whitish center of pic. That’s his shirt. Darker area is suit coat. Let your eyes roam out from there.

    Oh NUTS!! I DO sound crazy! Have fun searching.

  8. “Step away from the computer, and nobody will get hurt …”

    OK, I am following your instructions. This is like one of those books where you have to stare at all of the dots so that you can see it in 3-D.

    Or something.

  9. Nope, nope, nope.

    I am still completely blind and see NO ONE that looks like John Thornton, John Porter, Lucas North, Thorin Oakenshield or Richard Armitage … in that photo.

    This is a conspiracy! I just know it! You guys are full of it!


  10. LOL! Frenz says she will put arrows. Maybe that will help.

  11. Only his body shows, don’t look for his head. It is hidden behind the debris. That’s about all I can tell you. Once you get it, it truly will be obvious. Good hunting. Bye.

  12. OK, I am scared, too. Because I DO see it. The height, the hands, the stance, the suit. And good Lord knows I am blind as a bat. Must be my ASP, That would be Armitage Sensory Perception kicking in. :D

  13. Everyone always has to make special arrangements for Heidi.

    I am the world’s biggest beggar for help and support. :-D

  14. I stared at the pic for ages and couldn’t see anything…now I’m wondering how I didn’t see there was a person there. I wouldn’t like to stake my money on who it is and rather disconcertingly I swear it looks like the head is on backwards but then I did have to take my glasses off to see it up close! Lol!

  15. But–you can’t actually see his head, Kathrynruth–so how can you tell if it is on backwards? LOL

  16. The stance is obvious. It’s him. No question.

  17. Fedoralady – I can see an ear…or at least my brain thinks I can ;)

  18. (After pretty arrows) I see him! Now is so clear, can’t believe I didn’t before.
    I think the height and weight plus stance give it away.

    OML :)

  19. kathrynruthd, I guess I haven’t detected an ear yet. ;)

    Yes, for me in these types of pictures where his face is obscured or completely hidden, it’s his stance that gives it away for me.
    If he is sitting, it is harder, but when he is standing–it’s so familiar. And LOL about the Cats video. The first time I watched that it was unmistakable which one was RA. The height. The thighs. The hands. The nose in profile. Did I mention the thighs? ;)

  20. If anything, a little of his forehead might be visible.

  21. Ah, but Frenz, is his forehead backwards or forwards? ;)

  22. Angie, don’t mess with my head like that! I’ve got to get some work done today. :D

  23. Sorry! I am a little loopy today. Go to work!

  24. It took me the longest time just to see a figure. Now I do see it and I am pretty sure it is a man facing the camera, but as to whether it is RA….well I must be a very poor fangirl then… Rather than arrows it might be better to draw a line around the whole body shape.

  25. Maybe a pic for comparison helps – I found this one but I’m sure there must be better examples.

  26. Can hardly type for laughing. So now it’s official. YOU PEOPLE are crazier than a bed bug!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m going to fall out of my chair in hysterics…..admittedly, it took me a while, but heck, this little old lady saw it WITHOUT the arrows!! *wiping tears*

  27. And yes, I am bragging. And yes, I am being judgemental…y’all are crazy and I am NOT! *ahem* :) Remedial Richard Armitage Fangurling…bwahahaha!!

    President of the Bad RA Fangirls

  28. RAFrenzy, you are my hero. Thanks for the good work.

  29. catlcp is the hero. She has eagle eyes! :D

  30. The fact that I wear bifocals and sometimes reading glasses on top of the bifocals on days when the eyes are particularly bad and I still saw him w/o all the arrows and circles does give me pause. Apparently (A)my eyes are not as bad as I thought and (B) my Armitage radar even keener than I thought. ;) Kap, I think that photo is a good example of the Armitage stance here, just reversed and looking in other direction.

  31. FINALLY. Please everyone agree, I’m NOT nuts. And I didn’t have the blow up to see. Those kind of things are just easy for me to see…don’t know why, just have always been able to do it. Now I’m going to fade away. If Todd posts another pic like that, I’m keeping my big mouth shut.

  32. On, no, no. Cathy, we need your eagle eyes. Plus, that was fun! :D

  33. Cat…I think he’s playing with us! But we’ll take whatever pics he throws our way. And we’ll love them! Even if it takes blowing the pics up 10,000% and staring at said pics for hours (focus, look away, focus, look away) cause we have folks who can do that AND draw pretty cirlces and arrows for us. Really! We have nothing else to do right?!! LOL!!! Thanks for the laughs…now off to change my Depends.

