Action Figure Time — Thorin’s Available

Are you one of those Richard Armitage geeks who has an action figure collection? Yeah, well, so am I and admit it freely! Don’t ask how many I own. I won’t admit to that. :D

Doesn’t look exactly like RA but neither does Little Guy, and that never stopped some of us.

If you would like a Thorin, then check out the post at TheOneRingnet


  1. *sigh* Yeah, I pre-ordered one. I notice it is recommended for ages 4-15. Well, RA makes me feel as if I am 15 again, so I guess that’s suitable. ;) Looks like Thorin dropped some weight, too!

  2. Of course. All RAbid fans ordered one. :D

  3. Wonder what that would look like on top of a cake? Reckon the kiddies would be scared?

  4. Yes, I’ll admit it, I per orderd one too. Well Little Guy needed a buddy didn’t he. LOL

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