Adele May Talk Me Into a Bond Flick

Someone sent me a link to the title tune of the new James Bond Movie, Skyfall, which was just released a few minutes ago although the movie will not be in theaters until November 9, 2012. In the meantime, enjoy a little Adele:

I haven’t seen any of Daniel Craig’s movies as Bond, but I understand he’s pretty good. Adele might actually persuade me to give this one a go.

For Richard Armitage fans, how many of you would love to see him as Bond? I gave my opinion about that here, and I still feel the same, but I’m open to having my mind changed. :D


  1. I’m pretty excited about this film and love the song – very bond-esque

    I’m torn about RA playing bond. Daniel Craig has definitely taken the Bond character into tortured soul territory and we know RA nails that. However, I agree that the Bond franchise doesn’t scream “serious actor” and after TH I don’t think he doesn’t need it as a way to lift his profile.

    Would I see it a billion times if he was in it? Yes, oh yes. :)

  2. Holy freaking COW. I love Adele’s song so much. And Craig as Bond? Please, if you’re ever in the mood for something new, watch him in Casino Royale. That movie a tour-de-force in brooding intensity. :)

  3. Hub thinks Daniel Craig beats even Sean Connery hands down. Hub is major 007 fan, btw. May convince him that RA is the most worthy successor to Craig when the time comes. As far me, I totally hated bond until Pierce Brosnan played him! Daniel Craig just turns up the smolder factor like none other…that is until our Rich takes a crack at it ; ). As far as Adele…voice of a goddess!

  4. Adele is fantastic and the way she sings this is perfect for a Bond movie, Daniel Craig made a terrific Bond and I agree with Ruth – he was amazing in Casino Royale. I think I’ll be more than tempted to go watch this new one. I have the DVD of Quantum of Solace but haven’t watched it yet. Maybe I should do that tonight! ;)

    Richard would make a perfect Bond – all suave and sexy and looking gorgeous with any Bond Girl he might act with – but I doubt he would take on such a role. Personally, I think he will soar to much greater heights!

  5. I was a little underwhelmed and that’s just a first impression. I won’t join the RA for Bond club anytime soon though I have no doubt he would do the role justice.

  6. Underwhelmed with the song? Or with Craig? I doubt I’m going to change my mind about RA playing Bond.

  7. I quite like the way plays Bond, there’s a roughness there which was absent in other actors portrayals or at least from some eg Brosnan, Moore certainly. Actually I think he’s just a much better actor than many of the others – did you see him play Bond in the Olympic opening ceremony film, some of the moments he had in that were fantastic.

    Of course RA would nail Bond, given the chance, but it’s unlikely to happen, I think DC will not relinquish the role for quite a while.

  8. I should have added that although he would be fantastic playing Bond I wouldn’t particularly want so see him do it. Even Mr A himself said he rather be a “Bond Baddie”!

  9. How wonderful is it that we are back to The Characteristic Bond song (I’m looking at you Madonna!). I adore Adele!
    BTW, I think Richard would make a wonderful Bond, but the character has moved on with Daniel Craig and it’s nothing like what I remember as a child.
    Just so you know, people who comment how they wouldn’t want Armitage to play this role or that bug me sometimes ;)
    Mr Armitage would be lucky to ever be offered the Bond role.
    He has proven he will act in most projects that offer a paycheck. He’s done some great things, but has also worked on crappy projects. I don’t think he’s very picky at all.

  10. What about RA playing a Bond semi-villain who turns out to be an ally in the end? I could see it happening this way. RA has said he tries to find some good in his bad characters and it would give him the opportunity to play both sides.

    There might even be some comedic possibilities as Bond and bad guy banter back and forth. Bad guy could even sacrifice himself for Bond’s sake, uttering a last quip at the end.

  11. I definetely don’t think he would say no to Bond because it’s not high-brow enough. I’m not against it. It would keep his profile high for several years but leave enough room for other stuff. I’m not a big Bond fan, but he would be perfect. Though I heard today that DC has signed for two more movie and by the time he leaves RA will probably be too old. Love the song.

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