  34. It took me a moment or two but yes, there he is! One of the best parts of this post is the comments. I was just weak with laughter!! Another example of this well known stance this one from Ep 2 of Spooks 9 even though you can only see part of his legs (sadly)!

    There is also this one from the 2010 Mcgorty photoshoot although the angle is a little different.

  35. I only hope & pray Mr. Armitage NEVER sees this.

  36. I’m thoroughly convinced, Teuchter, but those pics ought to help others toward the same conclusion.

  37. I doubt he’s ever going to read this.

  38. LOL!! I knew you were convinced Frenz, but I’m always looking for an excuse to post pictures of the darlin’ man! :D

  39. Bring it! :D

  40. LOL I see him!

  41. OMG we all really are crazy to have resorted to this! I could only see him after you circled him in green. Hilarious!!! I got a really good laugh out of all this.

  42. ?? This reminds me of UFO pictures where I’m supposed to see a flying saucer in a blurry shot but to me this looks like beams and debris. Sorry can’t see a man figure in it.. even the blow ups don’t help.

  43. It will come to you. :D

  44. OK, so what’s he doing in a pile of debris?

  45. A tornado hit? :D No, that’s IS the question.

  46. Does it make a difference when I’m only using one eye? (I mean I only use one eye to see, cannot see the effect of 3D either)

  47. Hiding from us? Rescueing someone? Measuring inches from rafter to rafter to rafter? He’s an insurance adjuster on the side? It’s shot for the next magazine article? One thing is for sure…the suit is the one in that first pic Mr. Garner posted.

  48. Jacqui, that might make a difference, but this is not in 3-D. But there’s no question it’s a matter of focus. If you look at the pic with the green arrows, look at the top arrow and see the hand to the right of it in a sort of upside down u. If you move up from the hand, it should become clear that this hand is at the end of a suit clad arm.

  49. My guess wouldloooking for the missing son in the debris. This appears to be the immediate aftermath of the tornado. And yeah, that’s the suit, NB.

  50. Ok I looked at the enlarged version of this pic on TG twitter page and yes there is a person in a suit with not the head visible, what I thought was a beam is a leg, next to him another person I did notice where you can see a bare arm. This must be ‘Waldo’ ? OK UFO identified..! But is it alien…?

  51. I don’t see the other person near him, but there are people on the far right and far left of the picture, and there appears to be someone else on the far left.

  52. And of course it might be an alien. With the Oklahoma Teacher Dude headless, anything’s possible. :D

  53. I agree with fedoralady….he’s looking for his son. It’s just speculation, but Todd did label it “Rescue” Wonder if this shot will even be in the movie…

  54. I’ve made another blow up is this better to see?

  55. That’s what I think too. Correct me if I’m wrong but weren’t we told that his son goes missing after these disasters and he goes searching for him?

  56. and he’s standing by a boat!! I SEE A BOAT!!!

  57. That’s my understanding, Teuchter. He’s the widowed father and teacher who goes searching for his missing teenage son after this terrible tornado strikes.

  58. You’re creepinp me out with your eagle eye :D

  59. I’m sorry I started this whole thing. Not really. It’s been fun. Frenz, thanks for a great afternoon.

  60. I hope it’s been fun. Of course I’m going to be staying up late tonight trying to get some work done, but it was worth it. LOL!

  61. And now I know what a Fangirl is. I told my DH and he just looked at me and said “Thud”….no, I did not hit him. Bye.

  62. Wait, wait, wait. WAIT. Before I read ONE comment since I have been gone afternoon, I have to know one thing:

    Is that Todd Garner on the floor? Me thinks RA has had enough of this carnage and practicing his accent surrounded by a bunch of Okies.

  63. *cough cough* I would like to apologize to all of you for calling you CRACK ADDICTS.

    I just saw him in the photo.

    I’m hunting Garner down for sending that out and screwing with my head, dammit.

  64. Original pic… Couldn’t see it
    Enlarged pic… Couldn’t see it
    Arrows… Couldn’t see it
    Giant circle around it…. I saw it! I saw it!

    LOL! I think we just may be crazy. Only joking, I maintain my position that we are sane… I think…. I hope :D

  65. Yes it has been so much fun! excellent post funnier comments. Congrats to all of you how spoted him, I actually can’t. LOL. I’m beyond blind. Hope there’s more pics!

