The Hobbit Premiere in New York

My daughter said something to me about this, and I wasn’t going to post it until she could get me all the information, but someone else has posted about it on TheOneRingnet, so I’m going ahead. This is what I know so far:

I would love to hear from any others who got word on this. Meanwhile, I will be breathing down my daughter’s neck to get me that email she said she already sent! :D

And will there be a red carpet event? I’m not sure I’m up to paying $500 for this. LOL!

note: I got word on the TORn post by way of RichardArmitageNet.Com’s Twitter account. Thank you, Ali!


  1. EGADS! That’s intense. O_o

  2. Tickets starting at $500 !!! Still at least there may be tickets to buy, most premieres are invitation only, but I guess they are making this one into a benefit too.

  3. Oh my god! Being there would be so magical! It’s such a pity a live in Spain. Too far away…

  4. Intense? Certainly.

    I actually thought about coughing up $500 because it would be a lot of fun to go to something like this. Not to hound any celebrities (yuck) but just to see what it’s about. But then I would feel guilty about not paying for my two daughters, and I can’t quite justify $1,500.

    Andromaca82, It would just be lovely to meet you. :)

    And I’m wondering who in the hell would vote down this post. Ah, wait, I think I know who it would be. ROFLOL!

  5. I will hang out outside, but can’t afford the $500, unless I win the lottery. May be looking at possible hotel reservations this weekend. YES! Thanks for the info Frenz, much appreciated.

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  8. There’s a good chance I’ll be in NY and if so, I’ll be hanging around outside the theater. :)

  9. It would be great to meet you and Faboamanto as well if you’re there. :)

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