41 is Good Too

Everyone makes such a thing out of turning 40, but 41 can be pretty sweet as well. I had a baby at 41, and although I never would have planned that, it was one of the greatest things that ever happened to me. It’s kept me young at heart. My birthday wish for Richard Armitage is that he can always stay young at heart. The key is pursuing a passion.

Dear Rich,

Your ability to keep pursuing what you love with great heart and humor really has been inspiring to me personally. It’s been part of the catalyst for doing something that my SO begged me to do for years — writing.

Thank you for that, and I hope you have a wonderful birthday.

One of your crazy fans


  1. Hey, Frenz….Mum was 41 when she had me! and 43 when she had my little brother!! We were accidents – she already had 5 children aged from 19 down to 12!

    How’s the world been treating you and yours over the past few weeks? I hope things are getting better

  2. A perfect wish, Frenz! As the song goes, “Fairy tales can come true, it can happen to you If you’re young at heart.” :)

    My Mom had my sister at 39, not so much younger. And she’s still going strong at 85.

    Looking forward to reading more of your wonderful work. :)

  3. Any birthday is what you make it / how you see it. My 40th was a disaster, my 41st I don’t remember, my 42nd amazing. I hope he has exactly the birthday (and the memories of the day) that he wants; he deserves it!

  4. Happy Armitage Day, dear friend. May it be full of brooding stares and black leather and other RA entertainment. :)

  5. I am reminded of a bumper sticker I saw once: “You can grow older, but that doesn’t mean you have to grow up.” *grins wickedly* Happy birthday to our hero, RA!

  6. just for the record…I love this photo. A lot.

  7. I hope 41 is a good age for Richard as it was for me. Now to see how 42 goes. Just turned 42 on the 12th of August. Really age is just a number, my dad was always proud to let everyone know his age, but now can’t voice it due to Parkinson’s now. Big things are in store this year for Richard. Can’t wait for the Hobbit!

  8. I need that bumper sticker!

    I love to hear those stories, Kathryn!

    Happy Birthday, Katie! And I agree with Servetus that it’s what you make it. It just seems society tries to make it something for us. Ignore them! and 51 is pretty good too. Would love to be 41 or even 51 again. LOL!

    Nat, I MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yeah, Queen, I love that pic too, but how many don’t I love? :D Did you see the hi-res retread posted by hobbit twitter yesterday?

  9. Zan, sometimes you have to work at that doncha? I know I do, but I’m glad to report, I’m successful.

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