The Japanese Premiere of The Hobbit

Ali at RichardArmitagenet.Com has put up a two part video covering The Hobbit Premiere in Japan:

Richard Armitage is having a blast, and I’m having a blast watching his joy.

I am embarrassed to admit I had not seen much of Elijah Wood speaking as himself until this recent spate of interviews. He is thoughtful and articulate. It’s been a pleasure to listen to him as well.

A few screencaps that should put a smile on your face:




Screencaps are mine. :D

The Quiet Man

At The Hobbit Press Conference in Japan, Peter Jackson seemed to speak with a reverent tone when he described the power of Richard Armitage’s character portrayals. It was certainly a succinct description of what has drawn me and so many others.

‘Quiet Honor’

Yes, that describes it. Sir Peter goes on to explain Richard’s ability as an actor, “He has a stillness and quietness that draws the eye when he’s on screen…You want to watch what he’s doing. A very rare abiltity.”

Then Martin Freeman spoke of Richard the person, and his demeanor also conveyed a respect that bordered on the reverent, “He brings as a person — quiet determination, respects himself and others. He holds onto a strong core of himself. The least arrogant person you would ever meet… He is essentially a decent person, a good human being… I like being around him.”

I have much more I want to say, but I can’t tonight, and honestly, I probably won’t get to it on this blog. It would be wonderful to do so, but I’m too slow a writer. Picking out words doesn’t come as naturally to me as picking out notes on a piano. But I had to at least give some commentary on this press conference as Peter Jackson’s words struck such a chord in me.

Now will someone get that in video STAT! I’m traveling and can’t do it! Or I would. Oh, I would.

edit: RACentral has put up a five part video of The Hobbit Press Conference in Japan I’ve made a playlist. First up: