Me, Uncouth?

Have you ever had an uncomfortable celebrity encounter? Oh, I never have [looks at heaven for possible lightning].

For those who have been so lucky, there’s a place to share the shame at the aptly named Awkward Celebrity Encounters:

I’m so glad, Abby, the blog’s owner, has made it available since it’s a balm for those recovering from a less than stellar experience. Of course I wouldn’t know anything about that. Just sayin’.

And now for the part where my curiosity kicks in ’cause I’m interested in everything and frequently compelled to ask questions.

So Abby, how did you get started drawing? Were you always attracted to caricature or cartoon drawing?

I’ve doodled and drawn comics since I was a teenager. In high school I did autobiographical comic strips to blow off steam and have a laugh with my friends and poke fun at myself and my family.

What gave you the idea for the blog?

I’ve actually had a number of awkward celebrity encounters myself. I like hearing other people’s stories, because an otherwise-normal person will react totally weirdly when they meet someone famous. Meeting a celebrity is a charged moment, maybe because our expectations come face-to-face with reality in a very confined space.

That’s so well put! Uh, well, it sounds like what it might be like. Anything else?

My greatest inspiration was probably the comic strip Pathetic Geek Stories, by Maria Schneider. I loved the format, where readers submitted their stories and she drew them as comics – it was almost like therapy. I use more of a mash-up style, combining my doodles with photographs of celebrities, because I lack confidence and I’m lazy.

Wow. That’s honest. And frankly, your honesty is what makes the drawings work so well, and I love the mash-up style. The juxtaposition is eye-catching.

Of course I also want to hear about your discovery of Richard Armitage and what you think of him. Always love to hear about that.

My British friend Laura came over for a girls’ movie-night-in, and she brought her “Vicar of Dibley” DVDs with her. Alas, they were British-region format discs and they wouldn’t play in my U.S. machine.

I was ready to suggest something else, but Laura had just come from work, so she whipped out her laptop computer and she was like, “I’m sorry, but you HAVE to see this.” So we hunched over on my sofa and watched Vicar of Dibley “Wholly Holy Happy Ending” on a tiny laptop screen without my ever having seen a single Vicar of Dibley episode before. Of course we were both laughing to the point of tears.

It wasn’t exactly love at first sight, but later that week I watched “North and South” on Netflix Streaming and then RA had me hook, line and sinker.

Nowadays, Laura sees me coming and crosses to the other side of the street.

LOL!   Ahem.

By the way, I wish I had read your advice for meeting celebrities before I met one. Not that it wasn’t great. It was wonderful, fantastic, what dreams are made of…[fingers crossed behind my back].

A little bio in case you want to know more:

Abby grew up in New York City, earning notoriety for angrily slamming her bedroom door in NYU faculty housing a record 5,047,863 times in a single week at age 14. She is now happily married to her own 6’2″, baritone-voiced dream, lives in Connecticut, and is devoted to her two young daughters (as long as nothing new has been posted to the “Richard Armitage” tag on tumblr in the past 5 seconds). She is literally the last person on Earth who doesn’t own a smartphone.

We need to talk about the smartphone, but thankfully she has a blog where you can track her down. You can also catch up with her on her other blog and on Twitter.

Note: hopefully next post is my celebrity encounter.


  1. I don’t have a smartphone either! And I’m not going to get one! LOL. Fancy mobile phones would be wasted on me as I don’t use a mobile if I can get out of it. I have the cheapest prepaid phone on the market and buy a $30 voucher occasionally – this voucher can last me up to a year! I have my mobile with me at all times in case of emergency and so people can contact me when I’m out, but I’d rather wait until I get home to call back on my landline or email them.

    Sorry, Frenz. I didn’t mean to write an essay! Great interview BTW

  2. I would be at a complete loss without my smartphone! :D

  3. I know I’m a weirdo LOL I’d love to have an iPad though. My son just says I always want all the latest toys as I told him I need a Kindle!

  4. Oh, hey, I think you’re about as normal as someone can get. My SO barely carries a phone. He calls it a leash and frequently jumps his.

  5. Great interview — And I’m addicted to my IPhone — And just so you know… THE SUSPENSE IS KILLING ME!
    Pardon me for yelling. It’s okay really .. Take all the time you need. I am just a terribly impatient and nosy person who is dying to enjoy an RA meeting even vicariously. *slinking off guiltily while peering over my shoulder and muttering incoherently*…

  6. I’m really not trying to tease. I really, really had to get back my sense of humor. It deserted me right after Comic-Con. Trust me you would not have wanted to read what I wrote then. LOL! I’m no fun at all when my humor is lacking.

  7. I know and I do understand — I’m just teasing. (and making fun of myself or trying to anyway).

  8. I don’t blame you. I would be impatient too. LOL! I’m just glad I can laugh again. I honestly could not laugh for about two weeks. That’s not me. No, actually, that’s the ugly me.

  9. I’m glad you’re able to laugh again too! :)

  10. Thanks, Phyllis. :)

  11. Smartphone? What’s a smartphone? (I’m kidding, I’m kidding!)

    I loved the cartoon. It reminds me of a Canadian radio show that I heard on my first trip to Prince Edward Island. The Canadian audience was talking about famous celebrity encounters and one man told a story of going to a golf shop at St. Andrews in Scotland. The man said he went into the shop and accidentally knocked down the man standing near the door. And when the man picked himself off the floor and stood up….it was Sean Connery. Classic “whoops” moment.

  12. Wow. I’m trying to picture someone being big enough to knock Sean Connery down.

    BTW, can you see those white marks on my avatar? Or am I the only who can see those? Weird.

  13. You ARE teasing, Frenz! (Don’t deny it.) And what a good way to hold the suspense… I loved this post! :)

  14. Thank you for interviewing me! And I join in the legions of fans who are anxiously awaiting the tale of your encounter with Richard. (which I hope wasn’t awkward…)

  15. Nat,

    I know I have a rep,but I haven’t been teasing. LOL! I think I was depressed. Seriously. But I’m coming out of it, and doing a post like this was great fun.

    Abby, Thank you for letting me interview you. Had a blast! You’ll have to wait to find out about my encounter. :D

    BTW, have either of you read this wonderful blog piece?

    That ought to satisfy any hunger to hear about a fan encounter. I know it has mine, but then I may need to read it another 15 times. :D

  16. I liked this blog, too — especially the Benjamin Bratt story. Painful, but oh so wonderful.

  17. […] Given the number of F2F Armitage encounters this week, fans may want to read up on meeting celebrities. Frenz does an interview with an Armitage fan who’s got advice on this sensitive issue. […]

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