Unearthing Richard

Richard Armitage has a penchant for redeeming the character of Richard III and that inclination may be in line with the stars. What else to explain the windfall of attention from the dig done in Leicester this week?

The infamous king, who has long been a source of controversy among scholars, was possibly disinterred from his resting place under a council car park (in Yankee = public housing parking lot):

And now I’m wondering how “Gary” will deal with this while traversing the rubble to chase after his son. I hope Richard Armitage can do split personality well; otherwise, this opportunity will slip away. No, I don’t mean that. Our boy is too smart for that. Yes, I’m biased. :D

Read more about the dig here.

To read more about Richard Armitage’s desire to mount a production of Richard III that gives an alternative account to the one left by the Tudors and Shakespeare, go here. And please note Richard Armitage is not directly involved with the petition.


  1. Once I started doing research and reading The Sunne in Splenour, I’ve become a RIII enthusiast. It’s all very exciting :)
    I highly recommend those who haven’t really been interested in the topic to join our Collective Reading of Penman’s book:

  2. Even without the RA-link, this is so exciting. The way the joy on Richard Taylor’s face builds throughout his delivery about the find is just heart-warming. :) It made me feel just how important this is to him, and I’m sure, to the rest of the team. Can’t wait to hear the results of the testing!

    Let’s hope “Gary” has some down time to enjoy this bit of news from home. :)

  3. @RAFrenzy, I probably don’t have to tell you how excited I am about the discovery (whether it proves to be Richard Plantagenet via MtDNA analysis or not) It seems a strong likelihood. And while Richard Armitage has no connection to the dig, or to the script being developed by Philippa Langley of the Scottish branch of the RIII Society, the developments could be a spur to an actual production of a more truthful representation of a reviled English king. Thanks to his usurping Tudors… :D If it does lead to a production, I hope Mr. A has some role to play in it.

    On a more serious note, my condolences to the families of the embassy officials in Libya, who lost their lives there. And to the American nation.

  4. Fuels my enthusiasm for our group read & chat of “The Sunne in Splendour!”

    This was a fun news story yesterday and gave me a splash of sunshine during this horrific week for our own nation.

  5. Thanks for linking to the fan initiative!

  6. […] this is a moment when a lot of things may be going on behind the scenes. So does Frenz, apparently, in her urging to Armitage to strike while the iron is hot. One indication we’ve all seen — this really strangely worded supplement to the […]

  7. […] long ago a body was unearthed from its burial place under a car park in the UK. It may be the corpse of King Richard III, the […]

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