The Quiet Man

At The Hobbit Press Conference in Japan, Peter Jackson seemed to speak with a reverent tone when he described the power of Richard Armitage’s character portrayals. It was certainly a succinct description of what has drawn me and so many others.

‘Quiet Honor’

Yes, that describes it. Sir Peter goes on to explain Richard’s ability as an actor, “He has a stillness and quietness that draws the eye when he’s on screen…You want to watch what he’s doing. A very rare abiltity.”

Then Martin Freeman spoke of Richard the person, and his demeanor also conveyed a respect that bordered on the reverent, “He brings as a person — quiet determination, respects himself and others. He holds onto a strong core of himself. The least arrogant person you would ever meet… He is essentially a decent person, a good human being… I like being around him.”

I have much more I want to say, but I can’t tonight, and honestly, I probably won’t get to it on this blog. It would be wonderful to do so, but I’m too slow a writer. Picking out words doesn’t come as naturally to me as picking out notes on a piano. But I had to at least give some commentary on this press conference as Peter Jackson’s words struck such a chord in me.

Now will someone get that in video STAT! I’m traveling and can’t do it! Or I would. Oh, I would.

edit: RACentral has put up a five part video of The Hobbit Press Conference in Japan I’ve made a playlist. First up:


  1. Lovely words indeed from them all. Would love to get some of the “jam” they were making. Nit: “core” not “chore” though. :D

  2. LOL! I had “chord” on the brain. :D Thanks for the catch.

  3. I heard a bit of what Peter Jackson and Martin Freeman said and I was struck by the calm sincerity of their words — What a wonderful tribute to our favorite actor. Thank you for linking this in your twitter update. It was a touching moment that gives me much to think about.

  4. It has been an essential quality that has quietly drawn many supporters, and will draw many more on the bigger screen. Thanks for this reference, Frenz.

  5. Oof! Just fallen more in love with this man I’m already in love with!

  6. I got chills listening to Peter and Martin praise Richard. The whole atmosphere seemed so serene. Does that make sense? I’ve never seen one like it.

  7. Loved that the press was interested to know what Peter thought of Richard and Martin, and what Richard and Martin thought of each other. It’s like getting a review by your peers in front of a live audience. They are all so very thoughtful and respectful of each other, while having a bit of fun. Don’t know how much more I can take, but I will remain strong, and will remain calm. *thud*

  8. There was a reverence when Jackson and Freeman spoke of Richard Armitage. I felt funny using that word when I first wrote the post, but that was the tone. I’ve changed my post to reflect that.

  9. This is the first I’ve heard of anything that was said at the Japan conference, and it’s reduced me to tears again. I’ve been such a sook these past few days watching Richard, getting quite emotional about this darling man getting the recognition he deserves…and it’s just beginning.

  10. I loved how they were all forced to pause and wait while the interpreters did their jobs. The questions and answers seemed more thoughtful and respectful than at other press conferences. Or was that just me? Will the red carpet be as crazy as in Wellington?

    On a side note: I hope they found a big enough bed for Richard! :) Just kidding, but my brain keeps imagining him in one of those “economy” hotels they have. Can’t you just see it? ;) Flat Stanley, anyone? :D

  11. I have to say this even if it makes someone groan. When I read Martin Freeman’s description of RA, it is a perfect description of SO. It has struck me repeatedly how much he reminds me of SO right down to the innocent quality he exude at times. Purity is how I think of it. This is the highest compliment I can pay to Richard Armitage — to compare him to someone of SO’s excellence. And I hope none of this sounds haughty. It has nothing to do with me except that I was fortunate enough to end up with a man of this caliber, and I am very, very thankful.

  12. I expected a lot of this press conference and it totally filled that. Japan does reverence very well, beautiful questions obviously (unfortunately not translated) to bring those answers out – it was magic to view the life stream – thought it was a serene love fest :)
    I also suspect RA will get a huge following there after his portrayal – Thorin’s warrior Honor & Loyalty reminiscent of Japanese samurai

    PS: Frenz that’s double happiness for you!
    PPS: I feel so proud to be his fan!

  13. The serenity at that gathering was remarkable. The comments from PJ and MF were succinct, because the true measure of a person can be said simply, without flowery words.

    You asked me once if I thought he was for real. I said yes. I gave my reasons, but as I did, I wondered why I was so sure. I am a cynic at heart, and a man such as RA is rare. But I believed it to be true with every fiber of my being. I trusted my gut for once. And watching that sweet tribute to him told me that at the heart of him is a core of purity. It doesn’t flash and burn but glows and shines, attracting attention of the astute

  14. The phone posted for me, it would seem.

    To finish:

    Don’t sell yourself short, Frenz. This doesn’t need any more than what you wrote. We all look for bigger, stronger words when in the grip of these emotions because they are big and strong within us.

    I hope I can say this as I want and convey my point. We toss around words, striving to define that which is within us, led to thinking that the fancier the word, the better. In describing RA, it is not going to work. His essence is simple.

    A quiet man.

    I have known two men whom I would say the same of, one a pastor, one my grandfather.

    It is rare. It is beautiful. That is Richard Armitage.

  15. So eloquently put, Janine!

  16. I want to give them all a Group Hobbit Hug.

    They are precious and sweet men.

    I don’t toss those words around lightly.

    XOs to all of them.

  17. What also struck was the impression that while well liked and highly respected among his colleagues, he is a bit of an outsider in that group. I found it interesting to learn he didn’t socialise that much and apparently isn’t Martin’s best buddy. Given how they all came across it didn’t surprise me though. I don’t buy that alcohol making the face fall off is the reason, as everyone would have that problem.

  18. Re Armitagewatch’s concern about the hotel Richard stayed in Tokyo: he stayed at Hotel Okura, which is one of the best in Tokyo!:

  19. Oh good, grendel’s mum – we don’t have to worry about the beds! :D Now where is he staying in NY? Toronto was advertised – I think the beds are adequate. NY – classified info. “Need to know”/”Eyes Only”….

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