  66. Thanks for the arrows,Frenz!:D

  67. We are sane; anyone not in lurrrrve with RA is crazy. I admit that it took me a while to see it… but dammit, I stared at it until suddenly RA appeared like the gift from God he is. So don’t give up, Sus. Those who put in the time to see will be blessed. ;-)

  68. I couldn’t see anybody at first, except the guy on the far right, it was all just debris in the middle, even with my glasses on. It’s taken a few minutes, but now I can see him quite clearly. The stance is the giveaway, especially when you compare it with Kap’s pic. Great post, Frenz, and thanks for the laughs everyone, fab way to start my day!

  69. Wait. Wait. Wait.


    There’s A GUY ON THE RIGHT????

    Oh my gosh. There’s another PERSON in that photo?

    I need some Excedrin.

  70. Gee, I hope so! Otherwise I’ve been looking so hard I’ve actually started to see people where there are none!

  71. Hahaha! I had to go to the REGULAR photo to see the little face on the right-hand side. I was looking at the blow-up photo.

    Heidi = A Little Slow on the Trigger

  72. But…please tell me you see the BOAT!! Am I the only one who sees that??! He’s looking down into the boat…for his kid, for a fish, for bait, for a way to escape crazy fans??!

    NB, still Pres of Bad…no make that Remedial RA Fans. So much to learn and see, so little time

  73. THANK you for helping clarify his image…i had seen the arms; his posture is just one sexy thing about the man!

  74. They have boats in Oklahoma?

    We need to help these California people understand U.S. geography.

  75. If it’s the red thing you’re referring to NB, yes, I’d say it’s a boat. 99.999% sure it’s a boat!

  76. Actually, OK has some great lakes, not to be confused with THE Great Lakes where the fim is being…filmed. :) In fact the lakes I’m most familar with in OK are the Grand Lakes. So yep, they do have water that will float them boats.
    @Mezz…thank goodness. I was afraid I was the one now hallucinating.

  77. When I was trying to point him out to my daughter last night, she asked if he was standing next to the red bricks….? She didn’t see him until I blew it up and circled him. I have no opinion on the red thing.

  78. Drat it! I went back to look at the twitter picture and wiped out my whole message! :( That’s probably because I was laughing so hard I wasn’t paying attention. I don’t know when I last read anything as funny as all the comments here. I was literally choking with laughter! :) It’s weird but the more times I look at the picture the more things seem to reveal themselves. By the way Richard’s jacket is hanging open it looks to me as though he could possibly be leaning forward a bit and looking INTO the red boat. (Yes Mezz and NB, I’m fully persuaded it IS a boat!!) I even think this could be a boat-yard as on the left is what could be a part of a boat’s cabin lying there. Could his son be inside it and therefore somewhat protected? I guess we’ll have to wait for the movie to come out to see if any of our guesses are correct. Yet another movie we will likely have to wait many months to see!! :)

  79. Thanks caticp! I thought everyone was crazy until I read what you said about focusing on his shirt!! And presto, he was there!!!

  80. Actually, I think if Richard saw this, he’d really get a kick out of it. This is the most hilarious thing I’ve seen so far on his fan sites :)

  81. rbb, I’m glad you’re having fun. :D

  82. Agreed rbb..he’d laugh and then probably run like crazy from us. Errr, I mean y’all. Y’all are the crazy ones. Not me. :)

  83. Thanks Julie I won’t give up, actually I’m kind of a OBC… specially about RA :D

  84. I came to this late in the day, apparently, and I’m blinder than most. Can’t see him, but I’ve enjoyed laughing with those of you who can.

  85. Oh god! I spotted him before I was done reading the headline. There is no cure for this.

  86. @KaliAmanda – we don’t WANT to be cured! Everyone should be so sick.

  87. For those who still can’t see RA, look at “Abigail’s picture (may have to scroll down to see it):

  88. She has two posts with the picture. Look at the second one.

  89. I noticed the figure on the right straight away, but needed help with the central one. Can I just say, if I’m honest, I’m a bit relieved that I didn’t see it straight away. Dunno why, it’s like I haven’t crossed THAT line in my fangurling yet where Armitage appears to me on a slice of toast, in a grain of wood, in mold growth on walls etc. LOL!

  90. What agzym said.

    Thank you!


  91. agzym, I wasn’t actually looking for him, I just saw a figure and realized it was him. I never knew what a fangirl was until yesterday. I hope I also haven’t crossed that line.

