Can We Have a #1?

For those who don’t know it yet because you’re still not on Tumblr or Twitter, Richard Armitage just made #2 on IMDb’s StarMeter. screen capture 2012-12-26-16-6-36

Maybe that’s a not biggie for some actors, and yes, the likes of the Twilight stars have made #2 and even #1. But for our guy to do it when he is still almost a complete unknown in America is fantastic. Now he needs to reach #1. Yes, I’m greedy. Sue me. :D

Richard Finally Beat 52!

I was waiting until New Year’s Eve to post this because I thought Richard Armitage wouldn’t beat 52 until the movie had been out at least a week or two. But I was so wrong, and I’m glad. He just reached number 4 on IMDb: screen capture 2012-12-17-17-38-10

Someone needs to make a new graphic! All of you Photoshoppers out there need to get busy so we can have another picture with a toast. :D Tanni?

What Do You Do When You’re 52?

Bccmee just posted on Twitter that the current ranking of Richard Armitage on IMDb has gone up 882 points. He’s now at 52. Phew! That means lots and lots and lots and lots of people are checking him out. I wonder what he’s thinking. No, I can’t help it. I really do wonder how he must be processing this, or if he’s already processed it to be prepared. I’m betting on “prepared.” Yep, he is so anal that he’s more than likely run it through his head a few times since he got the part in ‘The Hobbit.’ Probably just took the reaction from ‘North and South’ and multiplied it several times, and if he’s really thinking ahead, he will take that number and raise it to a power when the movie hits the theaters. LOL!

Yeah, ride off on that horse! We’ll follow. :D

Screencap is mine

Darn! Twitter was overcapacity when I tried to get a copy of bccmee’s tweet. Until I can get it, here’s a partial cap of RA’s pro page. Check out the statistic next to his head shot on the right.

edit: Ranking capped by bccmee for posterity.

Diary of an RA Fan — Part 5 Toe in the Water

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Entry — a few years ago minus 2-3 months.

I started lurking the North and South board on IMDb the other day. I had to do something! Can’t keep watching this movie over and over. I need to hear about others’ reactions to it. Still not quite ready to weigh in myself because I feel like a fool watching it over and over. I’ve always laughed at people who said they watched a movie 17 times, and now I’ve watched North and South 20+ times. Don’t really know how many times.

I was also hoping maybe I could find out some other pieces that the cast has been in. I love Daniela Denby-Ashe. Nix everything I said about her character. Margaret seems like an old friend, and Richard Armitage is wonderful as John Thornton. I can even stand his opening scene now — cause I know how it ends!! :D I’ll have to check out his IMDb page while I’m at it. But I’m saving that one so I can really indulge myself. Going to check out some of the other cast first. Love the guy who plays Higgins. I must be nuts, but he’s sexy, and I know he’s not really supposed to be in this role. But hey, I’m human, and the man has a lot of appeal. Love his voice too.

About the only characters I don’t like in this piece are Margaret’s parents. Can’t quite figure out if they’re supposed to be annoying. If they are, then they’re doing a superb job with their characters. I’ve started skipping over some of their scenes; they are that annoying.

There are some really lovely people on the N&S board. Someone named Genie knows a lot about North and South, and there is a poster named Osoguante who could be a professional comic. Very clever. Forget N&S, I just love reading her comments. I really do LOL when I read them. LOL! See just thinking about some of the things she’s said makes me laugh.

There are some others there who are very thoughtful and fairly educated. It’s a real treat to read some of their comments, and everyone is very polite. I haven’t spent too much time on IMDb, but if the other boards are like this one, I might spend more time there. Still not ready to give my two cents though. I’m just enjoying the reading.

Oh, oh, and they also write stories about N&S. It’s called fan fiction. Whatever it is, I’m enjoying it. These ladies are really clever and are having a good time, and it’s a pleasure to be an observer. Thank you, ladies, even though you have no clue about me.


A few weeks later:

I couldn’t stand it any longer. I had to SAY SOMETHING. The ladies were talking about the first scenes that hooked them, and I had to jump in with mine. It felt good! And now they know I’m another rabid fan of this movie. I told them the tea scene was the first one to reel me in. The movie is going along at a steady clip, and then the rhythm changes. It slows down and focuses on all the things that are heightened when you’re falling in love. Sigh. Did I actually write the word sigh? What’s happening to me? Oh, I’ve always been a terrible romantic, but I’ve kept that so buried no one would know it. It’s hard to keep tamped down these days. Why I try to I don’t know. Always have, but maybe I shouldn’t.

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