Dear Sir Peter, You’re Killing Me

Desolation of Smaug Poster

My power to resist temptation is under severe attack with Sir Peter’s bombshell about Desolation of Smaug. My ability to stay away from spoilers is certainly being destroyed, and I’ve been so good this year! But I have two very compelling reasons to make a foray into New York City, which has had me longing to go there anyway, and if I were to get lucky and be able to attend the live event on November 4th, well, that would just be icing. Who could turn that down? :D

Now we just need some details of how and where to attend this shindig.

Dear Sir Peter,

I look forward to hearing more information about this event — like how someone actually attends!

Also, I’ve been meaning to write to you about the Desolation of Smaug premiere. Let me be plain. We need details, Man. First up, is this event on November 4th the premiere? Or is the premiere going to be near Thanksgiving (in the U.S.), or maybe the same day as the wide release? Man, you are killing us with the suspense. Seriously! I thought you were going to spring something on us several days ago (like maybe during Comic-Con in NY), and even that would have been late in the game!

Okay, I’m not nearly as upset as I sound. :D I know you hate it when the fans will not be patient and let themselves be surprised. I get that frustration, but man, we’ve been patient. Don’t you think you’re carrying the suspense a bit too far?! Okay, okay, I’m really not that upset, really, but could you throw us all a few more crumbs about this “live event” so we have some clue how to plan?

One of Richard’s crazy fans

P.S. Thank you for putting Richard Armitage in New York! Yes! Yes! Yes!

For further details on the November 4th fan event, be watching these spots: The Hobbit Movie’s official website, Twitter, Facebook.

edit: I knew it, I knew it, I knew it. LOL! Okay, so my timing was off, but I had a feeling TheOneRing was somehow going to be involved in something big that was coming. They’re giving away tickets here. Thanks to Servetus for the heads up.

Why do I think they are not the only ones giving these tickets away? Stay tuned.

note to TheQueen, do you have your suitcase ready? :D


  1. Where is easy – Lowes Lincoln Square on Broadwayy & W. 68th. How – not as simple.

  2. I assume it’s a contest or drawing. Very familiar with that Lowe’s. That would have been a much better location for the last premiere.

  3. In scanning everything, I did not see the theater locations. If you would, please send me a link to that info! Thank you. :)

  4. It’s on Twitter. I’ll take a look.


  6. Fantastic! I should have looked there, but I honestly don’t even have time to be doing this! Back to work. :D

  7. Lincoln Square is PERFECT. HOW do we get tickets??? We MUST be there!!!! :D

  8. That’s the question. I am so busy at the moment, I don’t have time to really look at what’s being published. I wish I could!!! But I gotta pay the bills. LOL!

  9. Hopefully, someone will post as soon as more details are known. I would love to do this, and I think I have a frequent flyer ticket, and I know I have a place to stay.

  10. Ok, L, I’m going to depend on you to get us some pics if you go! :-) Good luck! *crosses fingers, says prayers, wishes on falling star,etc.* Peppgrad/Lori H

  11. YES!!!! YES!!!!!! YEP!

  12. I’ll try to make good on that, Lori!

    TheQueen, sounds good, but did you also sign up to win tickets? :D

  13. So far, I can’t find anything about purchasing tickets either…went to the AMC site and NOTHING. Arghhhhhhh1

  14. I added an edit to my post with a link to TORn who’s having a giveaway

  15. Yep. First thing.

  16. Book that plane. Stay with me. Let’s both start watching for tickets. If we end up with too many, we’ll find more fangirls to go with us. (Never a problem with that.) Let’s move on this NOW and sort it out later. New York fangirl is puffing up her New York attitude, sharpening her elbows and getting ready to MOVE on this. Watch out, world.

  17. Went to site, tried to enter, got all information listed but then it never gave me the password thing to retype. will try again later–I guess everyone is trying to win tickets.

  18. Armitagebesotted,

    It’s official — I really am nuts. I bought a ticket, and I’m blaming you for the insanity. :D Then again, it was a frequent flyer. I’m too cheap to actually buy a ticket for this (ducks). No offense, Richard.

  19. Stephanie, Which site, where, what do I do? What do I do? Do you mean we can buy tickets rather than win them?! Details, woman! Details!!

  20. Okay, got in second time–maybe my computer’s just slow today. Go to Frenz’s notation close to the top where it says they’re giving away free tickets here–click on the here. Takes you right to the screen.

  21. Sorry, guess I was on Serv’s board–was so excited when I saw this, I got confused.

  22. You mean TheOneRing page?

  23. Didn’t see anything about buying tickets, just the giveaway.

  24. If that’s it, then my entire family is already signed up for tickets along with a few close friends. LOL!

  25. How stupid is this–I didn’t even notice what page it was at the top–it could very well have been!

  26. I’m hoping there is a way to buy tickets, but then I suspect that would sell out very quickly since we would be in competition with the ringers.

  27. Well, I am now, too–wish I did know where you could buy tickets, I have friends in New Jersey about a half hour out of NYC.

  28. When I know something, I’ll let you know!

  29. Please, please, PLEASE!!!!!!!

  30. I have two comments. This:

    And this:

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