  92. On a serious note (hey, it’s 4 something in the morning, and I’ve had no coffee), I think some people are born like catlcp. From a very young age, my daughter exhibited this skill and used to continually amaze all of the family with what she could see readily. Highlights Hidden pictures were usually done in a few moments not minutes, and it would drive her siblings crazy. But she’s an excellent proofer too, and they often went to her with their papers.

    BTW, that skill and a couple of others landed her in NY as a copywriter at the age of 20.

  93. @catlcp, I was drafting while you posted! :D

    I never thought you crossed a line. Fangirling is being willing to spend so much time and resources (Photoshop, etc.) to see if Richard was really there! LOL!

    I hope you take all of this in good fun because that’s all it is. :)

  94. RAFrenzy, I used to do Highlights Hidden pictures also. Loved them. AND I used to work in a steno pool where I had to type all day long. This was before “spell check” and we had to proof all of our work the old way, actually sit and read through it. Boring, but it paid the rent. You can tell that I have forgotten a lot of the rules of punctuation, spelling, etc. since those days.

    I spent some time on here yesterday going through your site reading, laughing, agreeing, and having fun. So yes, it is all in good fun. I blame my snippiness (is that a word?) this morning on my back and the pain pill I’m on.

    Why are we up so early? Oh yes, for me, bad back…bad night. You? Go get some sleep. I’m going to try to also.

    Oh, and people, for those of you who still don’t see him…I give up.

  95. […] RAFrenzy tests the level of fangurling with this picture. […]

  96. You’d better check the other set pictures as well!

  97. @caticp Hey, seriously, if any of my comments were taken as a dig, I apologize. I sometimes forget that non-verbal communication is not a factor on the Internet, and I dish out wisecracks with a good-natured smile on my face but forget others can’t see that.

    This was a really fun blog entry, and if it hadn’t been for you, none of us would have had several hours of wholesome entertainment yesterday.

    *cursies to the Cat, Jane Austen style*

    Have a great day.

  98. lovemrthornton (I like that name), You have no need to apologize. I didn’t take any of your comments as a dig…you made me laugh (“Step away from the computer…”) I enjoyed all of the comments from everyone. I laughed my way through yesterday.

    As I said, back = pain = pain pills = snippiness (still not sure if that is a word). Let me add – sleep deprived. There, that covers it.

    Now lets all take VioletsFrameworkBlog’s advice and go check out the other set pictures…?!

    *curtsies right back at cha* well, I would, but the back, you know….

  99. Frenz,
    I think, as you say, it is an ability a person may naturally possess–just as some people are natural mimics. Once the image was blown up to aid my nearsightedness, I had absolutely no trouble spotting the figure and was a little surprised so many people had problems.

    But then again, I have always been good at that sort of thing. I joke about my Armitage radar, and goodness knows, between the fanart and vids I do and general watching, I am very familiar with his image. But I am also a very visual person–have been since way, way back. ;)

  100. This is, by far, the craziest thing I have ever seen. You super-visioned people are mad… And I’ve never been prouder to be part of this group :D
    How? How… Who has superman vision? Before reaching the arrowed pic I couldn’t see him, even IN the arrow one my head was screaming “WHERE???!!! WHAT ARE THEY SEEING?! Has Frenz lost it? Why is she pointing to a piece of wood? How skinny is RA supposed to be here? o_O”
    I finally took my head back a bit (my face was squished up against the screen) and saw HIM!!! I’m glad I spotted it before the second edit with the outline. Hehe.
    But I was, and I still am, laughing like a loony. It’s insane how you super humans pick up on this. And the comments! Hahahaha.
    Next time Richard, wearing a bright red suit would help – us and your lost son. He’s like a needle in a haystack there, a needle that’s the same colour as hay.
    Man I need to rest my eyes, I think a part of my brain blew up.

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  102. I think Sheepa’s comment is the most hilarious I’ve seen so far on all of these 102 (now 103) comments.

    And I’m usually the one who tries to be the funniest person in the room.


  103. I think if the pic hadn’t been in sepia tones everyone would have found him in the blink of an eye. But I think that’s why Mr. Garner posted it like that, so we wouldn’t see anything but debris.

    I am now a fangirl. Thank you, RAFrenzy.

  104. @lovemrthornton Haha, trust me, your comments cracked me up right from the start! :D

  105. @catlcp, I’m glad you’re still with us! :D

    @lovemrthornton, Sheepa inspired this post:

  106. This is off subject, sort of, but does anyone know who those 2 people in the next photo (after “our” photo) Todd Garner posted are? I have no clue.

  107. Kevin James and Adam Sandler. It’s promotion for Garner’s new movie, Here Comes the Boom.

  108. I mean this picture…

    Hope this link works.

  109. I just missed that one! :D

    Here she is:

  110. Ah, thank you. Now scroll down the pic and look at the young man…who is that?


  112. Oops, sorry, I can look him up myself. He’s got to be one of those actors listed on imdb. Thanks for the other info.

  113. You are very kind. Thank you. I was typing and we crossed posts. Appreciate your help. Now I will stop.

  114. oh no…another photo??????!!!! Mr. Garner is such a cutup. And I am such a goof. I have cakes to bake, gardens to tend and what am I doing? Staring at yet another pic. Have mercy!!

    @cat…(can I call you “cat”? My ancient eyeballs can’t make out your entire name and I’m too durned lazy to get up and search for glasses! ) YOU’RE A FAN!!! Welcome to the asylum!!! :D

  115. @catlcp, I’m fairly sure it’s Jeremy Sumpter who was in Friday Night Lights.

  116. Dang, Frenz, I just can’t quit you…I was really going to leave you alone. Thanks for the info. If I wasn’t so dense (the pills are wearing off), I should have looked it up myself.

    @NovemberBride…call me anything you want…cat is fine. CATLCP is what I go by, but “Hey you” will also work.

    Laundry is calling. Must answer.

  117. @catlcp Welcome!!! That was some very cool fangirling, spotting him like that! The craziest fangirl thing I’ve done is get off my train to take a picture of him in his MASSIVE Strike Back poster. But then again my brain kinda stopped working when I looked out the window and saw his massive-poster face next to mine.
    Just in case you hadn’t seen one, I’m talking billboard size…

  118. OK CATLCP is is!!! LOL!! Love that you put that in all caps cause I STILL don’t have my glasses on. Oh wait…they’re one top of my head. Bwahahaha. I’m hopeless. Laundry, baking and garden are calling. Stinks how RL invades fangurling.

    Oh my gosh, Sheepa…words fail me…

  119. @NovemberBride Yup, words failed me everytime I saw it too. I could only manage to say “THAT’S the actor I’m in love with” with the stupidest grin on my face. To my friends of course, not random strangers o_O

  120. @Sheepa, wow, that’s some billboard. Nice. Thank you for the welcome. All credit goes to Frenz. Her blog has made me a certified (certifiable?) fangirl.

    @NovemberBride…LOL! I understand.

  121. Another form of ‘advanced fangirling’? a fan called Brigitta spotted this in Peter Jacksons videoblog,

  122. @jacqui I paused that video there tons of times too, I might be wrong but I don’t think jumping jack is Richard :S

  123. Many thanks to you jacqui and Brigitta for sharing this! I tried umpteen times to slow-mo this part enough to see it clearly and now I can! Richard and Graham McTavish are obviously having a ball. Yet another example of the fun they all undoubtedly had while making these movies!! :D

  124. OK, I’m on some major pain killers for what they think is a pinched nerve, and I called this blog entry back up while I am flat on my back, and oh. my. gosh.

    You people are 1,000 funnier the second time around.

    Do you think Garner would produce a sitcom if we all wrote it?


  125. @lovemrthornton – Can it star RA? And can we all play the part of his fake wife?

  126. I should not post a reply as I am now officially loopy on these painkillers, and the first thing that came to mind would get me in A LOT OF TROUBLE with everyone who is going to vote for Mitt Romney.

    Thank you, that is all, I am slamming my fingers in a car door now to prevent myself from typing,

  127. I had more in mind 1 wife, that for some reason requires 100 women to play the part. Maybe we’re moody or schizo or something. Or maybe we keep killing each other off. It could happen.

  128. @julie Now THAT sounds great! Ain’t a sitcom if someone hasn’t killed Kenny. I don’t wanna be Kenny, I’d rather be that one character who always gets run over, hit by a ball, kicked in the head, etc, and still gets up and says “I’m okay!”

    @lovemrthornton If we do this sitcom you’re definitely going on these same pills. I have a feeling they bring out the crazy genius in you ;)

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  130. WOW!!! Amazing detective work!

  131. Note to producers: He comes with an army of fans, and they will watch ANYthing that promises a glimpse of their man. Call the casting directors.

  132. […] times. Not right now, but if the right picture comes along, I can certainly go into this mode. See here for proof I can do this. […]

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