The Japanese Premiere of The Hobbit

Ali at RichardArmitagenet.Com has put up a two part video covering The Hobbit Premiere in Japan:

Richard Armitage is having a blast, and I’m having a blast watching his joy.

I am embarrassed to admit I had not seen much of Elijah Wood speaking as himself until this recent spate of interviews. He is thoughtful and articulate. It’s been a pleasure to listen to him as well.

A few screencaps that should put a smile on your face:




Screencaps are mine. :D


  1. From a very, very longtime Elijah Wood fan — thanks for sharing these videos, and for your kind words about him as well. :) It’s been equally wonderful getting to “know” the ever-so-handsome Richard during this premiere run!

  2. You are so very welcome! I will be paying much more attention to Elijah Wood!

  3. I can tell that it is going to be very difficult to get work done for the next two weeks. I’m going to be watching and rewatching all these events. But I just can’t keep smiling. Love the screencaps.

  4. Pride and joy thy name is Richard!!! :) I haven’t heard Elijah speak before either, but he comes across as a very nice guy and I also loved the way he interacted with the fans on the red carpet. Very attentive and generous. Plus, he fits just under Richard’s arm! :)

  5. Doesn’t that middle picture make him look like a rock star belting out a song? ;) It’s thrilling to see how he is enjoying himself! Elijah is very sweet and I too love how he “fits under Richard’s arm.”!!

  6. Gad, I hate his Rock Hudsonesque pompadour. I genuinely have a hair fetish (purely spiritual, of course), and I just find this all sorts of wrong. It is not RA in any way. Whoever styled him takes away from his essence and doesn’t understand him. IMHO. It’s all image. I don’t care if people feel he was happy with the look considering he doesn’t have the best sartorial taste in the world.

    Having said that, that is one happy, blossoming guy. I am very pleased for him.

  7. The styling is fun but certainly not the thing that make this great. It is indeed his joy in being involved in this project.

  8. His styling works somewhat erratically these days. Sometimes it is impeccable, sometimes it is less than that.

    I don’t like this Gucci suit. Maybe they didn’t think what it will look like in the limelight, I tend to think. It was too much glitter. But then the casuals for Tokyo, (Kline, I think), were perfect. Also the Marylin Davis outfit is an absolute hit, as far as I am concerned.

    @pi: I’m with you a little on this hype, image and bigger than life thing. i would like to know if RA is really happy to be paying this price for his success.

  9. Great pic RAFrenzy, I love the clothes he’s wearing. :-)

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