Do You Really Want to Go to New Zealand to See The Hobbit?

What are you waiting for?! Sign up for Air New Zealand’s contest to win a chance for a fantastic trip. Seeing The Hobbit is only part of it!! You know my hatred for certain kinds of punctuation. Would I be using this many exclamation points if I weren’t serious about this?!! You only have a little while longer to enter. 6pm on Sunday 11th November 2012 NZ Time is the deadline, and that is, well, I don’t know how many hours that is from now, but it’s not long.

If you haven’t clicked on the contest link, just know that it has something to do with this video:

And no, you’re not seeing things. There are a couple of familiar nuts in it. They get to let us in on the experience here:

I’m utterly serious that they are nuts. Larry Curtis (aka MrCere at TORn) despite his beautiful baritone voice is definitely a nut. Cliff? Oh yeah. :D And I say all of this with the greatest affection. They fit right in with this place. (note to self: I need to write about these two some more).

Okay, I found a clock for all of you who are like me and lazy and don’t have the inclination to keep up with the current time in New Zealand. ;p


  1. I signed for this one and their New York one. Well, really, why not?

  2. If you win the NZ trip, Janine, meet me for coffee sometime between noon on 27 Nov to noon on 30 Nov in Wellington? I’ll be there on my lonesome so would appreciate someone to share thoughts

  3. LOVE YOU FRENZ!!!!!!!! :D

  4. Love you too! :D And if I could get tickets to the London premiere for you, I would!

  5. Janine, Absolutely! I hope you can come to NY even if you don’t get tickets.

    Wish you were there too, Kathryn, and I certainly envy your time in NZ — Hobbit or no Hobbit.

  6. […] Plans firmed up this week. Fabo is going to be attending the NYC premiere and party with two friends; Judit, Linda60 and Agzy are going to London; a private FB group started this week of people who will be going to Wellington, and they’ve put a Thorin photo on their car door to identify themselves. For those of us who aren’t going to a premiere, I saw several reports of buying tickets, like Zan’s. Then there were the Wellington fans who stood in line only to be disappointed, but were saved by Peter Jackson. Though I don’t think of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey as connected to “my entire life,” I am starting to understand that sentiment, and I was surprised, myself, how much I ended up caring about this question. If your plans are not firm, and you’re still looking for an HFR (48 fps) showing, here is the list of theaters that TORn is aware of. If you know of others, get in touch with them. And finally, a post I really admired on enjoying what you have, even when you can’t attend a premiere party and rub shoulders with the great man. GB is not planning to attend a premiere, but drew a wonderful cartoon depicting what would happen if he did. And if you are hoping against hope, Frenz explains how to win a trip. […]

  7. Aw thanks Frenz! I will be going but I doubt I will see any celebrity let alone Richard. What with all the PJ fans, Tolkien fans AND the cast fans, unless I camp out (not possible, school night) I don’t think I’ll see anyone. But I shall go anyway! Already booked to see the film on the 14th :D

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