Thorin in 3-D

Yeah, yeah, it’s been covered, but have you actually seen Richard Armitage, er, I mean Thorin in 3-D? With all the Hobbit links flying around, I just wanted to make sure you got to see at least a small version of the 3-D posters. Click on the photo for a peek.

And really, you haven’t lived until you’ve stood next to the 1-1/2 times life size posters that were at Comic-Con. Phew! His eyes follow as you move around and what eyes they are! But as compelling as they appear, they’re absolutely no comparison to the real thing. :D


  1. The good stuff just keeps on a-coming! And please, Frenz, describe those eyes if you would. We have all the time in the world … and I have a dictionary handy. :D

  2. ROTFLOL, Janine!! Dictionary indeed.

    Frenz…I knew you were going to say the eyes follow you thing. I just knew it!!! wow, just wow! 1-1/2 times larger than life size????? Have mercy….

  3. I clicked on the picture!! Oh my word!!!! *faints*

  4. I will not beg, Janine ;)

  5. When it comes to those eyes, I would beg, Joanna. Still have that dictionary at hand, Frenz. :)

    Also is it odd I have 3d Thorin endlessly turning on a window on my phone? And if you stare, er, look for a few minutes, er, seconds, it looks like his chest, er, armor is rising and falling.

    Oh, dear.

  6. Oooooo! Your right!! I does seem to rise and fall. “Oh dear” indeed! Just one more thing to have me rooted to the spot. ;)

  7. Thank goodness. I’m not losing my mind from being mesmerized. : D

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