Richard Finally Beat 52!

I was waiting until New Year’s Eve to post this because I thought Richard Armitage wouldn’t beat 52 until the movie had been out at least a week or two. But I was so wrong, and I’m glad. He just reached number 4 on IMDb: screen capture 2012-12-17-17-38-10

Someone needs to make a new graphic! All of you Photoshoppers out there need to get busy so we can have another picture with a toast. :D Tanni?


  1. That makes me happy! Magfreakingnificent!

  2. We are so excited several of us had to blog about–it’s a reason to celebrate, that’s for sure!!

  3. Definitely an occasion for rippling! :D

  4. Never had a doubt in my mind…so proud of him!

  5. 4?????? Wow!

  6. Reblogged this on Me + Richard Armitage and commented:
    Richard Armitage at FOUR on imdb!

  7. :D Go Richie!

  8. Wow, that is something.

  9. Amd something else, I was on IMDb yesterday and he was still 68. Whatever happened between yesterday and today?

  10. Exactly Anneke. I saw the 68 yesterday and thought that was cool! BUt #4 the next day? How does that thing work anyway…# of hits on his name? I’m betting lots of ladies are searching the name and North and South is going to be the big winner!!!

  11. I’m not sure how often IMDb updates their rankings, but it’s definitely based on searches.

  12. Martin Freeman is #2, Benedict Cumberbatch #5 and Ian is #9, so it is Hobbit working for all of them.

  13. The star meter rankings are only updated weekly, on a Monday, based on the previous week activity. Very interesting! Can he make number 1 do you think?

  14. Our boy has hit the big time…

  15. Wooow, that’s great news ! :-)

  16. The exposure thanks to the PR tour made him 68 but his performance made him 4 and that means a LOT.

  17. Jane, couldn’t agree with you more. He is making an impact on audiences that makes them want to learn more. Good on you, Richard, good on you.

  18. Excellent point, Jane!

  19. On the 4th day of Christmas, my true love gave to me … RA’s 4th rank on IMDb …..

    … everybody sing now … I made it rhyme, and I made the rhythm fit ….:-P

  20. Wow! Well, someone certainly is a movie star now : ) A toast, to Richard! Long may he find good scripts, great directors and excellent actors to act with….

  21. That is actually what I am interested to know – whether he has something in the pipeline for after the Hobbit. i cannot believe they are not trying to capitalize on him as he’s now such a hot Warner asset but I guess, until something is signed, they will not disclose it.

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